Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 13th May 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:   Good evening my friends, it is lovely to see so many of you here this evening, and I know that you have come to perhaps hear further words and advice on what your planet is going through at the present moment and what it is currently or rather – I do have my words muddled up,   forgive me, I have been talking in Arabic all day, and to come and speak in English is difficult for my mind to process let alone that of this Medium.

Now, I want to explain to you what your world is currently undergoing and what you can expect, perhaps in the coming year, eighteen months.  I do not want to – how do you say this – labour on this intensely because there is much words written about it in the transcripts of the Amethyst Group, and there is much information and much instruction given there, but I will reiterate briefly again for you, that these coming days - the final closing days of this year, the days of next year, the finality of the closing of the end of that year and the early part of 2013 - you will see, without any shadow of a doubt, the evolution, and I say this because I want this to be a positive experience for you.  Too much has been perhaps laid at the door of doom and gloom, and I want you to understand and experience that this is a positive thing for mankind to undergo and, as I have said to you before, in previous messages, that this is something that mankind will undergo.  It has to be this way, this is another form of evolution of mankind, but this is an evolution the like of which you have not seen before - and those of you who are gathered here this evening, and those throughout the world reading this – an evolution that has been unprecedented before.Let me just take a moment to explain to those who perhaps are not quite sure what I mean.  Mankind has come through several stages of evolution.  Yes, you have come from what is commonly known as the “Big Banginstigated by the Source, the Creator, of dust and particles far out into space.  You have come together with the creation of  water, and substance and air, and earth, and all sorts of a myriad of things that have brought your cell-structure to the point where you are now, but from that time there was the, if you like - again it has been popularly credited to the Darwinian theory where you came from the Big Bang to a primordial soup into the “Creature that came out from the depths of the Black Lagoon” (yes, I know all these films) - and to explain to you that yes, you have come through many, many forms of evolution.

The last form of evolution that your scientists and your entomologists can trace, and put believable scientific evidence to, has been when primates became homo-sapiens, stood up on two legs, and began to develop an intelligence that hitherto had not been known before, and from the homo sapiens and the intelligence that transpired from there, to the hairless human beings, (or almost hairless human beings that you have become now) it makes sense, does it not, that the habitat in which you now live, you have outgrown, just as you outgrew the thick forests and jungles of history and ages gone by, only this time you have outgrown your intelligence and you have outgrown your habitats in which you live and dwell each day.  You have outgrown the technology.  You are still looking for ways to prove who you are and why you are here and therefore does it not make sense that now is the time for mankind not to end, but to end his life in the form that you have known it, for the many thousands of years that the memory of mankind has existed, so I say, do not think of this as being the end of mankind, think of it as being the evolution, or, as I like to refer to, the Ascension of mankind.

There has been much said and written about what you will be, and I would like to say to you that you should not fear the future, and you should not think in your mind, in any shape or form, that the evolution of mankind - the Ascension of mankind - is going to become some mass overnight doomsday event.  It is not going to happen like that.  That intelligence, the Creator that created your intelligence - me, your cellular intelligence, your bone structure, your ancestors - is a pure being of Love and Light.  He would be a poor substitute for Love and Light if he were to suddenly knock to one side all that he has created, and all the steps that he has so carefully taken to bring one of the greatest races of this Universe, and other Universes as well, to a mighty cataclysmic horrific end.

It will be different, of course it will be, and it will be like nothing you have ever seen before, and forgive me, those of you who are listening to me now and later reading the manuscript, if you feel that my language is too modern, I speak to you in a modern frame of mind.  It would be no point in speaking to you in “thee’s” and “ thou’s” and that sort of thing, that is not for the time that you live in, this is for the time that you live in;  this is the speech I use because you can understand me - at least I hope you can.  I am afraid “Down wid da youd” is not quite my scene, but I hope that people across the world and across the board will understand the words that I am using, so it will be like nothing you have ever seen.

