Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 21st April 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  Well, I am so sorry you have had such an obstructive journey this morning.  Had it been my choice I would have had you brought much earlier this morning.  (Our car had broken down)  Mechanical things take time to repair and I can assure you things will go smoothly from here on in.  Now, my Sister, I see you have some paperwork for me. Well then, let us begin shall we?

SHEILA:  Yes, we have had some messages left on our website.  We have had two from James.  In the one dated 5th April he says that he is amazed because this is the page of Jesus, Lord Sananda.   He goes on to say that he was never a very religious person, but always felt a special love for you.  Now he knows that the Christian Religion since the beginning was a lie.  He is a little confused because there are many versions of the History of Jesus.  He is going to read the messages of Jesus and then ask some questions.  He asks if this is possible.

LORD SANANDA:  Thank you so much that you have asked about the history of me.  In my last incarnation as Jesus – and I am sure you will have a few questions – I would say to you, my Brother, yes, the Christian Church has been guilty of – how shall we say – not presenting the facts as clearly as they happened, but this has been largely due to the translation from the original scripture, the original writings of my Disciples - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - you know them all I am sure, and those that are coming to light that have been hidden.  I would say to you James, read the transcripts and then consider and meditate on what you know, and then look into your heart and find the truth, and know that I came to show mankind what is possible of every living humanbeing in this world that you know as the earth.  The only stumbling block to the perfection has been mankind’s freewill.  Now there are many things that mankind has yet to learn even before Ascension begins, and I would say to you James, ask your questions, meditate on the answers and there, my Beloved, I know you will find the truth.  In Love and Light James.

SHEILA:  We have received another message from James dated 6th April.  Amongst other things he states that he is very happy because at last he now understands what Ascension means, and that he knows he can ascend with your help.  He asks, once again, if he may ask some questions through the Amethyst Group?

LORD SANANDA:   My Beloved James.  I thank you so much for leaving your messages for the Amethyst Group to pass on to me, and I am so pleased that you are so happy, and of course, you may ask some questions and I would like to ask a question of you though, James.  Because you are so happy will you be ready to share this wonderful good news with other friends of perhaps a like mind, or perhaps are not quite so like-minded as you.  I appreciate this may be difficult but I would urge you to read and reread some of the messages that have been sent and then gird yourself with as much knowledge as you can, and pass that on to as many people as will listen, and any questions you have or that they raise I will be happy to answer them for you .  Thank you James.  In love and light.

SHEILA:  The next one is from Roger dated 7th April saying thank you for the comforting messages and asking when we go to the new world will we turn into lightbodies with no physical touch?  He says he find this a little unsettling.

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Roger.  Yes, as you are an extremely tactile person yourself I can understand how you feel you will miss the physical touch, but I have to say that in your lightbody this will far surpass anything you have felt through the flesh and blood of your fingers.  I could not imagine why you should wish to want to retain your physical body but if you wish to you can, but it really will hamper you because you will be living in a world of light and in that light you will only need the vibration of light to exist, to experience everything that you feel through your fingers, that you see through your eyes, that you smell through your nose, that you taste through your mouth in this present world.  In your new world you will experience these senses and many more so please, do not concern yourself that you will be missing anything of the physical realm for you will have that, but it will be on a much more enhanced level.  In love and light Roger.

SHEILA:  This is a comment from Glenda Casey dated 8th April asking if there is an Amethyst Group in Australia that she could contact by telephone.  Well, I am afraid there is no Amethyst Group in Australia but perhaps someone from an Ascension Group in Australia reading this will kindly contact Glenda.

A reply from Michelle dated 12th April  recommended that Roger should read the archived channelled readings on our website which date back to May 2010.  She also goes on to say “In your last urgence it brought to mind a Christian Church Leader that I know would be open to reminding his congregation about what you said, and that was Pastor Joel Osteen from Houston, TX.”

