Amethyst Revelations

The History of “The Amethyst Group”

Ivor and Sheila began their spiritual service in 1983 when they were fortunate to receive spiritual guidance and teachings of philosophy and healing channelled through Mrs Eve Hall, a dedicated and sincere Medium.

Sue joined them in 1986, and after a short time, proved to be an accomplished Medium in her own right, and many teachings of philosophy and healing were channelled through her. After a short time they started to receive messages from Lord Sananda (Jesus when on the earthplane) and were given the title “The Amethyst Group” (earthbound) by Lord Sananda. They were informed that there was also a section of the Amethyst Group in spirit realm.

They were requested by Lord Sananda to make a tour of Britain in 1992/93 visiting locations from Penzance, Cornwall, to Iona, Scotland, channelling messages of the Ascension of our earth by Lord Sananda, Ashtar, and many other Masters, including the Spirit of Mother Earth, to numerous enlightened groups.

When Sue left for America in 1998, Ivor and Sheila were fortunate to be able to serve, at various times, with several wonderful Mediums, participating in soul rescue, interplanetary communication work, healing of the earth and Spiritual Healer training, and to-date still enjoy carrying out these spiritual services. During this time, Sue also followed her Spiritual pathway, gaining knowledge and healing experience along the way, finally returning to “full-time” service for Spirit and the beloved Amethyst Group.

The Amethyst Group has now been brought back together again, after twelve years apart, so that messages may be channelled and transcripts made available to the general public on the internet. Lord Sananda has asked for their help to inform people of the Ascension and changes now taking place on the earth, and its progression to a higher spiritual level, which they have wholeheartedly agreed to do.


The Amethyst Group

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