Forget any likeness to any science-fiction stories, films, yes television programmes you have seen where there are the infamous words “Beam me up Scottie”,  it won’t be like that either, but it is the closest I can come to explain to you how the Ascension will happen.  In some countries it has been likened to the “Rapture”, where people; float off all of a sudden.  The closest thing that I can come to is yes, it will be like “Beam me up Scottie”, for you have to understand that within you, you have a molecular structure which vibrates all of the time.  Now it is only the simple fact that you have a skeletal or bone section, and the muscular section that gives you the features, the build, the height, the skin colour, the skin type that you are.  Fundamentally inside you are all the same, you vibrate, but you vibrate at such a rate in this dimension that that dimension suddenly becomes solid.

Now - how to explain this to you - this is the scientific bit.  If you were to get a coin and you were to spin it very hard, for a moment, for a split second, your eyes would lose sight of the actual shape of that coin, because of how fast it spins, and then, as it slows down, that shape suddenly becomes solid again until it lands on one side or the other and your brain is able to recognise it for what it is   So it is with your bodies.  Inside of you, you have a vibration that is spinning so fast that you cannot see it but you can sense it.  That is why, when you meet other people and you say, “I know that person, that person is on the same level as me, he/she thinks the same way as me.  He/she knows what I am going to say before I say it.”   It is because you spin and you catch each other at the same vibrational rate, but, because you are human and because at this moment your intelligence is low, forgive me for saying this – your intelligence is low – your brain and your eyes can only comprehend the solid structure, so you see before you the human form.

When the Ascension happens everything will be stripped away - the musculature, the skeletal system - and the only thing that will be left is the vibration of light, and you will have arrived at yet another, but best of all, the perfect evolution of mankind.  The coin is spinning in front of us and it is a wonderful vibration of light but where does it go?   It cannot stay in this world, as you cannot, because this world is solid, it is terra firma, it is everything you know. It is earth, it is sea, it is sky, flowers, trees, sounds, sights, smells, everything, so where do you go?  Well, ask yourself this question.  When you evolved from primate to homo sapiens where did you go?  You created for yourself a new habitat, a new world.  You learned fire, you learned shelter, you learned how to make a wheel, you learned how to work the land.  You learned that meat was good but it was better cooked.  You learned that some herbs were good for you, some were not.  You had to do all that work to create the world that you live in now.  What you have done with this we shall come to in a moment, but what I have to say to you now is that you do not have to create the new world to which you will go.

Your new world is already and waiting, and again it is a world you have never seen – the like of which you have never seen, a new planet, a new ball of energy, it is existing out there - it is out there, it has been seen, it has been seen by astronomers and scientists - it has even been given a name, and here I would like to clear up one other thing.  I have many questions from around the world about the name of this planet.  It is called Neburu and it means, in some languages, the destroyer of the earth.  Well, yes it is, but not in the way that some mankind would have you believe.  When you think of destruction you think of explosions, of all sorts of horrible things, and although this planet exists, it is there, it is behind the other side of the sun; the astronomers have glimpsed it, be it only briefly.  The evidence is there, read it.  If you look back at some of the, shall we say, more boring chronicles of the astronomers of your time - and I say of your time and not of a thousand years ago, only two or three years ago - it was   hidden because the astronomers could not come up with a better explanation, but there are many who are aware, who are looking and understanding that this planet is indeed the destroyer of the earth because those of you who choose to make the Ascension - and it is a choice, you can choose whether to stay or whether to go - the majority of the human race as it stands now will go to the new world.  This may seem extremely biblical and it may sound like some of the stories of Noah’s Ark and all of the other things that you have heard and read of in your youth, and even up to now, and I suppose yes, if you want to think of it as some form of Noah’s Ark I suppose it is because - and here is the reason why the Ascension must take place - because the earth that you have so laboriously created, with crops, with machinery, with ore from the ground, with science, with technology, with the advances in medicine, so with it has come that five letter word,” greed”.

