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A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 16th June 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good Morning my friends.  Now I wish to talk to you personally today but before I do I have a short message for the transcript.  I believe you also have a question my Sister that needs an answer?

SHEILA:  Yes, dear Master.  Yvonne has written on the 28th May:  “I am finding it quite difficult to awaken other spiritual groups and their leaders.  It is not for the lack of trying.  Do you have any suggestions please?  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the channelling since last May, 2010, and have shared this knowledge with others, and have had mixed reactions.”

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Yvonne, thank you for taking the time to ask a question of me, and I am afraid there is no short answer other than the fact that you must be persistent, always of course with love and understanding, and for those who cannot accept what you say then I feel that you must leave them to take on board what they can.  All you can do is to plant the seed, my Beloved one, and when the seed is planted and it has enough attention then it will bloom forth into the beauty which we know will be the final evolution of mankind.  Just keep trying my Beloved one and thank you for your love.Now, if there are no more questions to answer I would like to give a brief message:-:

My Beloved Ones, I spoke to you the last time we were together and I spoke to you of a Deep Sea Diver and of a Lifeline, and I wonder, how many of you, since reading that transcript, have looked for your lifeline and found it, but I also ask the question “How many of you, having found it, will have the courage to climb that lifeline, and surface?”

I know how hard it is for many of you at this present time.  There are many of you in difficulties financially - the whole of your world is in a very difficult position financially. There are very few countries that have money to do what they wish, but I would say to you my Beloveds, be aware that this is not all that you need to strive for.  Money does not mean everything, and of course, I understand that money is important for you to get through your everyday life - food needs to be purchased, clothing, vehicles to move around in, and such gadgetry that you have in your homes - but I would ask you, my Beloveds, if it was not the case that you needed so  much money, that you needed to have much gadgetry, would that not give you time to sit and contemplate a different way, a different pathway.

I am not for one minute suggesting that those of you who read the transcripts should give up your jobs and give away your possessions and, together with your families, leave your homes - I am not suggesting that for one moment - but what I am suggesting is that you set aside a little time to contemplate what you could be, to contemplate what you are, and to contemplate whether or not you are, at this time of your life, where you want to be.  Are you filling your life with gadgets, toys – and I speak here of big toys – expensive vehicles, expensive holidays – are you filling your time with that because inside you are empty?

I am beginning to sound a little like a Church advertisement aren’t I?  Take Jesus into your heart and make your life complete but you know, that is not too far from the truth.  What I would like you to do is I would like you to take the message into your heart, I would like you to contemplate the transcripts that have been given telling you of the new world and explaining to you the changes that are happening in your world.  All the answers are there, all the answers that you want concerning climatic change, economic collapse – why is it happening?  If you will but stop and look at the transcripts and really inwardly digest them and contemplate on the message - take it into your heart and prepare yourself - when you have done that, my Beloveds, help another, help another to see, help another to listen, and so it will go on, and as the Ascension Plan hastens forward, and the days go by, then there will be many, many of you gathered, ready and waiting for the new world,  and the next step in the evolution of mankind.  It takes courage, it takes strength - not strength of body but strength of mind and courage of heart - ask any Lightworker you know, ask any of the Amethyst Group, they will tell you it takes dedication, strength and courage. but you can do it because you have always done it and because I am with you.

Do not be troubled, do not be afraid.  Go in peace, help each other, and, as you love yourself, love each other.  Blessings.


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  1. Greetings with light and love,
    I am a woman/wife co-creator of two children.thanks be!I am confused stunted feel locked within my own makings I spent my life thus far helping others be the real of themselfs and to love as its all that matters. Empowering others to ask and it shall be given. for what goes around shall come around.I was born with what I call the knowing. and have advised others by spirit to follow thier very own higher selves.I cannot ask to have thease gifts taken from me and each time i help others i am only a vessel. i step aside for other to empower through me.I have not been able to help myself .I do however feel all will be in its own time and each time i feel like this .i look to the light and pick myself up brush me off and do again, im tired, but hopeful i have not given up on me or others i never will .I only feel like this when my guides stop talking to me. Raven my guide no longer speaks to me, yet i feel his energy there still also the enity`s i call grandmother and rowheva. but they are not adivsing me.Im stunted tired all the time. i was last talked to by rowheva that i was going to have a heart attacke on april 4th in 45 mins. she then walked me through it all and showed me my last life and also different things for 3 months and then nothing to help me for me since. she said i passed the inchisation , i cant spell sry. i only get for others not reasurance nothing i feel cut off yet i am able to channel to help others. it just kicks in for them. Shanda I BELIVE IN YOU CAN YOU HELP ME?
    Namaste bright love to u jewels = julie

  2. hello again sry p.s
    my heart attacke was 4 yrs ago thats how long i have not been talked to for me. servant of light and love blessed be to you.

  3. Hello. When will world borders be dissolved? When will disclosure finally occur?

    Thank you so much,


  4. I’m a little concerned about a comment you stated in early June. It was regarding DNA. Why should our DNA and genetics hinder our divine right to ascend? I assumed ascension is available to all! Correct me but those that decide to participate in ascension are focused on their intent to spiritually evolve. Ascension only requires your conscious intent, one’s ability to work towards giving & receiving unconditional love, chakra healing to raise the ethereal vibration and releasing things from your physical life that are of lower vibration. I’m a not a fan of messages discussing DNA because it implies eugenics or the state of your DNA will determine your ascension. I’m sorry but why would we choose to incarnate on this planet and select this human body, if it was not capable of ascension? Can you expand on DNA and ascension.

  5. Hi ,

    I am wondering why there are no messages from Lord Sananda since last June 2011.
    Lord Sananda, why are there many spaceships passing through the Sun?Who are they?

    David Fortes

  6. I miss the messages of Master Esu Sananda through the Amethyst group.

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