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A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 1st June 2012

As Lord Sananda informed us in his message dated 11th January 2012, which was to be His last on this website, there was nothing more that He could tell us.  The Ascension is on track and everything that He has given us in all of His wonderful messages is coming to fruition, and as well as being able to see this for ourselves, we have ample confirmation from work that we do with other Groups.

We thank you all for your comments, some very appreciative some very abusive – even now in this life He is still scorned and vilified - but no matter, we believe in every word that He has channelled in His messages, and nothing can ever destroy that, and .if only our website readers could feel the love and see the light in which He appears to us, then they would never doubt His presence, His sincerity, and His unending love for this world and Humanity.

We would like to finish by quoting Lord Sananda’s final message:-

“The time for leaving the schoolroom is rapidly approaching, and although you will continue to learn, YOU must now put into practice what YOU have learned and awakened.  Do not be afraid, I will be with you always, even unto the end.”

The Website will remain but the “Comments” feature on our website will now be closed.

In Love and Light

SHEILA for the Amethyst Group

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