Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 5th May 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is good to be with you again and it is lovely to see the Amethyst Group, earthbound and heavenbound,  joined together in harmony once more.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the past events that have happened in your world over the last week or two weeks have culminated in an event which the western world has greeted with much joy.  I speak here of the slaying of Osama Bin Laden.   I bring you information which I feel is necessary to impart to you at this time, and I would say to you that I would issue a necessary caution in the joy.  This man, although his intention always was to cause destruction and death in the name of what he believed was his religion, is followed by an outstanding number of equally fanatic people.  They do not subscribe to the basic ideal of Islamic worship or understanding, they are extremists, you call them terrorists, and I will say to you that the issue of caution is necessary for far from quelling the ideas of this group of extremists that this man began out of malice towards one country and one person alone, has grown a fearful army of fanaticism.  I therefore would ask you to take care of each other, not just in your own families but in the community where you live and work, and breathe.  Take care of those around you, be aware of how they are, be aware of where they are and take care that you watch and that you are ever watchful for things that will change your lives in the extreme.Now, I know there have been many Heads of Government that have met over the last few days, not least COBRA and not least the Emergency heads of States throughout the European Kingdoms and those in the Middle East.  They are as much aware of the danger that this man’s death has brought to the world as the joy that it brings to those who are left not understanding and ignorant of the repercussions that will follow.  Often it is the way when one releases a wound which is full of pus and full of dirt and bacteria, to take out the thorn that is in the side.  When that thorn is released, the dirt and the pus is still there and until that wound is healed and closed, then that site will not be whole again, and so it is at this present moment.  The thorn has been removed but the wound goes deep and the infection is also deep, and until that infection is turned aside and those who profess to believe in Islam return to the basic understanding of the Islamic truth of love and peace, and look at the true meanings that my Brother Mohammed Allah brought to them, then they will never,  never reach the paradise that they so eagerly search.

Now, are there some questions that you have for me?

SHEILA:  Yes please, dear Master. We have had several that are from comments on the Internet.

James, who asked questions that we answered last week, has written again on the 20th April.  He says he is very impressed with the valuable information from you and he wants to pass this information to his family, especially to his children, and he says he is very grateful because now he understands fully the Ascension Plan of our Creator and he is going to do his best to achieve the Ascension in the company of all his family.

LORD SANANDA:  That is just wonderful news and I would thank James for taking into his heart the truth and the understanding, and ask him to be watchful and wait, and with him and his family it will be a most joyous occasion, and thank you James, thank you for your lovely words and I bless you and I will be with you.

SHEILA:  Thank you.  Tony on April 21st says “My dear friend,  Sananda, your words about Ascension are a timely gift to mankind and I am very excited to follow the same footsteps as you, and begin my mission as one of the Messiahs on the planet, as a light worker and ascended master.  I’m looking forward to teaching people and help them become aware that they are an ‘Omni Being of Light’ and have a ‘Bio Spiritual’ evolutionary path to complete.  God Bless Master”.

LORD SANANDA:  Thank you Tony for your kind words and for your unfailing courage and your unstinting dedication, and it will be a good day when we meet again in the new world that you know is there, and I beseech you to gather together as many of your friends and your family as you can, and that you will teach them how they are light beings, but remember, my friend, that in some cases you speak but to children, although they are fully grown adults, and where that is the case, you must teach them as children, you must show them the way in simple words and in simple deeds.  My blessing to you my Brother.  Thank you.

SHEILA:  Thank you dear Lord.  Joyce Goldman on April 23rd says “Dear Lord Sananda, thank you for all your messages.  I look for everyone.  The one on the Ascension answered a lot of my questions.  You gave a message pertaining to the Ascension Flame and the other sacred flames.  I would like more information on these flames and how to call them to myself and use them.  Do I call them into my crown chakra and then into my heart centre.  Is the Ascension Flame a different colour than the Abundance Flame?  How do I use them, etc?  Thank you for all your love and care for us.”

LORD SANANDA:  The Ascension Flame my Sister is the Abundance Flame, and I would ask that you draw this Ascension Flame down through your crown chakra.  By drawing it down through the crown chakra you will bring it all the way down into your body so there is no need to draw anything else into your crown chakra, or anywhere else.  By drawing in what you perceive as the Ascension Flame then you are drawing in everything into your body.  It is all that you need to illuminate every part of you to wake up your light-being and it will give you peace, blessing, harmony and enlightenment in abundance, so you see now why I say that the Ascension Flame and the Abundance Flame and the Sacred Flame are all one in the same because they come from the one Source.  I hope this helps you.  It will certainly simplify matters for you, you simply bring in that wonderful love and light of Ascension, bring it in as the flame and bring it right through your body.  Blessings to you, my Sister Joyce.

