Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 2nd June 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  First of all I have to say to you that I too am saddened that my special pet is not here with us this morning in physical form, (Unfortunately Tammy, Sue’s dear little dog, is no longer with us) but I have to tell you that she is in her normal place here beside Susan and enjoying the warmth of her aura and her love, and I want you to know that she is safe, she is well, and yes, she finds the parting hard but is grateful that there is no more physical pain for her to bear.

It is hard when, as human beings, the compassion is so great that it overrides anything and everything in your life, and I understand this.  They are feelings that I have experienced also, and continue to do so.  The feeling of compassion that I have for humanity and its days that are coming, overrides everything else that seems to be in your world, and yet it is not shared by the many.When I gave my life for humanity it was not to save humanity from the sins and things that you have been taught incorrectly, misconstrued by the Church as a whole.   I came to show you that death is not the end, that there is a greater world waiting for you, that you too will ascend as I did, but I have nothing else that I can show you, no other way other than that with the energies of Mother Earth, and yes, people are very slowly beginning to question things that are going on in your world, not least the unrest in many countries, but also they are talking of the strange weather patterns, of how life is not quite the same as when you were children, and how all the seasons seem to be running into each other, and why there are so many natural disasters.  They are questioning these yes, but as my learned Brother said earlier, the opposition is so great that they will always find a reason for these things.   As you said, those who stand up and are willing to be counted are often mocked, or often put down with fierce arguments that seem to be better than the truth, and these are the things that you are up against in the coming days, and yes, of course, of course I understand, but they will be overcome.

Now, I can see that you have questions, my Sister?

SHEILA:  We have received many comments on our website, dear Master.  The first one is from James dated 9th May, stating that he has read many teachings, amongst them the 7 Books of Seth, and he asks the question “What are you going to do to “awaken” almost 7 billion people of this planet?

LORD SANANDA:  My beloved Brother James, I am impressed in your search for knowledge but I would also say some words of caution.  If you read many, many books or websites, as you call them, there will always be questions that will be raised, and you will also be making comparisons.  No teaching from Seth, Joshua or Thomas or from anywhere else will be one and the same because they are different Teachers and they have different ways of teaching, and albeit on the same subject, their interpretation will be different.

I am the only one who knows what happened to me on the cross, and here and now is not the right place to discuss this, but if you read some of the earlier transcripts I believe you will find information there concerning my death, and you ask what I will do to awaken almost 7 billion people, well, all I can do is give my teachings through the Amethyst Group and other Groups like them throughout the world, who are receiving teachings on the last days of civilisation of humanity, and of the new Plan that is in place to embrace humanity in the way it should have been, which is in light form.  Now, you may read many teachings that have come from me in this present year and the year before concerning the Ascension Plan and they will differ because each channel is different and each interpretation will be different, but I tell you here and now that the only way I can awaken the population of the earth is by doing what I am doing.  I am showing you how the earth is changing.  You have seen and heard with your own eyes and your own ears the way that the world is changing.  Political systems are toppling and again I prophesized earlier this year that many political regimes would fall, many disasters would overcome your world - I have prophesized this and they have happened - and those that will have been prophesized will come to pass, and if I may quote directly, he that have ears to hear and eyes to see then let him use his ears and let him use his eyes, and furthermore, let him understand that what is happening to your world is out of the ordinary and it is the signal that the end of the days are coming.  Bless you James.

SHEILA:  Thank you.  Now some comments from Eric dated 10th May, who starts by saying that your glorious light and love uplift him, and thanks  you so much for your great work and efforts in bringing messages from the Great Master to all.  Eric goes on to ask about two pictures that he has, one in black and white and the other in purple, and would like to know if these images are your closest physical representation?

LORD SANANDA:  Eric, I thank you for taking the time to write and ask your questions.  Firstly I would say that there are many physical interpretations of what I look like and I would refer you to an earlier transcript when I actually gave you a detailed description of how I look, and this will help you perhaps to piece together the physical appearance you have in your pictures and the description I have given.  I do not have blonde hair, I am of Arabic descent therefore I have dark hair, and my eyes are not brown, my eyes are blue which makes me different from the race of people I came to live my life with.  You speak of the purple picture, it is not a sign of the galactic federation or anything like that, it is very simple, it is just the simple acknowledgement that my love and my power comes from the one heavenly Source, the Creator, and the reason I am in purple is because that is one of the highest healing vibrations and it covers all of you when you are doing or giving healing, and my heart is cupped to show you that love is unconditional and we should love ourselves and each other, and the Source of Love unconditionally, and that is where it stems from, it stems from the heart chakra,your love stems from your heart chakra and this is why the Artist is showing you that I am cupping my heart.  You must understand, my beloved friend Eric, that these paintings are artists’ interpretations, and the interpretion that the Artist wishes to show you here is of love unconditional, and that love comes from the Creator.  Thank you for your question my beloved Eric.