LORD SANANDA:  My Beloved Michelle, thank you for guiding other readers to the Amethyst Messages, and I also thank you so much for remembering Pastor Joel.  If there is any way that we can help him to re-establish this information with his congregation we would be delighted to do so.  Perhaps there is some way we could have a transatlantic link-up and I could address his congregation personally.  That would be really something, but for the moment I would be very happy to answer any questions that Pastor Joel himself may have, and if he wishes to place them on the website I am sure that my Beloved Brothers and Sisters will keep a sharp eye out for any questions that he may ask.  It is wonderful to see that you are all beginning to help each other in this way.  A small start but I know it will lead to great things and thank you Michelle for your kindness and your thoughts of love for others.  In Love and Light.

Now, may I say to those who read my messages, all the information you require about the Ascension, individually as a race, as a culture, as a planet, I have given it to you over the last twelve months.  You should now be concentrating on putting that information into place wherever you live. If you are not able, or not, shall we say, fortunate enough to have an Amethyst Group in the place where you live, then find a group that will help you to meditate, help you to develop all of the healing power that you have within you, and will help you bring it out.  Use the Amethyst Revelations as a textbook, use them as a reference book.  Use it as something that you can – how is the phrase – you can dip in and dip out of.  If you need to know about meditation it is there, it tells you there how to take yourselves away to a quiet place.  If you have any questions, if you are unsure about your chakra centres, if you are unsure about energy, then my friends you must get in touch, do the homework.  I have given you as much information as I can possibly give you at this time.  This is the time, this year and the next, for you to prepare so that you have some knowledge and some understanding of the final phase of the Ascension Plan.

I understand that some of you have a great difficulty in trying to understand this, trying to understand that what you know in this world will soon pass away, but rather than look at it as the end I would urge you rather to look at it as the beginning.  It is the beginning of a new phase, a new phase of life for you as an individual, for each and everyone of you by name, for every John or James, Michelle or Marjorie, Sheila, or Sue or Ivor or whoever is out there, it is the beginning of a new phase for you, but if you don’t start now you will miss the beginning, and it is important that you don‘t miss the beginning for it is your acquired knowledge, your understanding, that will be needed for both your Ascension and for those who choose to remain ignorant of its far-reaching connotations.

Now, I believe you may have some questions for me?

SHEILA:  I have a question dear Master.   I was watching a religious programme the other night on the television, a Christian programme debating various points, and they were making great play on Christians not being able to accept gay relationships in our world.   I feel that as long as this is all done in love, partners getting together to make each other happy, and the love bond is there, can this be criticised?

LORD SANANDA:  I feel that the love between the so-called gay community has long been denied any religious acceptance.  Now, in the new world, since you will all be virtually genderless, it does not really make any difference whether one loves a being in a male physical form because the male physical form will not be there, it will be just the vibration, so it could be argued that those who are gay and love those of the same gender, perhaps they are vibrating on a higher level any way, and are able to see past the normal attraction of the heterosexual community.  Now, in many cases those who love gay partners choose to remain celebate, even with each other, and this surely could be debated as unconditional love.  There is no denying that particularly in the male gender there are some physically attractive men, and they are attracted to their own gender as well as to the female gender.  This is more difficult to understand, I think in your community, that a man may love a man and a woman equally so, but then again, should it not be argued that they are looking past the gender and looking at the love within.

Now, I see the difficulty within the religious and political arena, particularly in some countries where this is still against the law of that country, but I feel it should not be denied to anyone who is gay or lesbian or – I do not know the term for it – one loves both gender.  It is a matter of loving all and it is a matter of loving unconditionally, and I think if this is the case, there should be a greater acceptance within any political or cultural existence, but I understand the difficulty that this causes.  I also understand the difficulty that it causes for those in the religious arena, particularly in America where they have had a vicious debate on whether gay or lesbian priests should be ordained into service.  Ordination is really not such a volatile point for myself.  Those who wish to serve me serve me, and all they need is their heart and their love, they do not need to be processed and everything else, but it is a form of ritual that mankind has elongated and embellished down through the centuries and I doubt, whatever I say, it will not stop it, but all I am saying is, if one wishes to serve me, either he or she, whether they have a love for themselves, for each other, for the opposite sex or whatever gender they believe they are, then they may come, give me their hearts, give me their love and I will accept them willingly.

SHEILA: Thank you for that dear Master.

