Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 10th February 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my beloved ones, good morning.  I am so pleased to be able to meet with you again this morning and I would like, if I may, to have this transmission addressed to those who follow the Amethyst Revelations.

First of all, may I address the thousands of Light workers throughout the world, throughout planet earth, who are rallying at last to the cause; those of you who are coming to understand that there is much work needed to be done towards the end of this year 2011, 2012 and 2013.  I would like to thank you that you are beginning at last to understand your purpose and that you are spreading the word of love and light throughout.  Please, my beloved friends, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, please continue to do this.

Next, I would like to address two personal messages. First of all I would like to address a message to my dear friend Georgi Stankov:-

Dear Georgi

I would like to thank you for your interest in the Amethyst Revelations and forgive me if that sounds rather formal, I do not mean it to be so but when one is speaking in the modern language, one must use the modern phrases.

I would thank you for the work you are doing Georgi but I must also say to you that it is not within your power, and it is not within your remit here upon the earthplane, to judge others who are walking on a different pathway to yourself.

There are those who are elevated by the work that you do and there are those who are in positions of understanding - those who are in learning institutions much as your own, and those who are in different offices of work throughout the world - who will understand what it is that you are writing about, but there are many, many others - and believe you me, my friend Georgi - the others who do not understand the work you do, outnumber those who do.  So it is that I must say to you that those who strive to give my messages of simplicity are actually giving tuition and understanding to those who are not quite as far along the pathway as they should be.  They are giving them the teachings in innocence, purity, and simplicity, which is needed in the world at this time.

Your world is full - and I mean your world as the world which human-beings inhabit at this time - your world is full of technology and gadgetry and scientific-proof.  You have the new forces of the Hadron Collider, you have new planets discovered; all of this is going to come to fruition in any case because it has been left to the field of science to prove and disprove theory upon theory, and now, at last, science and spirituality - and metaphysical and metamorphosis if you require – can all work together, and I say to you Georgi, do not be taken in by those who will choose to charge for all of the knowledge that they have received.  Remember, my friend, the information you have in your brain – where did that intelligence come from?  I ask you, look at what you have learned, look to share and look perhaps to simplify the information that you have so that many, many others can share the discoveries that you have made.  Those who look at your information globally need to be able to understand what it is you say, so if,  my friend, you can translate your work into – how would you call – layman’s language, it will help strip away all of the scientific technology - words that a lot of people do not understand.  If you can do this, my friend, then you will help others along the pathway.

In Love and Light     SANANDA

Now, I would address my remarks to Siegfried.  Siegfried, my friend, I have answered your questions for you but perhaps they have been lost along the way.  They have now been sent to you once again but if there is any more that you wish to know, Siegfried, then by all means ask again.

Now, to the many people who follow the Amethyst Website - the Amethyst Revelations - and I cannot emphasise enough that the teachings and the lessons I have given over the last twelve months or so to the Amethyst Group, they are for you to look at, they are for you to understand, they are for you to derive direction from, and if you look at them, study each one of them thoroughly.

It doesn’t matter in which order you read them but if you study each one of them I promise that in there you will find nothing but truth and the light which will illumine your life and lighten your way, and it is not for me to sit here and say to you that yes, the world is going to end etc, you know this, and yes, I go against those who have said “Well, this is how the normal doom-watchers work.  They have a nugget of truth and they build on that truth until they frighten everyone into believing”.  I go against these, and I go against these people with such force but with such love - that force is born of love - and I say to you it is not a nugget of truth, the whole truth is that the Alignment is going to happen in 2012, and yes, it is the end of the Mayan Calendar, and yes, it will be, in truth, the end of the cycle of mankind, the evolution of mankind around that time.  It will come to pass and there will not be a huge big explosion as many of those who are against the Ascension Plan and the events of 2012/13 say.  There will not be a sudden explosion, and I have been at great pains with great patience and will explain again and again, if I am asked to, how the earth will pass from one cycle to the next, and how you, as the inhabitants of the earth, will also do the same.

