Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 10th March 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  My friends, those of you who are faithful and true and understand the meaning of the Ascension Plan, I charge you with a task, and that task is that you will take one person aside who does not understand, who is afraid or is nervous and cannot accept that the Ascension Plan will change the evolution of mankind.  I ask you to do this with haste and for very good reasons.  Your earth is beginning a change which cannot be reversed and cannot be slowed.

I speak not only of the climatic change that is happening, and whose evidence is all around you in every continent and country of the world, I speak to you of the conflicts that rage on your planet, and I speak to you mainly of the Middle East. The war there will escalate very quickly and it will come to such a point that there will be some in your world who will wonder how far to the brink shall we travel, and I speak not of ordinary citizens of the world here but I speak of those that you would refer to as “top brass Chiefs of Staff, Heads of Government, COBRA etc .”  There will be deals struck and promises made - those deals will fall through and those promises will be broken.

You should prepare yourselves for the fact that there will be another economic crisis which will affect every part of the world barring Asia.  China will be the only country that will have a stable economy and it will stabilise very quickly.  At the moment it is in chaos but it will stabilise very quickly because of the price of oil.  The countries that extract oil from Libya and other parts of the Middle East will be held to ransom.  The Companies such as BP and Shell will not be able to extract the oil so therefore all of the things that you use in your western world - petrol for your cars, oil for your home heating, other resources from fuel that is gathered from oil - you will find them extremely costly to buy.

If you ever needed confirmation that your world is changing this confirmation is now.  Those of you that have the information will you please stop wondering – and you have a very good way of explaining here – stop ‘umming and ahhing’, stop asking “What if?”stop asking “Well what should I do?” I am telling you what you should do now.  You should take the information that you have, the information from the transcripts of the Amethyst Group is accurate and it is true.  Gather the source of information that you have, gather that source close to you and read it and re-read it.

You will note that I forecast that there would be an out-break of war in the Middle East in the early part of 2012, and it has come early, and those of you who understand warfare will know that the opposition very rarely plays to the rules, and that the element of surprise is great, and there must be those of you who are saying “Well, if Lord Sananda is who He says He is, why can’t He stop this, why didn’t He know?  Lord Sananda after all is Jesus” and Lord Sananda’s reply to you is that deals were made and promises were made - and promises were broken.

Down through the centuries I have ever fought against one who I once held dear.  You may call him what you will, his name once was Angel Lucifer, now you know him by many names.  His   name is the devil, the anti-Christ.

The greatest gift you have my friends is your free-will, and your free-will has led you to whichever pathway you are on, and if that pathway provides you with any understanding of love and light, and healing, and love for your fellow man, then now is the time for you to allow those feelings to surface, and to help as many as you can.

There will be many difficulties to encounter in the time to come - do not be afraid, I am with you always.

Now, my Sister, you have some questions I believe?

SHEILA:  Yes dearest Lord.  We have two comments on our last transcript that are very similar.  The first reads:-  “I have been meditating and have been getting pressures and vibrating feelings in my ears. Can you explain what this means?  ....Would you be able to send an angel or someone to me when I meditate or a noticeable sign?”

The other is very similar from our dear friend Appel  He says “After reading Roger’s issues with ear pressure, I was surprised.   I am also hearing a constant tone, even when I try to locate myself in different places.”

LORD SANANDA:  Right, let me deal with this in a different order.  Firstly, my friend, I have no need to send an angel to you, your angel is with you all the time and has been from the time that you first drew your breath in this world.  All you need do is to open yourself much further and allow yourself to be comforted by his love.

Secondly, the problems with ear pressure - I am assuming that neither of you have problems with your hearing, for example I know that there is a human condition called “Tinnitus” which can create the same type of condition that you are referring to.  There are others who do hear the vibrations, can feel them quite easily, especially sensitive people.  I would suggest that it might be possible for you try to find the tone which matches the musical note in the octave which begins from the lower C.  If you can do this you will find that the tone that you are hearing will resonate with one of your chakra centres. For example if it is the root chakra that is giving you problems or needs work, then it will be a low C.  If it is something further up it will be a different note according to where your chakra is related, so I would suggest that you try to do some work, try to formulate that note in your head, try to get to somewhere where you can try to match up the tone and see if that is something to do with your chakra centres. If this is too complicated or impossible for you to do, then may I suggest that you go to a Practitioner who will help you, someone who understands chakra centres and healing.  Go to perhaps a Healer.  Maybe you have had perhaps an instance where you are slightly misaligned with your chakra centres, particularly you my friend Appel because I know you travel quite a lot out of your body, so I would suggest that a visit to a Healer would be a good thing for you to try.

IVOR:  It is interesting to hear you say that, Dear Master, because just before you started I had already a whistling in my ears, and I could hear that constant vibration or note, and almost every night I hear that pitch or a similar one, either coming out or going into sleepstate.  Is there something out of alignment or not ringing true within me?