Half of your world does not know how the other half live, and this is true.  I will give you two very simple examples. A wealthy business man or woman in a wonderful flat in an influential Cosmopolitan city has everything they want, they need and more.  Money comes easy, work is difficult but it pays well and life is good.  The Italians have a very good word, “The sweet life”.  Everything is good, doesn’t want to change a thing.  I do not need to explain to you and spell it out to you what the opposite side of that coin is.  A woman who doesn’t even have running water, a man who grovels in the dust for a crop to grow.  How ready would you be to accept the Ascension if you were that woman without water, or that man who cannot grow enough food to feed his family - how readily would you be to accept the Ascension?

This is why I know, and I understand with love in my heart, how difficult it is for even those of you who are enlightened, to accept and understand the new phase of mankind, Ascension, but yet, until the last minute, until the last hour, I will never tire of telling you this world, this new world, has been created for you, it has its very foundation in love, and within you, believe it or not, within your DNA - your very DNA, the very core of your human existence - is encoded with that time, that second when you must make the choice for your life.  It is the singular most wonderful time since you were a cell inside of your Mother’s body.  When that cell developed its intelligence to break and become a living human child,  that is how important it is, only instead of being a cell you are a living, thinking, breathing human being.  Will you be brave enough? Will you trust enough when the time comes to make that choice?  That is the singular most important question I have to ask you tonight.  Don’t do it for me, don’t do it because I am labelled as the “Saviour of mankind”, you are the masters and mistresses of your own destiny, and as fantastic as it may seem, the Intelligence, the Creator that made you, and allows me to come and use a human body as my own, would like to see His most wonderful creation proceed to perfection.

I wish with all my heart that I could show you a slide show, a presentation of what it is going to be like, but I cannot.  I can point you to the things that have happened, and I can tell you that many of the natural disasters that you have seen in the first half of this year, 2011, there will be more because the earth itself, the earth is a living vibration, just as you are.  How then do you think things grow?  How then do you think things grow on this earth if they are not already a vibrational being.  Everything is adjusted to you so that you can see it, you can smell it, you can experience it; everything is adjusted to you, and this human race.  You have depleted the energy beyond repair, and so it is necessary that as a parent takes a child away from a harmful situation, this loving intelligent Creator, this Being, this Universal Conscience, this Universal Lifeforce, this God, this Yahveh, whatever you call Him or Her even, has said I must take my children from this harmful environment, I must put them in another habitat, and I will let them enjoy this to the fullest amount possible, but they need to exercise the one gift above all that I gave them, their free-will - your choice.  Now, does that make sense to you?  Have I explained it clearly enough for you.  If you have questions please ask them now on this bit of our talk, so that is where we are my friends, that is where we are.

So now, I am here, it is question time.

JOHN:  I will start the ball rolling dear Lord Sananda.

LORD SANANDA:  And I will catch it.

JOHN:  When will we know that it is the right time to ascend?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, you know that I have a love of answering a question with a question and I will say to you, how did you know that the one whom you love above all, how did you know when it was the right time for you and that she was the one?  Something was inside of you and you knew.  I have to say that as you have already said, the ball will have begun to roll, the ball will have been set rolling.

You will hear, towards the end of next year, you will hear of people disappearing all of a sudden from one place or another, and, as I have previously said, maybe twenty-five people, maybe fifty, maybe a hundred, at one time from one concentrated place.  These will be the ones who have agreed, have been given a slightly different encodement in their DNA, and they will go, to begin with, right away.  You have already experienced this in the – to me it seems a very short time in human history but to you I know it seems a long time - you have already had experience of this to a degree with some of the beings that you know as Mayans.  They – I think you have a phrase – “they were here one day and gone the next”  – so it will be how the Ascension will begin, and you will know, you will have that “gut” feeling, you will feel it in your solar plexus, your chakra here, (pointing) you will feel it, you will know that this is out of the ordinary and that this is the Ascension time that has begun

JOHN:  I am sure I am no different to other people when I say that I have Grandchildren and do not want to leave them, so it is going to be a very difficult time for all of us.

