Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 17th March 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  My dear friends, I come to you this morning, this day, at a time of complete chaos on your planet, and I would say to those who have been following the transcripts of the Amethyst Group for maybe the last year, or those who have been following the transcripts for many, many years, you will begin to see those things that were foretold are gradually beginning to come to fruition, hideous and heinous as they are.

You are beginning to see that the revolution in the Middle East is taking great weight, it is spinning into an ever-increasing spiral, and I have to say that there will be some countries that will be victorious in changing their Parliaments and their beliefs, and there will be other countries that will not be victorious.

Libya at the moment is at a great state of emergence and unfortunately, those who have tried to change the revolutionary politics of that country, for this moment in time, they will fail.  Their Leader, who is indeed insane, believes with great tyranny and with great belief that his people love him, and he will make sure of their love, he will make them love him by oppression and tyranny and torture, and yes, this may be very difficult to read, and yes it may be very controversial, but I am afraid the truth is often controversial.In other countries in the Middle East there is unrest, and what you must understand, many of the countries still have deep tribal roots, and the factions that are fighting at the moment are nothing more than modern-day warlords, but the danger is that they are armed by countries outside of their own who have a different agenda to those that are fighting for what they believe is the best for their country.  Of course, one of the greatest things that they are fighting over in the Middle East, and one of the greatest things that Libya holds over the Western world, is the supply of black gold – oil.

I urge you, my friends, follow the events very carefully and with every fibre of your being send healing, and send love and light to these countries that are in the midst of war at this present time, and send light and healing that truth may overcome tyranny and injustice.

To the events that have happened in Japan or Asia these last few days, I would say to you that these are events which are of a magnitude that you have not witnessed on the earthplane for many a long year, but I am saying to you, my beloved ones, become very aware that events like this will become more and more frequent in the coming days.  You have a very quaint phrase which you use here on the earthplane, you call them “natural disasters” and in a way, yes they are, but as I have explained, these disasters, in a spiritual term, are really and truly the energy of Mother Earth shaking off the crust of the old earth, breaking out of her old clothing, getting rid of it all because the old earth, the earth that you reside in, is becoming so weak that it cannot sustain your human form for very much longer.

Was it not foretold to you, through the Amethyst Group, that what was wet would be dry, and what was dry would be wet, and mountains would be toppled, and so it has come to pass.  Yes, the sea has come up over the land to such a degree that perhaps in some of those places there will be life no longer sustainable.

For those of you who are thinking of the loss of life, and the loved ones who have come out of Japan, and I know that questions have been asked - have they gone to the new earth or have they gone to the heaven that you are so familiar with, and how would most Japanese understand heaven anyway as they are not a Christian Race? -  Well, I would say to you my friends, there are many of the Japanese Race who are much more enlightened than you would give them credit for.  Forget the past hostilities that you are so familiar with in this generation - some of the terrible things that the Japanese did, and that you did to the Japanese in the time of war many years ago - that has all gone past now and these are people of a different generation, and I would say to you that although they do not believe as a Christian, or as a Muslim or as a Jew, they have their own pathway to travel, and they have gone to the place which they know is home away from the earth.  Some of them who are not very spiritually evolved will have gone to a different place where they will be taught for a short while and then they will be taken to the new earth later.  I would like to reiterate the information that in the Ascension Plan it does not matter where your level of evolvement is, you will be taken to the new earth, wherever you are in your evolvement.

Now, I would urge you my beloved friends, for those of you who are following the transcripts of the Amethyst Group, I would ask you to look back over the last few months at some of the information that has been given to you, particularly information of a personal nature - how to develop yourselves, how to develop your groups, how to develop the groups you are in - and I would say the information you have now is irrefutable, it is of a calibre that you cannot fail to recognise and understand.  Put aside all of the red-tape that you have bound yourselves in, and those of you who are still struggling with this information, open your hearts, your minds, open your entire beings to the love that the universe holds for you.  Fill yourself up with this every single day, try to put aside your own personal problems and illnesses and fill yourself only with the love that the universe gives you, and then you will make haste along the pathway.  People will notice the change in you, they will remark and say “You seem happier these days, what has happened?” and you can tell them, you can say “I am preparing myself for the Ascension Plan, I am getting ready, I am doing what I need to do”, and if you are nervous about telling people about the Ascension Plan then don’t tell them, just tell them that the earth is changing, that the world is going through a massive change, say it however you can say it, but you must make people understand that you are witnessing one of the greatest things ever, and that is the evolution of the human-race.

I will be with you every step of the way.  Contact my friends here, the Amethyst Group, ask them to come and speak to you, talk to them, speak to them in the flesh.  If that is what you need, if that is what you want, ask and it will be given to you.

Now, my Sister, have you any questions?

SHEILA:   Yes, dearest Master, if I could just ask you please, we read in the newspapers that the moon affected the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, very greatly.  Is this the case, did it affect it, and in what way, and can I please ask, is this a trigger for other things to be happening in the “Ring of Fire” as they call it?

LORD SANANDA: Well, the moon itself did not necessarily affect the earthquake and tsunami. The moon at the moment is coming into almost its full phase, not a new moon but almost into its full phase, and although it has a gravitational pull on the water on the earth, and other things as well, the things that affected the earthquake was the huge shifting of the plates underneath the Pacific Ocean.  These, as you know, shift from time to time but this is further evidence, greater evidence, of the energies of Mother Earth moving the mantel, shaking off the slough if you like, of the old world, breaking the old world down, and in spiritual terms she is breaking the crust, breaking through, getting ready to create further resources, new resources, and this will go on, as I have told you, for many, many years, after the Ascension Plan has been completed.  In geographical, scientific or demographic or physical terms, whichever you like to call it, the shifting of the plates welled up to such a degree that it moved the earth, it did move the earth off of its axis just a small amount, as was foretold by me to you in the Amethyst Group some months ago, and this is the vision that was given here to this Medium – she saw the earth shaking as in a jelly mould.  Yes this is definitely what happened, the earth did shake and the consequence of this has been that it has moved off of its axis, so to answer your first question, in essence no, the moon did not trigger the earthquake or the tsunami.

Secondly, I must say to you, it is a trigger for further events that are happening in Japan at the moment as was also foretold to you through the information that I gave to this Medium via Mark.

Be at peace my friends but know that time is marching ever forward.  It is moving forward at a pace that you have not witnessed before, and you must go with it, do not stand still.

Be at peace my friends. Love and Light always.



THE AMETHYST GROUP:  Lord Sananda invites all Lightworkers to contact us with a view to speaking to as many groups as possible.  He is very anxious now to get His message across to all who will listen to Him.

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