LORD SANANDA:  It could be that there is some work needed on a particular chakra centre or there may be - and I suggest this is more likely to be the case with you - it could well be that you are actually hearing the vibration of the world, Mother Earth herself.

IVOR:  It has been very, very constant for many a year.

You have another question dear one?

SHEILA:   Yes, I do dear Master.  We have talked before of the cruelty that is now in our world and it seems to be escalating.  People going out deliberately shooting swans, hurting old people, children - anyone, innocents that are just going about minding their own business - we were talking about this the other night and someone said they didn’t think these perpetrators could possibly have souls, and we got around to discussing the documentary that is now being shown on our televisions entitled “Wonders of the Universe” presented by a brilliant young man, Professor Brian Cox.  This is a very good programme but we were saying that he makes no mention of our Creator at all as having a hand in the making of our universe, or indeed that He even exists, and the debate got around to asking if Scientists, Atheists, and people who do not seem to believe in God or spirit in any way also have souls.  Ivor and I said yes, we know we all have souls because of our Soul Rescue work – we have taken home many Atheists, Scientists etc who couldn’t or wouldn’t believe that there was life after death, and one man even argued and said “Why wasn’t I told about this when I was on the earthplane?”  You know what our answer was to that!!  Can you comment please dear Lord?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, firstly the cruelty that you have heard and seen in your media will get much worse.  The darkness, negativity, coming in and overcoming those who are weak, those who are not evolved spiritually, and furthermore do not want to be.

SHEILA:  If only those terrible people could have the same treatment as they are giving out – I know that is not the way of the universe but ......

LORD SANANDA:  I know it is written in the Bible ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ but revenge is not good, it serves no purpose.  Their time will come when they will be asked to account for what they have done.

Now, secondly, you speak of the programme, yes Scientists do have a soul but they have a different way of handling their emotions. I will not say it is cold and clinical because they are extremely passionate in what they believe, but in their world of science and logic they have no room for spirituality and they are not taking the stance of what happened just before the big bang, they won’t take that stance, they won’t go back a millisecond.  They had hoped to create the big bang in the Hadron Collider but that is proving difficult because the Hadron Collider is taking itself so far forward that it is coming back, and it cannot destroy itself so they will never be able to prove, in the time that is left, what happened prior to the big bang, so I would say to you, watch this programme with enjoyment and understanding, and also perhaps with a certain amount of smugness because you know what happened just before the “Big Bang”.

SHEILA:  But, dear Lord, we want them to know and to understand and take it on board.  This is me, I get so cross that they ignore our Creator as they do.

LORD SANANDA:  Because they won’t, because their minds are so full of logic – how atoms come together etc etc – but in some ways they are ignorant because they do not think “Where did those atoms come from?”  You will hear them say “There are two atoms” or there is this or there is that – and here is a stellar nursery where stars are born”.  What put the atoms, the photons there?  They didn’t just come out of thin air.  You see their logical minds can only accept what science can prove to them, and science cannot prove to them the mystery of creation.  It is the last mystery that is left to mankind.  If you think of this, think back over one hundred years - and this is how you can explain to your friends when you discuss this further – think back over one hundred years ago, the mystery of steam travel, the mystery of flight, the mystery of birth, so many, many things that have happened.  A hundred years ago no one would have thought that by using iron, extracting the ore from the ground, it would be used for building a machine using steam to make it go forward.  Many of the scientific discoveries – X-rays, microwaves - they would never have happened.  Scientists have pushed the boundaries but they can only push them as far as logic explains things to them, but the last mystery that they will never be able to explain is when they see it for themselves the mystery of creation, and all of their questions about time and dark matter, and anti-matter, and wormholes and light and stars and the sun and the moon and all the other questions they have – they will be answered in a blink of an eye.

I think it is necessary that you make your friends understand that the soul and the emotions are different.  Emotions are different.  Emotions are feelings within you, your soul is different.  Your soul is a carbon copy of yourself but without the earthly feelings, and emotions that you experience here on the earth connected to earthly things.  When your Ascension takes place these earthly things will pass away and they will be replaced by heightened intelligence, heightened emotions, and your emotions will be explained to you and used in a different way.  At the moment your emotions are connected to earthly bound things, to poverty, to cruelty, to great love, to music, to food, whatever, because these are the only things that you know, but one of the things that will not change will be the kingdom of love, and you see that kingdom of love is within each of you, and that kingdom of love does not change from soul to soul, it doesn’t change, but it is the love of all things that makes you the perfect humanbeing.  As with your soul rescue when atheists pass over (and scientists will do the same) they will say “I never knew”

SHEILA:  Yes but there is so much written evidence now for them to read, and, as you advised us when you were on the earthplane ”seek and ye shall find”.