LORD SANANDA:  Why would you want to leave them?  They can go with you.  As I have said before, every child that has been born within ten to fifteen years that is being born now and will be born – and make no mistake when I say this – will be born up to the time of Ascension.  They have this encodement within them and they will be able to tell you more than you can tell them, so I ask you – I can tell from your tone of ” hmm”, I am not sure if that is right.  I do understand with all my love, I understand my Brother your apprehension, your worry and your concern, and I would take you back to a Biblical phrase “Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings”, so do not worry about your Grandchildren, if they don’t go before you they will certainly go very quickly after you.

JOHN:  I will say this, Lord Sananda, from what you tell us – and if it was anyone else telling us this, I would find it unbelievable - but because it comes from you I do believe that it is going to happen, but it is still very hard to accept, I have to say.

LORD SANANDA:  I understand and the only thing I can give you perhaps as a – I want to say a warranty – I am not sure of the right words to use here – but the only thing I can tell you is to – I have it – look at my “track record”.  All I have said in the past has come to fruition down through the centuries, and this will be no different.  Are there any more questions?

SHEILA:  Some dear Master, are frightened that it is NOT going to happen, I have heard other people say please, we want it to happen as soon as possible.  They have asked me if there is any chance that it will not?  I say there is definitely no chance that it will NOT happen.

LORD SANANDA:   Oh, it will happen.

JANE:  Can I ask please dear Lord Sananda, I was watching a Programme on BBC 4 about Armegeddon, and it was stating all the elements I guess could threaten our survival and lead to our extinction.  It just seems there are so many things out there that could destroy our world, and us, including the natural disasters, so I was wondering, what you think about that?

LORD SANANDA:  Does it ever make you wonder how on earth you have come this far?

JANE:  It certainly does, as to how we have not been made extinct a long time ago.

LORD SANANDA:  I could give you a very glib answer and say because it wasn’t in the Plan, but the fact of the matter is, it isn’t in the Plan.  It isn’t in the Plan for your earth to finish its lifecycle until that very nanno/micro second of its life.  Nothing ever happens without design.  Now, yes I know there are arguments for the natural disasters that take many lives at once, and in doing so destroy the land - you have had some experience of this in the last few months that a natural disaster has hit the island of Japan, and although the information that comes from Japan and the political authorities concerned with this will not tell you the truth, the northern half of that island will be uninhabitable for it doesn’t matter how many years because by the end of that time your earth will have finished anyway, so you have had experience of this, I know, but mankind and any life that is even the life of a tree, of an animal, of an insect, human being, a, star, a planet - that life is absolutely in synchronisation with everything else so, although there are many things to make a programme of what could threaten the extinction of mankind, the only thing that will actually wipe out mankind as you know is mankind himself, and it is not, as I have said at the beginning of this talk, it is not a negative thing, it should not be viewed, and I do not want you to view it as a negative thing, it is a positive step for mankind.  It is a very different step for mankind and yes, it is a step into the unknown, and until that time when the Ascension is ready to be put into place with all its exquisite synchronicity, fear not, there will not be a tsunami in Exeter.

JANE:  What about a nuclear explosion?

LORD SANANDA:  I think not.  A nuclear explosion is not necessary when you have so many volcanic explosions throughout your earth which will do the job.  If you care to look at the volcanic eruption in Iceland, that was enough to halt the transportation through many parts of Europe for many days, and if you look at the ancient eruptions of the volcanoes, they wiped out whole societies as you well know - I need not explain to you - and may I say here, just recently, there has been hard evidence, hard evidence, from the earth itself, and from the bed of the sea, that there was a huge volcanic eruption which wiped out the society that is known as the Therons, or the early Atlanteans, and that your Scientists believe today, with their intelligence - their low intelligence (as I said earlier in this little chat) -  they believe that that volcanic eruption was many hundreds, thousands times stronger than the last nuclear explosion to hit this earth, so it will not be necessary.  Now, any other questions?  Any at all?

