Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 21st April 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  Well, I am so sorry you have had such an obstructive journey this morning.  Had it been my choice I would have had you brought much earlier this morning.  (Our car had broken down)  Mechanical things take time to repair and I can assure you things will go smoothly from here on in.  Now, my Sister, I see you have some paperwork for me. Well then, let us begin shall we?

SHEILA:  Yes, we have had some messages left on our website.  We have had two from James.  In the one dated 5th April he says that he is amazed because this is the page of Jesus, Lord Sananda.   He goes on to say that he was never a very religious person, but always felt a special love for you.  Now he knows that the Christian Religion since the beginning was a lie.  He is a little confused because there are many versions of the History of Jesus.  He is going to read the messages of Jesus and then ask some questions.  He asks if this is possible.

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