LORD SANANDA:  I would not wish anyone reading any of these transcripts to think that they are barred from Ascension because of their race, their culture, their sexual orientation, their religious belief, their criminal record even.  I would not wish anyone to think that they are barred from Ascension.  I do not want anyone to read anything about Ascension and think to themselves that is not for me.  It is for you, it is for every living human being in this world, right here and now.  I don’t care what colour you are.  I don’t care whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish , whatever you are, I don’t care.  If you want to leave this world and ascend and you will come with unconditional love, then you are free to do so, but I say here and now, look into your heart, find the truth and the truth also will set you free, so come, come.

Have you another question?

SHEILA:   According to our newspapers a Professor at Cambridge University has stated that the “Last Supper” did not take place on Maundy Thursday, at the time given by the Church.  He states that it took place on the Wednesday before the crucifixion, a day earlier.  He believes his findings could present a case for introducing a fixed date for Easter.  According to his calculations the crucifixion took place on April 3rd, and the resurrection on April 5th.  Do you wish to make a comment?

LORD SANANDA:  Do you know - I really dislike Easter – well, you see the two greatest points that come up for discussion every year in your Western world and the Christian Community is when I was born and when I died.  I am really not quite sure why everybody is so animated about these dates because firstly the system for keeping time when I was on the earthplane last was totally different to the system of time that you have now.  I was in a different country so what maybe noted as springtime in the United Kingdom will be different than springtime in the land of my birth.

Now, the last supper.  We ate at sundown.  That is a tradition that has never changed in my country.  All Jews eat at sundown, it doesn’t matter whether it is winter, summer, autumn or spring.  We all eat at sundown because that is the time in the peasant world – and I talk of peasants, today you may call them farmers, landowners, whatever - but that is the time when all of the chores are done for the day so we are able to sit down to our last meal of the day, we bless one another, we eat, we drink  and then we sleep.  That particular night we all gathered together in a special room, and yes it happened to be an upper room because the lower room is not really the best place to eat because it is very dusty, it is very dirty, and it is also very busy, lots of people going by, and you have to remember that at this time I was under suspicion from the Roman Authority, and all my friends – no different today than if your Prime Minister chose to have a supper with his Cabinet, although I doubt very much if he would be under suspicion from an opposing political party if he did this, but we had our last supper.

I knew that it would be the last meal that we would share together, none of my Disciples did.  Mary Magdalen was there as were other women as well, guests of my Disciples, wives of my Disciples, and yes there will be those in the Christian Community I am sure will say “That could never have taken place, that could never have happened, that was not the tradition”.  You have to remember my friends that we were breaking with tradition, we had broken with tradition all over our country for the last three, four or five years, in my mission.  We did have a last supper and I did break the bread as we always do at the beginning of our meal so that we may dip it in the food that we eat.  It is the same as I think you call Pitta Bread, unleaven bread.  We break it; it sups up the juices beautifully.  We had wine, we had talk we had discussion on what we should do next, and then the events began to happen. Judas left, I went out into the garden, some followed – in fact many followed – and you know the history of events from thereon in.

Let me repeat, the date you celebrate Easter falls in firstly with the political planning, secondly with the planning of the Church, and thirdly with the moon phases.  How many times have you heard people say “Oh Easter is early this year” “Easter is late this year”, it is a movable feast as far as this world is concerned.  For me it was just another day and of course the time would have been different, but here again we go back to the old Church because when the New Church or the Christian Church came to your land there had been a different way in worshipping everything, and in fact Easter is called “The Festival of Oestra” which is the lifegiver.   Oestra is Greek and in fact oestrogen comes from the word Oestra, and Oestra is part of the chemical which creates new life in the woman - oestrogen and progesterone.  Now the reason that Easter was put so close to Oestra in the beginning was to pacify those of the Druidic following and the Pagan following because the Christian Church was not as powerful as it is today and it did not want to upset the Druidic people and the Pagans that had great sway with the royal families of centuries lost.

It is the same at Christmas, you celebrate my birthday in the month of December, or, if you want to be correct it should be September. You celebrate my birthday at Christmas because it comes near or on the Winter Solstice.  Again, another Pagen Druidic Festival.  This is why it has been brought together because the Christians, who were new to your land, wanted to assuage and keep the Druidic followers because they were extremely powerful, so I hope this has answered it for you.