CHRIS:  Yes, I would like to ask a question please?  Are we all bonded and united to one Source of Energy, One Source of power which is the God Centre, the Source of all Love and Light in the Universe?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, I would like you to break down the word “Atonement”, break it down and   I am sure you will understand what this word means “at-one-ment” together, it is only religion that   has filled you with guilt that you must atone for the bad things that you have done. They are only bad because they may go against the rules of society that you may belong to.  What is acceptable in one society is not acceptable in another, but that is perhaps a subject for another day, but yes, you are all from what I have already explained, whatever name you want to give it - the God Source, The Godhead, the Universal Lifeforce, the Lifegiver, the God, Yaveh, whoever, I can only refer to it as the Universal Intelligence for it is that which allows my molecular structure to be in one part of your world at one hour, in another part of your world some minutes later, and in another part of your universe a few hours later.  It is an Intelligence, a centre that you cannot even conceive of with the intelligence of the human mind.  I would like you to just, each one of you if you are willing, I would like you to cast into your minds an image of what you believe I look like, or perhaps a picture of what you have seen of me when I was here in my last incarnation, and I am sure there will be many of you that have seen the overwhelmingly Catholic image of myself with my heart laid bare and the light streaming from heaven into my heart.  I do not mean to deride this because it is imagery that is captured by the Artists who painted it at that time, but I would like to say to you, the light that comes from my heart chakra, my heart to the heaven, to the Universal Source, it is a two-way thing, and so it is with you.  I am IT and IT is me.  You are IT and IT is you, irrespective of what you think your worthiness, your place or your non-place is, that is the long and short of it.  You are IT and IT is you.

CHRIS: You are saying about the love that comes from the light.  It is an overwhelming love, it is almost as if you can feed from it, and it is in your whole being, and it is vast, it is immense.  I find it very strange that not many people can feel this because it is so beautiful.

LORD SANANDA:  I will take you to the words of my friend, you know his name?

IVOR:  Will?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, “Beauty, my beloved ones, is in the heart of the beholder”, and that is not meaning to be base, sweet or deriding, beauty really is in the heart of the beholder, and if that beholder does not choose to open their heart, then they will experience only a small amount of it, and what may be strange to you I think you could substitute the word “sad” because they are not experiencing the full love that is there for the taking.  It is a simple thing really, you give and you receive.  If you don’t give you will still receive but your experience will be somewhat short, so what is your homework?

SHEILA:  Open our hearts to the light and love always.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, for those of you who are unsure, for those of you who find it difficult to understand, and to take on board, then just take something away from here tonight, and let that something be that you know that there is no end to mankind, there is only a new beginning, and how fantastic and out of this world and sci-fi mad that that may seem, then please just take it on trust, that from the Light Source from which you sprang comes also the never ending love, and if you choose to partake of it you will want for nothing more.

IVOR:  I think for many of us we have been taught that we are not permitted to even think that we can  even bring a thought to our Creator, and that we would not be worthy of receiving His love, and I think this is a great barrier for most of us.  We underestimate ourselves through lack of knowledge as to who we really are. Can I ask if you will confirm for me that at our conception in this human form it was the thought of our Creator, that made the conception of our being.

LORD SANANDA:  I have slightly touched on this, this evening.  The decision that you make now, at the new beginning of mankind, it is the most important singular decision you will make as a living, thinking, breathing human being, and as well informed as you can possibly be in this dimension.  Now that may seem a huge decision to make, and it is a huge decision to make if, as you believe - as my Brother has mentioned - that somehow you are not worthy or you don’t have the knowledge, and all I am saying to you this evening is that I can sit here and tell you, until you grow cold and suffer from fatigue and tiredness - because your human body will - that you are worthy.  It will not change your mindset, but what I am saying is that the love that will flood your world at the time that Ascension begins, or the new beginning starts, it will touch you in places that you never thought was possible, and that is part of what the decoding of the DNA is, it is like a flower, it touches that point, and as it touches it so that will open wide and you will know, without doubt, that this is the time, and that you are worthy and that this was and is yours from the day that you were conceived.  You are on the threshold, my beloved ones, of watching a rare event, and yes, if you wish, when you are in the new world and you are dangling those grandchildren on your knee, in a figurative way of speaking of course, you will tell them “Let me tell you of how we came into being, let me tell you what we once were”.

