Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 13th May 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:   Good evening my friends, it is lovely to see so many of you here this evening, and I know that you have come to perhaps hear further words and advice on what your planet is going through at the present moment and what it is currently or rather – I do have my words muddled up,   forgive me, I have been talking in Arabic all day, and to come and speak in English is difficult for my mind to process let alone that of this Medium.

Now, I want to explain to you what your world is currently undergoing and what you can expect, perhaps in the coming year, eighteen months.  I do not want to – how do you say this – labour on this intensely because there is much words written about it in the transcripts of the Amethyst Group, and there is much information and much instruction given there, but I will reiterate briefly again for you, that these coming days - the final closing days of this year, the days of next year, the finality of the closing of the end of that year and the early part of 2013 - you will see, without any shadow of a doubt, the evolution, and I say this because I want this to be a positive experience for you.  Too much has been perhaps laid at the door of doom and gloom, and I want you to understand and experience that this is a positive thing for mankind to undergo and, as I have said to you before, in previous messages, that this is something that mankind will undergo.  It has to be this way, this is another form of evolution of mankind, but this is an evolution the like of which you have not seen before - and those of you who are gathered here this evening, and those throughout the world reading this – an evolution that has been unprecedented before.

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A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 5th May 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is good to be with you again and it is lovely to see the Amethyst Group, earthbound and heavenbound,  joined together in harmony once more.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the past events that have happened in your world over the last week or two weeks have culminated in an event which the western world has greeted with much joy.  I speak here of the slaying of Osama Bin Laden.   I bring you information which I feel is necessary to impart to you at this time, and I would say to you that I would issue a necessary caution in the joy.  This man, although his intention always was to cause destruction and death in the name of what he believed was his religion, is followed by an outstanding number of equally fanatic people.  They do not subscribe to the basic ideal of Islamic worship or understanding, they are extremists, you call them terrorists, and I will say to you that the issue of caution is necessary for far from quelling the ideas of this group of extremists that this man began out of malice towards one country and one person alone, has grown a fearful army of fanaticism.  I therefore would ask you to take care of each other, not just in your own families but in the community where you live and work, and breathe.  Take care of those around you, be aware of how they are, be aware of where they are and take care that you watch and that you are ever watchful for things that will change your lives in the extreme.

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