SHEILA:   Oh yes, thank you.  At our meeting a hologram of you and the shroud was produced and everyone wondered if this is what you looked like when you were on the earthplane?

LORD SANANDA:  You would like a description of what I look like?

SHEILA:  Yes please, if you wouldn’t mind.

LORD SANANDA:  I am dark, I have dark hair, as you would expect, because I am of Arabic descent.  I have blue eyes which are unusual because most people of my race have brown eyes but mine are blue.  I think they have been described as the colour of cornflowers.  I keep facial hair in keeping with a Jewish Family.  The colour of my eyes set me apart.  My beard is quite long, as long as my hair which is shoulder-length.   It is curly, very thick and very dark.  I have quite a broad nose, one I think you already equate with one of Jewish birth.  Thickish lips.  My height is probably – I will use the old-fashioned measurement – I am probably about 5’ 9, not slim but not fat, and my skin is of one who would be slightly sun-burned I think you would say, sallow, and if you would like to know my favourite food it is dates.  My favourite designer is .....(laughing)   Actually my Mother made my robes, just homespun, natural yarn, and I may say it is not as fine as the cloth of the shroud that I was buried in, but yes I do look similar to the picture that is on the shroud.  Of course that is not my best image.  Oh, and my sandals are leather, well not actually leather, they are made of camel.  We didn’t tend to have cattle but we did have camels which were used to both feed and clothe us when they got past service.  Although my parents didn’t have any camels, just a mule, you could go to the market and purchase cheap offcuts which my Mother would make into shoes for all of us, and they would have been – you have a quaint description of Jesus’ sandals – they weren’t like that at all, they were more like shoes which covered our feet, but remember that my trade was a Carpenter and I needed obviously some protection against wood and some hard things that I worked with, and we would use a sandal only on high days and holidays.  Most of the time we would go barefoot, but for walking to the temple or for a long way, a sandal would suffice and a soft camel shoe for working was the best, other times it was barefoot.

SHEILA:  As a Carpenter, dear Master, what sort of work did you carry out?  Did you make tables and chairs?

LORD SANANDA:  Well, yes, when we had the time we would make things for the home but more often than not my Father and I were employed by either the Royal House or Rich Merchants to shore up their buildings, make scaffolding, lintels and such like for the houses because the rock in my part of the world where I lived was very soft and it cracked very easily with the sun, so many long-standing fixtures – temples and suchlike – the frames were made of wood and pointed, and then on occasion the rock would be ground down into sort of a paste with water and it would be smoothed over the lintel to make sure that the rock and the wood were seamless.  When it was set hard it would be painted over with many designs so we worked a lot of the time like that.

SHEILA:   Did you use wooden pegs instead of nails?

LORD SANANDA:   We didn’t have nails, they were only used by the Romans because they had access to the metal, but everything that we made was made of wood, and then we would make something to bind it or sometimes we would carve a peg that had a block on the end to stop it going through when we were putting things together.

IVOR:  Being a tradesman myself I was working several months ago and for the second time I dropped a hammer on my big toe – the nail isn’t growing very well at the moment, but I enjoy woodworking as well.

LORD SANANDA:  Many times that happened to us.  Of course we didn’t have the metal ones that you use, we would have wooden, and they were very heavy.   Often I have seen my Father bang his finger and my Mother would come rushing with a poultice of leaves or something to take the swelling down, and maybe for a day he would not be able to work.  I too have done it myself.

Well, once again it has been good talking to you but if there is nothing more may I take this opportunity to thank you for coming today, and say to you, this is Easter weekend but celebrate life because that is what it is about.  Farewell my friends.



SHEILA:  We are holding a meeting on Friday, 13th May, 2011,at our home when Lord Sananda will come and speak with us again and answer questions. If you would like to attend please contact us on our website.

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  1. Hello Sheila,

    I would like to come to your home on the 13th of May to be there for when Lord Sananda’s comes and speaks with you. Please let me know how I can attend. Thank you so much.