SHEILA:  Thank you.  The next comment is from Brandon dated 12th May as follows:- “Hello Lord Sananda.. Thank you for your messages and I feel more awakened and at peace.  I would like to ask will we need to activate our kundalini energy before we can ascend?”

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Brandon, thank you for your succinct question.  You will not need to activate your kundalini.  Your DNA, which is encoded for the time of Ascension, will be activated and you will just know, so leave everything to us and do not worry.  Everything will be activated in light and love, your kundalini and everything else that you have will be activated by us within the DNA encodement.

SHEILA:  Now this comment is from Nick dated 13th May.  “I am very interested in the Earth/Human outlook for the next few years and look forward to the Earth’s spiritual upgrade.  I am cautious though and am cross-checking data to ensure it makes sense to me.  I have been following Lord Sananda’s messages up to the 21st April.  In a message dated 27th November 2010 Lord Sananda describes His crucifixion and life thereafter.  My question is:  I have just come across statements from differing websites that purport that this didn’t happen.  May I receive clarification please?

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Brother Nick.  I thank you for your question and I do ask that you would read an earlier transcript which does describe quite clearly what happened, and yes I was able to return to the East and take up my studies, and that will be for further discussion, but I certainly did suffer on the cross and I did ascend, and again, as we have already discussed here this morning in this meeting, that was the purpose of the crucifixion and my death, to show you that death is not the end, and you will read different interpretations of what happened to me, but I would ask that you would have a look at a previous transcript where you will get the information that you seek.

SHEILA:  Now a comment from Roger dated 15th May,  “Thank you for the enlightening messages.  Good to know this new world will be even better.  I am getting the numbers 44 for quite a while now, they show up everywhere, does this mean anything significant.  There is a lot of talk of this reptilian race which is supposedly the anti-Christ or what the Bible calls demons, is this true?”

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Roger, thank you for your question.  The number 44. Hmm, it has no significance as far as I am aware other than if you add the two together it makes eight, and then there is another four within the 8, but it does not have any significance as far as my messages are concerned.  Perhaps there is something in your own life that you need to address.  Perhaps you could look at maybe 44 years ago,  There might be something there that you need to look at – perhaps at the age of 44 there was something that has triggered your memory there, perhaps the year 1944 has some significance to you – there are many reasons why a number is put in the way of a person but perhaps you could do a little more research on this.

Now, as to the reptilian race, I do believe that someone has been watching a little too much of the, how can I say, science fiction, that is very readily available on the television and has put out a story that there is a reptilian race here on the earth.  There is not a reptilian race here on the earth and the demons are much more subtle than that.  The demons or the negative aspects of your world are much more subtle than that and the opposing forces are very subtle.  They do not come in a form which is not recognisable to the human eye, but this is not something you need to dwell upon.  Of course, where there is positivity there will be negativity, that is what keeps the balance, but my beloved friend Roger, I would ask that you dwell, as you always do dwell, on the positive, and that you will leave the negative to those who will fight the battle in the end, and concentrate on understanding and believing and working through the Ascension Plan itself, and your own journey to get you there, and please never be afraid to ask for help, my Beloved Brother, we are only a heartbeat away.

SHEILA:  Johann writes on the  26th May:  “I am staying in the middle of South Africa.  How can I be part of your group or start a new group in South Africa.  His question :  When will the New Energy begin in the middle of South Africa?”

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course you can be part of the Amethyst Group, my friend Johann, follow our teachings, follow the teachings that I give to the Amethyst Group, pass them on to as many people as you can and the energy that will begin in the middle of South Africa will start with just a whisper and that might be your own, Johann.  Please look at the transcripts, get them together, print them, give them to people, gather your friends together, talk on them, meditate on them, and yes, start a new group there. You can call them something different than the Amethyst Group if you wish but you can be, of course, part of this great family that is growing every day.  We want people like you, Johan, who will spread the message far across the world so yes, my beloved friend, please be happy, get your friends together, talk about it, enjoy the energy that is there and it will enhance your own, and let that message grow and grow and grow.  I thank you so much for your message Johann and for your question, and please, please do as I ask, look at the transcripts, read them right from the very beginning, debate them with your friends, look at them and take the truth from them and share it.  Thank you my Brother Johann..

SHEILA:    Thank you for that dear Master.  The next one is from Siegfried who is asking two questions:  1.  At the same time can a soul experience through animals, plants, humans, Ascended Masters, Angels?  and 2.  Can a soul be without any connection with animals, plants, humans, Ascended Masters, Angels?