LORD SANANDA:  Ah, but you see – we have referred to this just lightly already this morning – a child that is brought up to understand or want to know more about the stars and what makes them, and what makes the earth what it is, and how do these ores grow in the earth - you see, that would be one thing that a child’s intelligence will lock into – and there are many great people in this world – Nobel Prize Winners – who have been credited with understanding and unravelling the human DNA, but if you were to ask them how did it feel to hold a young kitten or a puppy, they would probably have no idea because, from the time that they came into consciousness in this lifetime, their minds are focussed and blinkered all the way down, they have no room in their lives for anything else, so yes, it is a shock, it is a surprise for them.  Even one of the greatest Scientists of your time – Einstein – he had no idea, no idea.  He spent his life figuring out time and relativity and it is through him that your world believes that the arrow of time is irrefutably forward, and I say to you it is not, but perhaps this is conversation for another time.

Now, my friends, I feel that I must take my leave of you and I am sorry that the news I bring you is grave.  I leave you my blessings.





Mark has given me the image of our earth shuddering as if it were wobbling out of axis, or as if a great weight had caused it to shake from side to side.  I saw a great explosion and a bright wave of heat and wind pass across the face of the earth, then I saw it bathed in deep magenta (your colour She) the colour of deep deep healing.  Then I saw gates in every part of the compass of the earth - north, south, east and west - and I saw the key, the key we were given, and I saw the gates open, and the people were coming through, up, up, up until I could see no more.  I asked Mark “Is this now?”, and he  answered “No, it is to come”.  I was afraid and I told you both I was afraid, and you covered me in your light Ivor, a pure white light, and you covered me in magenta, your healing colour She, and then I was covered in my own light, deep blue with a white surround, and then I knew I was home.

Sometimes I see things I cannot comprehend, do not want to see, but I was told a long time ago that these things would happen and that I would not be alone.  So glad we are the Amethyst Group, wouldn’t want it any other way.


Just heard about the terrible earthquake in Japan, 8.9 on the Richter Scale.  I saw an image of the world shaking.  How far in the future I wonder were the events I saw?  I should have asked and not assumed that they were all linked to the finality of Ascension.

Mark has now shown me snow, dirt and flames mixed together high in the air, near the top of our earth geographically, I believe the Pole or Russia/Siberia.  I see this as a volcano linked to the shaking of the earth today.  Further down, in the same region as the quake and tsunami today, I see another explosion, spewing out clouds of dust in the air and spreading a great heat.  People are being burned by something they cannot see.


St. Mark has given warnings of further catastrophic mayhem that the earth will undergo within the next few months.

Firstly I was given the image of water and a dam breaking, showering rocks and water down into a valley where people live.  I saw the image of many running for cover and their lives, and I was shown an image of a Mexican with sombrero, white shirt and trousers.  I asked for a date on this and was told that it would take place around the time of late spring/early summer here in the UK.

Next I was shown that the San Andreas Fault, which runs the length of the California Coast, is severely weakened.  The underwater seismic activity that has been caused by this last quake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami has weakened the whole of the Pacific basin plates, and has extended the weakness to the San Andreas Fault.  It teeters on the edge of a massive quake, bigger than the one we have just witnessed, and it will occur in UK Autumn time.

I have asked St. Mark why he cannot be specific with dates and his answer is that he can only give us seasons.  Time-zones vary in our world and the confusion as well as the panic that would ensue would do nothing to help those in the areas of mayhem.


I was given the image of South America, Brazil – the northern part near the Amazon.  It will flood quite badly, and although this is a seasonal affair, the waters will reach further inland than before.  There will be a loss of life but not en masse, and the cause will be a great storm, almost of hurricane proportion, and the reason that the waters will not be contained out to sea is because of the great amount of deforestation that has taken part in the coastal ares of the Amazon.  The crops that have been planted in place of the rain-forests are flimsy and yield against the mighty flow of water.    Devastation of the land will be complete.  Many of the tribal people who still live in that land will be forced to move to unfamiliar territory and will succomb to hunger and illness.  This will occur within the next three months.

The southernmost tip of that same continent to be affected will be the “End of the World” or, as it is more commonly known, Tierra del Fuego – known in the past as Patagonia.  This is already affected by the climate change in the Antarctic and it is the waters of the Antarctic and the Atlantic Ocean combined that will reek havoc in this area. An area of great beauty, many species of wildlife will be lost forever.  Waters will come in over the islands, drowning flower and fauna alike, and in some cases, though not as badly, some human life will be lost.

Mark is saying that all of these things are happening because the Earth itself, as has been foretold, has moved on its axis, and what was wet will be dry, and what was dry will be wet, a well-known phrase for those who follow the teachings of Lord Sananda.

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  1. I appreciate Lord Sananda’s suggestions for me to see a Healer. I am also wandering, are there any techniques we need to familiarize ourselves in preparation, rather what do ones seeking ascension need to do?

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