  2. I said that I never was a religious person. I feel that I always have been a spiritual person, perhaps because for as long as the last thirty to thirty five years I have been reading and rereading the 7 books of Seth, channelized through Jane Roberts. In the last five to six years, this Personality Essence, as he call himself, produced six new books from which I already have read 3. Because of this, I always kept in touch with the spiritual teachings. I feel I am like Thomas, de Jesus’ disciple, because I question everything before I accept a new belief. With Seth, who I consider my Spiritual Master for 30 years, I tried to find any contradictions in his teachings and I never found one. Maybe the only one, not of his teaching, was related to, again, the death of Jesus; because he said that he whom died at the cross was a “self deluded Messiah of the time,” and not Jesus himself. I now know through The Talmud of Immanuel what really happened.
    I already have read all the material in this web page. Now I am reading the material of another webpage used by Jesus, The Joshua Teachings, and I feel both materials are very impressive, short and easy to understand. I tried to read the “Course on Miracles, but it seems to me it is too long. I want to read and comprehend all I can of all of this in order to pass on the information to my family and friends. But sometimes I am disappointed because almost all of them are “blind” to these teachings. The same I would say of almost all of humanity. Then, this is my first question to my beloved Lord Sananda:
    What is he going to do to “awaken” almost 7 billion people of this planet?

  3. Beloved Sananda, your Glorious Love and Light uplift me! Beloved Ivor and Sheila, thank you so much for your great work and efforts in bringing messages from the great Master to All! It amazes me how Blessed we are to truly be Loved Unconditionally by such Ascended Beings of Light, such as Beloved Sananda, St. Germain, Kuthumi, & countless others! Truly Beloved Sananda is a Glorious Warrior of the Light and Love of the Universal Father!

    Now, onto to my questions. I have two that I humbly ask of the Master. And let me preface by saying that I AM doing all the work I possibly can to remove the veil thats keeping me from being in commune with Our Glorious Master Sananda at all times. Until then, here are a couple things I Am most curious about: In my home are two pictures that I feel to be the actual physical images of our wonderful Master. One is of His face and is in black and white, and the other is of His entire physical body and the picture is of mostly a color purple. (This picture gives me Great Peace and Love btw, and I interpret it as representing the Violet Flame for transmutation of all discordances and debris within ones bodies.) In the purple picture you are ‘cupping’ your left hand below your Heart center and right arm is held up with your middle and index fingers pointed up. Can you confirm that these images are indeed of your closest physical representation and also is that the sign of the Galactic Federation of Light or the Great White Brotherhood? I completely understand if you do not wish to answer these questions and I apologize for the ‘long windedness’ of these messages. Love and Light to All and One!

  4. Hello, Lord Sananda thank you for your messages i have been reading the transcripts and i feel far more awakened now and at peace. I would like to ask will we need to activate our kundalini energy before we can ascend? Thank you

  5. Hello Sue, Ivor and Sheila,

    I am very interested in the Earth/Human outlook for the next few years and look forward to the proposed Earth’s spiritual ‘upgrade’. I am cautious though and am cross-checking data to ensure it makes sense to me.

    I’ve been following Lord Sananda’s messages over the past year up to the latest, #27_ 21st April. In message # 17_27-11-2010, Lord Sananda describes his crucifixion and life thereafter. I have just come across two statements from differing sites that purport that this didn’t happen! He was flogged, yes, but he was then banished from the region and returned to the East where he studied as a young man. He was married to Mary Magdelene and had children by her!!!!

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this information and must admit, it surprises me, but is a far better outcome than than what is depicted in the Bible.

    Can you pass this question over to Lord Sananda for clarification please..

    with Thanks…

    Nick (Exeter)

  6. hi thank you as always for the enlightening messages! Good to know this new world will be even better. I’ve been getting the numbers 44 for quite awhile now. They show up everywhere does this mean anything significant? also you have spoke in your earlier transcripts if I remember correctly of beings from other places who have come to help/watch are progress. Then there is alot of talk of this reptillian race which is supposedly the anti Christ or what the bible calls demons is this true?. I don’t like to dwell on the negative aspect of things but that has been bothering me lately and I’d hope to get it out of the way. anyway thank you for the messages love and light

  7. This is such a beautiful message of love and acceptance of all. I loved all of the humour and nuances down to the “pita bread” and that Your mother made Your robes, but most of all about how Easter is about celebrating life. Thank You Lord!

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