Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 9th June 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:   My dear friends, over the last few months many, many have written with questions, wanting to know what is happening and when it will happen and how it will happen?

I would like to give you a very small illustration of where you are at the present time, but first I would like to give my gratitude to the Amethyst Group who work so tirelessly, bringing you this information as frequently and often as they can.

In the coming days, this frequency may be less because there are other things that must be dealt with at an earthly level, but I want you all to know that I will not leave you - I have not left you, I do not leave you for a second - even in the depths of misery and despair, in the depth of illness and disease, and in the depth of which many of you view as the ultimate time – death – I do not leave you.  I may seem far away but I am only just one heartbeat away, even less than that from your side - all of you - and my love for you will never end, and yes, many may see in me a phrase which has been used as ”the Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and the end, but I say to you, my Beloveds, that the beginning and the end is in view.

You have come a long way but the journey is not yet over, and this is where the simple visualisation comes in which I would like you to perhaps use when you are feeling left behind without help, wondering where to go.  I would like you to imagine yourselves as a deep-sea diver and that you are in the depths of the water.  One moment it is clear as crystal and warm and calm, and you can see the way before you very clearly, and you enjoy the surroundings - the marine life, the plants, the colours, the sunlight dappling on the surface to the bottom - and then perhaps the sea becomes less calm.  Above your head, a storm is raging and the sand becomes churned up, your vision is less clear, and you panic as to how you will get to the surface - but you have forgotten, there is a lifeline.   In front of you is the rope which you are firmly attached to, and in all the wondrous excitement of the depth and the silence of the sea, in its calmness and its beauty, you have forgotten that lifeline - other things got in the way - but now, when the storm is raging, you need that lifeline, you need that lifeline to climb, to come up from the depths, to climb up to the surface, but you are afraid for there is a storm raging above your head.  Where is the safest place?  At the bottom where you can’t see?  At the top where the storm is raging?  No.  The safest place is to stand still for the moment, hold fast to the lifeline, wait for the storm to pass and remember that the ultimate goal for you is to come out of the water and to pass on those wonderful things that you have seen and experienced.

I do not need to ask you or to explain to you how this may fit into your life, but with this Medium’s permission I will tell you.  There was a storm raging; she lost her lifeline and then remembered she had it all along -  so can you as does she.   Climb further and further to the ultimate goal to surface and breathe the fresh air of a new planet - or your boat, your ship, your lighthouse -  the only question I have for you:   “Have you forgotten where your lifeline is?”

Be at peace my friends, love and blessing. SANANDA

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  1. beautiful. Please tell me about hell,is it real? did you really take this girl and showed her hell and your kingdom? she said she saaw the pope and michael jackson,, in hell. its just that its so hard for me to believe,they were idolators and they worship money, i guess my questions is if we dont repent while here on earth we dont getanother chance?

  2. Prayer to Emmanuel, as I will always call you, with all gratitude and respect. The light comes in waves now, it takes over me and I feel suspended. My breathing changes and I feel so weightless that I feel I will float away, or rise to heaven. My body is changing, my appetite, I feel myself dis-connecting from this reality. It is becoming surreal around me, and I find myself alone. This must be the way of ascension. I will continue to do my very best and hope that I am worthy. But it all appears to be an illusion now. You have never left us. A Universe of thanks to you.


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