In the land of Australia, the indigenous people have a time that they call “The Dreamtime”, and this they believe was the time before mankind came into being.  Now, with your quick minds, and your quick wit, you will see that if the Aboriginal peoples can remember the stories from dreamtime, however fantastic they were, why cannot it not be that you will be able to tell those in the new world with you  “In the time before we could move like light, we once had things called feet and muscles, and bones that wore out.”  It is no more fantastic, so what I am trying to say is what you will experience is the pattern of mankind of the human race going forward to its perfection.

JOSEPHINE:  Can I just ask you please, about this new earth, which you say has been seen, my question is:   If we are going to be spirit or have a light-body, if this new earth can be seen, is it physical?

LORD SANANDA:  Not necessarily so.

JOSEPHINE:  Well I am confused.

LORD SANANDA:  Well, please don’t be confused.

JOSEPHINE:  Only by that.

LORD SANANDA:  Can you see the stars at night?  Well you know, or I assume you know, that those things that you see at night, stars, they are actually just the residue of things that happened thousands, millions of years ago, so it is with your planet.  It isn’t quite like that but it is an easy parallel to explain it to you.  It is seen as energy and it is energy and light and all of the things that you will require in your new world, and I prefer the parallel of a light-being as opposed to spirit-form because that does confuse people, so if we say, light-being or light-form that may save further confusion, so that is how it has been seen.

CHRIS:  So are you saying that we are moving into another dimension, and we will be light-beings?

LORD SANANDA:  You already are light-beings but because of the world you inhabit which is solid, and vibrates very slowly – do you remember the spinning coin – you vibrate at a very low velocity so that you can see the human form and you can understand it because that is how your intelligence works at the moment.  This is how you are in your level of intelligence, so when the Ascension begins, and becomes a reality, then your true self, if you like, will be revealed, and you will be able to see it without any blindness, and again, I would refer you to the Bible because here in the Western World you understand it and it is the most widely read publication for all sorts of reasons, but there is a passage in the Bible where it says “and the scales of his eyes fell away”.  That is the Ascension almost in a nutshell. The scales of your eyes will fall away and you will see yourself and each other for what you really are in a different dimension.

CHRIS:  Sometimes when we work and are doing healing or giving a reading I move into a different dimension which is happening to me now.

LORD SANANDA:  That is it exactly but we must remember that there are others who do not share that wonderful experience, and I want them to understand, with all my heart I want them to understand, so let me then get back to your homework and your homework if you wish, until we should meet again (and I hope we will - all of you gathered here I hope you will come again and share and talk with me and ask your questions and share in the love and the light and the happiness that we have had tonight) your question is to ask yourself “What choice shall I make, and if I make that choice now, can I go about contacting that other wondrous being inside of me, that light-being, that one that will almost be at one with the Creator”.  Yes you can, yes you can, you need to open your heart, you need to find someone that you can talk to about this, perhaps in your own family, perhaps someone who will give you a different take on it, someone you can talk with and debate, but above all someone that you can share a gentle meditation in so that you can open your heart, so that you can become IT and IT can become you.

JANE:  Might I ask, you talk about being in another dimension, a different world, but we don’t really have any idea what this world will be like, and I think this could be quite frightening to some people because we only know this world and I know I speak from the point of view of my daughters who are in their twenties, they are just starting out in the world and they are enjoying it at the moment, so to take it all away I think it will be quite frightening to them, although it will be done in love, but for them it will be rather sad.

