Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 24th March 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Well, it is a change to say Good afternoon to you my friends, the earthbound Amethyst Group, and what a beautiful day it is, filled with new life in your world, and I would like to give to you first of all, deepest thanks for the work you have been doing with all of the problems in Japan.  You have worked well and I would ask if, at the end of this meeting, we may do more to help those brave people.

Now, I do not intend to give you a global message this morning as I have much to give you personally, and I have learnt a new word from William (Shakespeare) - he has given me “Agenda”, I believe it means “Menu” and my teaching to you is on our agenda for later, but I am really happy to say to you that finally many of the Lightworkers that you have called, as you already know, are joining forces and encompassing Mother Earth with love and light.  She no longer feels alone, and no longer feels that her distress is gone unnoticed.  There are many people in many of the countries of your planet that are actually working and bringing this work to other peoples’ attention by saying “Look, we must do this, it is necessary for our planet, we must not hide our heads in the sand any more”.  These things are being said and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are doing to get my messages out to the people across the world, but now I believe you have some questions for me, my Sister?

SHEILA:  A dear friend has asked some questions by e-mail dear Master, and the first is:”How will the earth pass from one cycle to the next and how exactly is this going to manifest?”

LORD SANANDA:  I would tell you, my child, to read the transcripts.  All the answers are there.   This is what the whole understanding of the Ascension is about, you must be prepared to open yourself and read the information which I have spent months giving to the Amethyst Group.  Open your heart, your mind, read the transcripts again and again and the answers will become very clear to you, and I would like to say here there is much that the humanrace must read, and sometimes when the information is given - the very basic information that I want mankind to follow, the information I started bringing in the first transcript sometime ago now - will be lost.  It will be lost yet it is information that will stand your race in very good stead when the time of Ascension comes, much the same as my teachings came to an end with my exit from my previous life, but they were recorded, much as my messages are now, but these teachings will not go on ad infinitum.

If, when you have read the transcripts, you do not understand them, then come back again and talk to me, but the whole part of the Ascension is about developing your own self so that you may cope and understand and be able to take part in the Ascension Plan effortlessly, so that you can help others do the same.

SHEILA:  Yes, thank you.   Can I ask some other questions that she has:  “I am wondering about the final days of the earth.  Is it going to be like the huge time of change that we associate with the extinction of the dinosaurs?  A climatic shift in the earth? “  She says when she thinks about that sort of change, all she sees is mass panic, people grabbing and fighting, or is it going to be a slow degeneration into chaos over a matter of years or a swift affair that will take a matter of days or weeks?

LORD SANANDA:  No, again this is in the transcripts. I have described very clearly how the Ascension Plan will take place, that it will be a time when people will ascend in – for want of  better words  – a sensible fashion.  As we have said in the transcripts, you cannot have everyone ascending at once, everything would be chaos.  Traffic, communication, shipping, planes falling out of the sky – no, not at all.  People will ascend in various phases which will take days and months. You need not concern yourself with the days leading up to it, it is not a question – as you are talking on this wavelength – it is not a question of a scene from something out of horrific films, that is not the plan – the Ascension will take place with love and care and help, and it will be a beautiful affair for all to witness.  Your earth is degenerating into chaos at the moment, yes, because those who are against the Ascension are aware that there is much, much positive energy flooding your earth at this moment.  People are waking up, they are understanding that your earth cannot support you any more, and that change must come, and they are having the proof given to them over the last few months.  Now, I do not say concern yourself not with these affairs just do not concern yourself with this part of the Ascension - it is not your worry.  Your worry at this present time is opening yourself to the teachings, understanding them, awakening yourself as quickly as you can so that you are aware of what is happening within you so that you may help others.

SHEILA:  Thank you for that.  Another of her questions dear Master – “Do the Clairvoyants of this world see the future the way it is going to happen, or is that vision blocked?”

LORD SANANDA:  I think that your Medium would say that some of them do.  Visions of the final

days are given to those who can handle this vision responsibly.

SHEILA:  Lastly, on a personal note, she asks  “Where does the name Sananda come from?  It sounds Indian, Ayurvedic or Aramaic?

LORD SANANDA:  I could say with jest what is in a name.  In actual fact my name Sananda was given to me by mankind.  In my last reincarnation yes, you would have known me as Jesus.  Sananda, Lord Sananda, has been given to me by mankind itself, and I do not mean any particular race or any particular generation, or any particular time, it is just a name that has been given to me.  I am in fact, a part of the whole and I am in everything.  Perhaps you should read this Medium’s Poem, “Who are you”, you may find some answers in that, but my name is not from a particular nation, culture or creed, it is universal and it has been given to me by mankind.

LORD SANANDA:  My Sister, what are all those dots, lines and squiggles that you write on your paper?

SHEILA:  It is shorthand, dear Master, that I learnt at College, Pitman’s shorthand.

LORD SANANDA:  I thought it was Aramaic or something that sometimes I give to this Instrument.  Mr Pitman’s shorthand – ah, now I understand.

SHEILA:  Thank you dearest Master.  I will include Sue’s Poem in the transcript.




I am in every grain of sand

I am in every part of every land

I am the sunshine, I am the rain


I am the sunset in a summer’s sky

I am the teardrops in every innocent’s eye

I am the rain, I am the sun

I am in every song that has ever been sung


I am the flowers, I am the trees

I am the wind that rides the seas

I am truth, I am peace

I am life, but,

I am not death


I am the beginning, I am the end

I am your life, your brother, your friend

I am you, and you are me

So it was, so it is, for all eternity

I am the Source.



13th May 2010


LORD SANANDA:  I give these answers to you my dear friend with all my Love and Blessings


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