SHEILA:  We have a message from Tom Bruce dated April 28th.  Tom states that he found your message on the “” website and has been reading and re-reading your messages.  He says that he couldn’t help noticing that you mentioned Neburu as our new home and also that you speak of a new solar system where our new planet is located.  Can you say that they are one and the same?  He hasn’t yet been able to find the teaching where you identified our new home as some planet that has been discovered by scientists and given a number, but he couldn’t find the teaching that contained this information.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes Tom, I can explain this to you.  I know this is a little bit confusing for everyone because many people have been taught down through the years that Neburu is a planet of destruction and will bring destruction to the earth.  Let me say that in a strange way I suppose yes, it will bring destruction to the earth because it will be the new home of the ascended people, and once Neburu is full of ascended people, then the earth will no longer be of use to them, and it will undergo its great change and there will be a destruction of the earth itself, as I have already mentioned in many transcripts, so in a roundabout sort of way you could say that Neburu does bring the destruction of the earth, but it will not be the planet itself, Neburu, crashing into the earth and causing some dreadful cataclysmic event, no, it won’t be like that.  Neburu is currently hidden behind the earth’s sun depending on what part of the planet you live.  Mostly it circulates in its own solar system and the solar system has been identified by astronomers as a new solar system with many stars and one sun living within it, and a planet which is earthlike as far as they can see, and you have to understand there is nothing like Hubble or any of the far-reaching telescopes that can reach this planet to prove to the astronomers what is there on the surface of the planet.  It is seen as a planet in its own right, it orbits, it has a sun.

Now, my Brother Ivor here, working with Ashtar, in a later transcript will identify to you what that sun is, but for the moment that will be occluded from the transcript because I do not wish to cause you confusion Tom, because you asked about the planet Neburu and the solar system.  Now, I hope that clears up any confusion for others who have also written about Neburu, and I also hope more importantly that it has cleared up any confusion that Neburu is a destructor of the earth, and as I have said, and I will reiterate, in a roundabout sort of way you could say that Neburu does bring the destruction of the earth but it will not be a cataclysmic event – it will slowly drift into the earth’s orbit, it will be there,  it will be foreseeable in the early part of 2013, you will see it, it will become much more visible to the human eye and the astronomers will be astounded at its beauty.

SHEILA:  This answer will also apply to Appel’s first two questions in his message dated 27th April 2011.  He goes on to ask “Is there a planetary relationship between earth and this new home planet?  This concept is 3rd density based.  Does that mean the Amethyst Messages are for earthplane-bound humans only, in other words other exits are available for ones seeking out of the duality based universe?

LORD SANANDA:  Well, my Brother Appel has done his homework. My dear Appel, how lovely it is to hear from you again and you have most certainly done your homework.  There are, of course, different pathways out into the new world, and as you have rightly asked, are my transcripts just for those who live on the earth at the moment?  Well yes, because those who already live in the - shall we say, for want of a better word - the hereafter (although you put it as the duality of a different era) then their messages are completely different because their method of exit into a different world will obviously be different, so the transcripts at the moment are for those based here on the earthplane.

Those who do soul rescue-work are able to explain to those who seek a way out from below the “hereafter” realm (where they have been perhaps lingering through either ignorance or stubbornness, or because they have been lightworkers who have decided to remain behind to lead those people out of the prisons they have made for themselves) then they too are being given the information, although I have told you before that the information for Ascension is encoded into everybody’s DNA at the present time.  Every child who is being born at this moment has the DNA encoded in them, which will awaken them when time for Ascension arises.

So it is with the different layers of life - and I speak here of those who  need to be rescued, those who wander in the land of darkness, unknown, they do not know where they are - something will make them seek out a lightworker and take their own form of Ascension into a different realm.

I hope this is not too difficult for you to understand Appel.  Animals - domesticated as well as wild - they also have in their DNA an encodement which will allow them to make their own ascension.  You see all life is precious and it makes no difference if you are a ladybird, a, hawk, a, humanbeing, or one who has passed into the realm of the hereafter.  Life moves on and it doesn’t matter if it is life in the present or life in the past, but what does matter is that all life will move into the future.  It is the goal of everyone who possesses life to return to the Creator, to return to the perfectness that they know is there - the perfectness of animals who want to speak, to make their voices heard, the perfectness of a humanbeing who would wish to be better than he or she is – these are all reasons for life to move forward so Appel I hope that you will understand that everyone, wherever they are, will be given the chance to move forward, and it may not be at the same time as this earth’s ascension, but I can promise you that in other worlds, in other planets, where there are other forms of life, a form of ascension is taking place, so I thank you Appel for asking this question and I hope that you have understood my explanation.

SHEILA:  Appel continues – “Besides talk and what you have already suggested, what other convincing tools can be at the disposal of wayshowers/lightworkers?