LORD SANANDA:  May I say here that I think perhaps you are slightly missing the point.  It is not being taken away, they are being given a further chance of a life hitherto you have not known.  Yes, I understand that that could be frightening, yes I understand it could be frightening for someone who has only lived on hard earth suddenly to be thrust into the sea with all its motions and ideas of upside down waves and uncertainties, yes I understand that, but you should not think of it as being taken away, it is another chance that is being given, and I will explain to you what this other world will be like.  It will be no different to this but better than, so your daughters enjoy the pleasures that this life can offer them, and I do not mean that any other way than pure.  They enjoy walking, fresh air, rock climbing, dancing, socialising and all of those lovely things as do most people here that are able, so all of those things will be available but they will be available to a greater degree than you have not known.  Perhaps it is better if I put it in this way.  When mankind was a primate the pleasure of the primate was eating, sleeping, procreating and moving with ease above the ground through the canopy.  Those were the only pleasures a primate knew.  As you have developed you have experienced greater pleasure, you have had a greater depth of pleasure of all of these things and more, but when mankind was a primate he would not have had the intelligence to understand how far they could come, so it is now, you cannot understand how far you will go in the next dimension and how wonderful your lives will be unencumbered with the density of the body and all the diseases  that come with it, so if you choose to explain to your daughters how this will be then you must explain to them that it is a new life in a new world, that is the same as this but much,  much better, and you will be equipped with all of the things that you need to enjoy it to its fullest capacity, and that goes for every one of you.  If you choose to explain this to some of your friends, or if you are trying to understand this within yourself, remember the parallel I gave you of the successful business man and the woman, and the man, who could only dream.  You can have all of the good things that you dream about, so, yes, it will be different but it will be so much better.

JANE:  Your words as always dear Lord Sananda are so appropriate and understanding

JACKIE:   May I just say in this life man has destroyed everything.  In the next life, in the Ascension, will we be leaving behind jealousy, greed - all the things that destroyed this world?

LORD SANANDA:  In the next phase of mankind there will be no need for competition, there will be no need for one person to take another person’s freedom. There will be no need to drive to work to have money, to better one’s position in life.  This is the final phase of mankind, this is the perfection of mankind, and if there is perfection there will be nothing that can destroy this perfection, so there will not be the jealousy, the anger, the greed, the need to take from the world in which you live to support yourself, so in simplistic terms, everything that you know negative to this world will be left behind and be destroyed.

IVOR:  We will not need necessarily to ingest food?

LORD SANANDA:  Perhaps food of a different kind. It will not be Mr Birds Eyes Peas.  No, I jest here because I love laughter.  This is such a serious subject and yet it is such a beautiful subject.  No there will be no need for planes of land to be given over to producers of wheat and grain and cattle grazing, and for you to kill animals and eat them, no, it will be food of a different sort, and that sort will be – and again here I speak words of the Bible  “manna from heaven”. “Bread of heaven” if you are Welsh.

SHEILA:  Perhaps a few dates as well dear Master?  (Lord Sananda had said in a previous transcript his favourite food when on the earthplane was dates).

JOHN:  And will everyone be equal dear Lord Sananda?  Any higher or lower or will everyone be on the same level?

LORD SANANDA:  If you did but know it, you are all on the same level now because you are all equal to me.  Now, don’t laugh.  Now what did I say about not feeling worthy.  You are all equal to me.

SHEILA:  My Brother John isn’t, but I am.


LORD SANANDA:  And you are not but I am.  Oh please.  Now is there not a very famous skit – there are several men and one is very tall and one is very short – that is right, and he says   “ I know my place.”  Well you know your place and your place is with me because you are me, you are equal to me, and because you are equal to me – why are you equal to me?  Because we were all created, quite right.  Let that person go to the top of the class – no, there is no top of the class (much Laughter again).  We were all created from the same Lifeforce – the God Centre, the Godhead – I am not going to give Him all His names, you know them.

Have you any more questions or are you all happy and have I given you enough “manna from heaven”.

Animals, I should know Chris would ask about the animals.  Do not worry about the animal kingdom, it is sorted.  They will be just the same as you, they will have everything they need, and just as I said to you, your new world will be the same as this but much better.

CHRIS:  What about the beetles that eat the lilies and what about the wasps?