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Siegfried, thank you for your questions and of course, if your soul , your innerbeing, the real you, is connected to all of the spiritual love and light and energies that is on your earth, of course you can experience these things.  Let me give you a small example.  If you walk in the garden and your mind and your heart is open, and perhaps, if you know how to, all of your chakra centres, then of course you are going to experience all the wonderful energies of the plants surrounding you.  Plants are beings in their own right, and yes they have a soul and an energy, and yes you can connect and commune with this, so you can experience the wonder and the comfort that the soul of an energy of a flower gives to you, that is why human beings are attracted to flowers , plants and trees and the fields, and perhaps sometimes on a summer’s day you have let yourself drift away and you have looked at the clouds above you and for a while perhaps you are drifting there also, and this is how angels experience many things.  Pets and animals, of course, they have a soul of their own and yes you can experience and commune with them.  You cannot experience what it feels like to be a dog any more than you can what it is like to be a plant growing in the ground, but you can commune with the energy of that, and enrich your life with the energies that are around you, comforting you, so I would say to you my Beloved Siegfried, yes you can experience all of these things and more if you open your heart and your mind and most importantly, all of those wonderful chakra centres, and allow your energies to commune with all of those around you.  Bless you my Beloved Siegfried and thank you for your questions.

SHEILA:   Now we have several comments received on different dates in May from Tom Bruce, and in all of them he is giving his utmost thanks to you for all the wonderful teachings that you are giving to the world, and says he is in awe and inspired to spread the word of these transcripts.  Really they are beautiful comments, full of appreciation.

LORD SANANDA:  Beloved Tom, it is so lovely to hear from you and I thank you so much for all that you are trying to do, and I thank you that you have taken the teachings that we bring you to your heart, that you understand the simplicity of them.  There is no great money-making organisation behind this.  The Amethyst Group do not ask for money for their transcripts, they do not ask for money for a place on the Ascension Plan, no, this is the true word I bring you of the great Plan of God the Creator, and I bring you it with love and with truth, and I ask, my Beloved Tom, that you spread this word as fervently and as quickly and as far as you can, and thank you, with love.

SHEILA:  We have received comments from  “Epulogy”, and it would seem that they are questioning Neburu as being a suitable planet for our new world.   This is quite a long message.  May I leave this with you for an answer?

LORD SANANDA:  Thank you for your comments Epulogy.  Neburu has been spoken of in ancient texts, and those texts have been proven by history to be just as it is, history. I need you to understand, that this planet has been prepared for you, founded on love, cleansed with light from a Source that you could not even stand near, and that there is nothing for you or anyone else to fear.   Neburu is the home of Ascended beings, not the home of those who are evil.  What has been said about Neburu is    ancient history, it is in the past, it is finished, it is done, and Neburu will be your heaven, quite simply.

SHEILA:  Well, That is the end of the messages, dearest Lord, for now.

LORD SANANDA:  I would ask you, my Beloved Sister, when you put a transcript on the website I would ask that you put on the bottom after my name “Please distribute freely”. and then people will print them off, take them to their meetings and discuss them, and my message really for the transcript, short though it is this week, is for all of those who read the messages that are so faithfully written, week by week, month by month, please distribute them freely.  It is the only way that we will be able to make sure that many people are awakened and understand what we are about.  It is most important that you have the courage to look at these, to take them to your friends in your Churches, in your Groups, in your Bible Study Classes even, make people understand that this is the true word that I bring from God the Creator to explain to you that the world is coming to its end, and that humanity will carry on but in a different form.  Do not be afraid.  I cannot give you a miracle or a sign at this present time.  All I can give you is the word and the assurance that I have, and that word and the assurance that I bring you through the Amethyst Group and many others like them throughout the world, if you will but stop look and listen, is to take the words to your heart, get the understanding and then together spread the word.  This is not, please understand,  this is not another prophecy for the Rapture.  This is to tell you that the Evolution of Mankind is coming very close and you are going to be privileged to see it and partake in it, and to extend humanity to such a level that you have never seen or heard before, and all I can ask you to do is trust the words that I am saying.

I give you my blessing and my peace as always, and may love and light surround you until we meet again.


Please distribute freely.


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  1. To lord sananda I’ve being doing alot of researching for a few years on the truth about our reality and specially religion I’ve studied some of the materials from the phoenix journals and it blew my mind that’s how I found out the true story about u and the crucifixion ect .my life has change for the better . No my question I’ve been following up on a guy his name is sheldon nidle he claims to be a represnti from the galactic federation of light and he he is talking about first contact change of governments mass landings space crafts does this has any thing to do with the assensation process thanKs so much for your clarity

  2. Dear Lord Sanada,

    You came to me when I was little girl, even though i did not know what I was seeing, I knew it was you, and I wasn’t scared at all. I want to tell you that I’m sorry for looking away, and not thanking you for showing yourself to me. But I would like to thank you now.

    I have also been told that you are with me all the time, and even though I do not believe it, it is true. I can always feel someone watching me, but I’m never scared. Is this you?

    Also I see the number 43 everywhere. When I googled the Ascended Master Lord Sanada, it returned 43,100 results. this cannot be a coincidence. Does this number hold any meaning in connection with my seeing Lord Sanada, and Sanada himself?

    Btw I am Arabic too!! It’s cool to know he is of Arabic decent as well 🙂

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