Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 11th January 2012


My friends, in truth there is little more information that can be given to humanity on the changes that will be apparent this year, which will signal the onset of the New Age of Humanity, the Ascension - the New Evolution as some will call it.

There are many groups such as the Amethyst Group , throughout the world, who are receiving the same information, and yet still humanity hides its heart and eye to what I say.

This year will be a time when men, women and children of all ages, all countries, all beliefs, will see that actions speak louder than words.  My actions and the changes taking place will put no room for doubt between mankind and my Father’s Blue Print for the perfection of mankind.

Already, this part of your season in the hemisphere where you reside (to the Amethyst Group) is causing bewilderment.  In truth you all know that this is an ancient prophecy by St John in his revelations that was granted to him by my Father “When all seasons become indistinguishable from each other, that is the time when mankind will look to the heavens for the answer, it is the dawning of a new age and the closing of the old.”  Babylon (the chaos rendered by the love of material things and coin) is already toppling  (just as  I foretold last year) - you know this as the Global Recession.

I will not return to the natural disasters that will befall your world for this is a negative aspect of the change, although it is true and it is a reality, and they will come to pass in time as foretold.

I implore you to undertake the information held within the Teachings of the Amethyst Group over the last two years, directly into your spirit – meditate on them - and when doubt or questions arise seek for the solutions within yourselves, or to the Guides who are with you.

Your world is surely changing but slowly, and all things foretold will happen in perfect time and in the time of my Father.  His Plan is perfect and loving, He would not put those whom He has created - and who have been destined for greater things - in harm’s way.

Do not be afraid, do not listen to the assumptions of minds who are insincere and looking for self-aggrandisement by trying to foretell the ‘end of mankind’.  The Ascension is no more than a step higher than the one humanity took many thousands of years ago, which was to stand on two feet rather than walk on four.  You will not even know you have taken this step, it will be as before, effortless and natural.  This is the final step which will take humanity into perfection, and perfection must live in a “Perfect World”, not in a world where manmade avarice, violence and hate live.

This will be a difficult time for all who are striving to tell the truth regarding the Ascension, but I say unto all of you, NOW is the time to take sustenance for your spirit, take salve for your body, take a little time to reflect on what YOU have learnt and how best, in the coming days, you can use these gifts.  The time for leaving the schoolroom is rapidly approaching, and although you will continue to learn, YOU must now put into practice what YOU have learned and awakened.

Do not be afraid, I am with you always, even unto the end.

In Love and Light  SANANDA

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  2. Thanks for the wonderful messaged. Wish could read more messages in the coming days. Like to ask a question regarding the authenticity of Talmud of Jmmanuel.

    In love and Light

  3. Dearest Lord Sananda and Mary Magdalene, thank You for your continual LOVE and BLESSINGS. I love you with all my heart and have followed you for 14 years and I have started reading all of the messages on this website just yesterday. My husband is a healer and my daughter is a lightworker (crystal child) but I am not as advanced as they are, I have been working on opening and clearing my chakras and sheilding but I still fall into negative thought patterns. I want to know if it is possible to ascend even if one has not completely overcome negative thinking, for sometimes I have moments of weakness and behave wrongly, and then I get concerned that they will go and I will be left behind.

    • My question was answered in the March 31, 2011 transcript. Lord Sananda states: “People are unable to understand or visualise what they can feel – a pin-prick or a pinch – that feeling will dissolve away and in its place will be the essence, the lightbeing, the true form of what they really are, and the reason for this is that many people feel, and have been taught wrongly by the Church, that they are not worthy, that they have to have faith to go to heaven, that they must be saintlike to be able to ascend like I did, and all I was trying to do was to show you, in the thirty-three years that I lived, and in the final few weeks after my death on the cross, that this is what will happen to your bodies at the end of the humanrace as you know it.”

      Thank You Lord Sananda, I am still reading…

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