Amethyst Revelations


A photo of the Amethyst Group

The Amethyst Group (with members that are heavenly as well as earthbound) was formed in the multi-dimensional heavenly realms. The Source is the Creator of all life and there are beings in the heavenly realms that have never touched the earth. When my Father – the Source - created this world, it was known there would be a time of “Evolution” – the “Ascension” as it is now known - as there are in all worlds, and He knew for this world it would be a particularly difficult time.

It was then decided that there would be needed upon the earthplane several groups who were sufficiently adept and educated, if you like, in the understanding of the spiritual ways of mankind, and they were endowed with the heightened spiritual powers that are enjoyed at this present time, particularly healing, because we knew that in the centuries that would pass - from the beginning to the end - this world would need much healing because the greatest gift that mankind was given was free-will, and that free-will has been exercised beyond belief.

The Amethyst Group was put together many centuries ago, before time began, in the heavenly realms. We laid out the Plan before the earthbound members, we laid out this earth before them, and we asked if they would be prepared to undertake the task of looking after people throughout the centuries, that they would raise their self-awareness, and undertake teachings for themselves, to enhance and gain greater spiritual gifts.

The “Evolution of Mankind” - the “Ascension Plan” - is necessary for this earth. We need to remove mankind from this earth and this is what the Amethyst Group is here to assist with. They are here to oversee the beginning and other things that we have discussed with them, under the direct instruction of the Source, and they had agreed to do this before time began.

Now, that is the purpose of the Amethyst Group, and in the centuries that they have existed, all three have shared previous lives in various places. They have taught many, they have helped many to seek and find their own spirituality, and their own gifts within themselves, and they have helped them to develop these. They have also assisted in the world healing and are helping here and now at the beginning of the final evolution of mankind.


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