LORD SANANDA:  That really depends upon the Lightworker, my friend.  The tools which you attain, everything for any lightworker, is there to be used freely and with love, it is just a question of asking, it is just a question of leading someone in a meditation - it may be even a question of just sitting and listening or helping them overcome a hurdle, but you see, communication is the basic means for humanbeings to interact with, and until you are able to converse, perhaps on a different level within your mind’s eye or in your higher consciousness with someone, then talk and conversation and words and understanding are the basic tools that are at your disposal.  All I say is look for the others and you will find them.

Have we any more questions?

SHEILA:   Except for Appel’s personal messages that is all we have for the moment.

LORD SANANDA:  Right, and for the moment we will leave those and I will come back to them at a later time..

SHEILA:  Can I ask please, dear Lord, did you see the Wedding?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, I certainly did, and I have to say I had the best seat.  Oh yes, you see I was beside Catherine all the way and Diana was on the other side.

SHEILA:  Diana was there?

LORD SANANDA:  Of course she was there and we came away laughing together.  We laughed mainly at what Harry had said to his Brother at the altar, and it was not as was reported in the newspapers.

SHEILA:  Thank you for telling us that.  We also thought that Catherine’s Brother James’ reading was lovely in fact, at Jo’s suggestion, I took it off the recording and read it at our little Church last week.

IVOR:  If you had told us before dear Master, we would have got the photographers to catch you in the group.  That would have made history.

LORD SANANDA:   Well, we smiled for the camera in one of the photographs!  It was certainly a beautiful occasion and I wouldn’t have missed it.  William and Catherine are a special couple and will bring much love to the world.  The High Priests of the Church were certainly guided to give the  words that they did at the Service, which I was very pleased to note were printed in the Newspapers in their entirety, and I especially liked the prayer that William and Catherine composed themselves.

Well now, is there anything else I can help you with?  No, then I will take my leave and look forward to our public meeting next week.  Farewell my friends.


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  1. DISCLAIMER: 1) Epulogy is a pseudo name used elswhere for the purpose of this incarnate to learn. 2) Epulogy UNDERSTANDS some of the discrepencies if any could be due to timelines, however posted these questions for the benefit of SENQUENTIAL incarnates.

    NIBIRU: This Is Where It Gets Interesting
    Submitted by Epulogy on 19 May 2011 – 7:28pm.

    Earth and Nibiru in Harmonic Universe 1 originate from Tara. In all 12 planets were
    created from the explosion of Tara after its fall from Harmonic Universe 2. This
    according to Voyagers 2 by Ashayana Deane.

    The fall of Earth and Nibiru have historic connortations of the fear of planet Nibiru
    which as restated by Lord Sananda does have a bearing of cataclysm to planet

    The good thing is this message states that the cataclysim is due to earth changes,
    CHANGES brought about by humanity’s desicration of planet EARTH which through its
    ascension program will have to make some severe plate movements that can be
    detrimental to human life.

    The Niburians of long ago also carry a dark label. What needs discussion and healing,
    is the true nature of the relationship between the Annunaki and the human family. F
    urthermore some explaination is necessary to expand on the politics of Nibiru in this
    timeline, the Nibiru described above as the new home for ascending humanity.

    Also need to know if the planet is occupied and by whom if so? What is expected of
    humanity if the planet is occupied. If the planet is not occupied, how humanity shall
    be lifted to Nibiru. These are some of the preliminary questions that come to mind.
    Strange indeed

    Submitted by Egyptian on 19 May 2011 – 11:07pm.

    “Let me say that in a strange way I suppose yes, it will bring destruction to the earth
    because it will be the new home of the ascended people, and once Neburu is full of
    ascended people, then the earth will no longer be of use to them, and it will undergo
    its great change and there will be a destruction of the earth itself, as I have already
    mentioned in many transcripts,”

    What I have been reading from sources I consider reliable, is that Nibiru, a primitive
    planet, will be the home of the evil earthlings. Those who will be ascending during End
    Times will be living in the 5th Dimensional New Earth, after her ascension from 3D.

    Hmmm… new
    Submitted by Egyptian on 19 May 2011 – 11:32pm.

    From 6th May 2010 message:

    “We have built a new world for you, it is parallel to this one, it is seeable, it has
    several names. In the world of astronomy it has a planet name H142B. In history it
    has a name – Geddis. In spiritual terms it is heaven, it is nirvana, it is paradise, but in
    simplistic terms it is the new beginning, it is the new earth, it is the new age.”
    Very confuse indeed. So the ascended people will go to “Nebiru”. Or to “Geddis” also
    called H142B in the world of astronomy, which is the new earth. A search about
    these terms only returned the message in which it is mentioned.

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