LORD SANANDA:  I am afraid they have their place, but they will not need to alleviate their hunger because they also will be in a different form and the plants will be in a different form so they will not need to ingest them for food.  Consider it to be sorted.

SHEILA:  Well, Lord Sananda said in His last transcript that the animals will have a voice, they will be able to speak so what about that?

LORD SANANDA:  I did, but you may not necessarily understand what they say.  They speak to you now but sometimes you do not listen.  Yes, of course, with your intelligence heightened to its greatest form because you will find that languages are no barrier because I would not want you to run away with the idea, when you as the human race move into this new world, this new dimension, that it will all be upper, middle, lower class English-speaking people because it will not be.  There will be several languages and you will converse as easily as I am able to converse with you.

JANE:  But dear Master I will be out of a job then.

LORD SANANDA:  Oh you will indeed but I am sure we will find you some other language to learn, unbeknown to your world at the moment.

JOHN:   I was thinking of getting up there early to get the best place but ....

LORD SANANDA:  My Brother, after all I have said this evening – I jest.

JACKIE:  I think what you said in the beginning was quite right when you said “Beam me up Scottie”.

CHRIS:  So, if there is no disease in the new world there will be no need for Healers?  Is that correct?

LORD SANANDA:   Well, I would not say that because you know there will be those who have just made the decision at the last second and it will be a shock and you will be required to help them, perhaps not to give them healing as you do at this time but you will be required to give some form of healing to them, and I do not wish to overcomplicate matters and it is getting late this evening to talk about this, but there exists in other places other life-forms that are going through an Ascension of their own or a new phase of their life-form it may well be that those of you who are Healers in this world  will be called to give healing to others of a similar type in another place, in another time, but I do not wish to overcomplicate this because I feel there are some of you here that will understand this and others who will not, so for the moment this is as much as they can digest, so I do not wish to over-complicate but should you invite me again....

SHEILA:  We certainly will.

IVOR:  I understand dear Master that in our new bodies there will be an opportunity to advance to even higher dimensions.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, and that is another story for the next time

Well then my friends, if there are no more questions, I give you my love, I give you my peace and above all I ask of you that you laugh, that you live and that you love, and above all that you love yourselves and know that you are loved.  You are IT and IT is you.  My blessings to you all.  Farewell my friends.



Please note, Sue has serious family commitments at the moment that require her time and energy and so Lord Sananda’s transcripts, of necessity, will not be available for the next two weeks or so.  We promise that all the comments and questions we have received will be dealt with as soon as possible.

In Love, Light and Truth

SHEILA for the Amethyst Group.

25th May 2011.


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  1. Iam kinda new here first of all I write this from my heart to make a long story short I came across this group of the light workers .org and the very moment I read the first transcript it felt like a joy in my spirit .Iam from the Bahamas and I’ve been through lot of life challenges but I’ve always mange to overcome them .to lord sananda I embrace you as a brother a way shower and being all that u are love light peace and Happiness thank you bro for showing us the way now that I know thetruth Iam spreading the word to all my family and friends I giving them a soft approach I wish I could let every one in the Bahamas know about the things you say here and share the transcript with them but I think you already know how the people in the Bahamas are they are very heavy in there religion.but hay I understand why so be it I love u bro from the depths of my soul I was brought up knowing you ad Jesus Christ but I respect and honor your new cause I rember from what read in the bible which I know has some truths I shall bear a new name in my second coming correct me if i miss understood Iam humble and open minded ok bro much love again peace

  2. Dear Colleagues and dear Lord Sananda, it is proving quite difficult to awaken other spiritual groups and their leaders. It is not for the lack of trying… Do you have any suggstions please? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the channellings since last May 2010 and have shared this knowledge with others, and have had mixed reactions. My love to you all ….

  3. Dear Lord Sananda, I love Your humour, “down wid da youd is not my scene” that had me cracking up. I am really taking all of these messages to heart and also appreciate the laughter in the midst of such seriousness.

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