This information I give you, it is not secret.  Let us talk of the DNA.  Many students and school children are able to find out the simple way that a humanbeing is made up.   Yes, it is neutrons, photons – all sorts of other things – neutrinos that come from space – but what they do not know is who gave rise to that DNA, and I have already spoken about this and there are many throughout the world saying that the DNA structure in the humanbeing needs to change for you to evolve.  That is complete and utter nonsense.  Your DNA is already written ready for the change. The generation of human beings that are on the earth at this time – and that includes every child that has been born since I have been here talking to you - their DNA is ready and waiting for the change to come, and for every generation that is born now, that DNA will be changed accordingly.

The Ascension Plan has been in place for many years, many years in this evolution of mankind, but it has been in place, in the heavens, for many millennium.  Oh my friends, oh my beloved ones, I wish that I had a huge cinematograph that I could show you on the screen how these things are happening, but I do not have to have that because, if only you will open your eyes and see, and open your ears and hear, you will see these things happening around your world, and I am not afraid to quote, from the Revelations of John - the Revelations that were given to John, my faithful follower and disciple when I was here on the earthplane and incarnated as Jesus the Saviour - you may not see the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, you might not see them riding out of the sky in biblical terms, but you can see their work now on the earth.  In the last six months, parts of your earth that do not normally suffer these afflictions - and that is important my friends, AREAS THAT DO NOT NORMALLY SUFFER THESE AFFLICTIONS - have suffered fire, flood, storm as well as famine..

There have been winters in some parts of the world that have been the mildest in living memory.  Those who live in the furthest regions of your globe, in the Arctic - yes, I know, there will be cynics amongst you who will say “It is always the Arctic”, but believe you me, my friends - and I cannot emphasize this enough, the Arctic is the thermometer for your world - and, over the last decade, that ten years, the seas in the Arctic regions have risen by two degrees in temperature, and there is very little ice-flow which is solid at this time.  At this time in the calendar by which you live, those in the Arctic Regions should still be able to walk across frozen seas.  There is very little that is frozen at this time, and yet, in other parts, in the great country of America, in other parts of the Continent that you call Europe, there have been snow storms and ice storms, the worst since living memory.

I do not need to go on and underline the weather and the climatic changes for you, but if you do not have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the love to act on this, then I must keep telling you, and I will keep telling you until the last star in the sky has gone, and you see only the new skies and the new stars in your world.

Yes, there is much happening to excite you all, new discoveries in space, new planets, and yes there is a planet that hovers just above your own which is hidden by the sun and it is true, it is there, and it is called “Neburu”.  It is there for you and it is your new world, and the scientists claim to have found this and we cannot see it because it is hidden by the sun.  It is also warmed by the sun my friends and it will almost offer you the same in flower and fauna, and climate that you have here on this earth, but oh, my friends, it will be so much better.

I present this to you, I bring it to you with love.  You must search your hearts and you yourselves must arrive at the opinion whether or not you believe this has come with love and truth or otherwise, but I tell you this, my friends, I will not leave one soul here on this earth who wants to come to the new world, and yet, even then yet, if there are those who still find living through the tribulation, through the pain of the death of one world and expresses within their hearts one murmur that they wish to join the new world, I will not leave that soul behind, but the true test my friends, is for you to accept this by faith, and be brave enough to stand up and say “Something is going to happen to our world, something great is going to change our world”,  and if you want to be part of it, then take on board with love and an open heart my teachings that I give to you in truth, love and light.  I leave you in my peace my friends.


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  1. Dear friends,

    Thank you very much for your response and for the message I received from the channel Sananda. It was exactly what I expected.

    With best wishes

    Georgi Stankov

  2. hi have been meditating and have been getting ear pressures and vibrating feelings in my ears. can you explain what this means? and would you be able to send an angel or someone to me when i meditate? or a noticeable sign? please reply when possible thank you love and light.

  3. Hi;
    After reading Roger’s issues with ear presure, I was surprised. I am also hearing a constant tone, even when I try to locate myself different places.


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