Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 31st March 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  I see I have my little lamb beside me  (Sue’s little dog Tammy was asleep beside Sue).  I am fully settled within this Medium now and so may I say Good Morning to you and thank you that we are able to meet again, not in quite such clement conditions as when we met before.  It is extremely windy but, no doubt it will speed your journey home.  Now, let us start first of all, my friends, with the questions you have.  I think it is a good place to start.

SHEILA:  Can I ask Sue’s question first, please dear Lord?  She wishes to ask: With all the information being circulated about the “Rapture” by so many different people, why will people believe our messages and not theirs?

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