Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 18th November 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning, my friends, before I give my teaching I believe you have some questions for me?

SHEILA:  Yes we do, dear Lord.  We have had an  e-mail from our dear friend Marjorie in America.  She has asked if you could please tell her if the Ancient Crystal Skulls will awaken before 2012 to help humanity through the transition process, and will those who have Skulls, even though they are contemporary, will they also awaken and be worked with by their Caretakers when the Ancient Ones awaken?

LORD SANANDA:  In actual fact she has pre-empted me because I wish to speak of the events of 2012 this morning, so her question will be answered in my message.

SHEILA:  Right.  Thank you, dear Master.  Now, some people have asked me what will happen to the people who are committing such terrible crimes against humanity – against children, old people, animals – lovely innocents – at the time of Ascension.  I have given them my answer but will you please give them yours?

LORD SANANDA:  I will give it to you in my message in just a moment.

SHEILA:  My last question is on a light-hearted note.  I was delighted to hear the news of Prince William’s engagement to Catherine Middleton, his long-term girlfriend, and to see her wearing Princess Diana’s ring as I know how much that must please Princess Diana herself.  Thinking of the Wedding Day to come, can you tell us please if you were actually able to turn water into wine at a Wedding that you attended when on the earthplane?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes I did, yes I did, and it was a necessity for the water was fetid.  If anyone had drunk it, and they were my friends, they would have all been ill, so it was by my thinking and my actions that I actually made the water into wine, but I will not be doing that at the Wedding of William and Catherine, they will have their own wine and they can manage that perfectly well for themselves.

Now, if there are no more questions for the time being, I will bring to you the message that I have concerning primarily the year 2012.

As you know, the year 2011 will be a year of preparation for you all, and we will cover this in more detail later on towards the end of this year, but I wish to tell you in 2012 some of the things that you can look out for, and these are not all things that are doom and gloom and I do hope that none of you look at the predictions, and the prophecies if you like,  that I am bringing you concerning the Ascension – I do hope that you will not view it as a doom-laden event.  It is difficult to accept and understand that the civilisation that you know is going to finish but, if you think of it in a much more calmer sense, you must understand that civilisation as it is at the moment – the humanrace – cannot proceed at the speed it is going.  Something has to happen and it is at this time that the Creator has chosen to bring this planet to its end.

What I want to say to you is that in 2012, when the Grand Alignment of the Great Cross is coming into being and reaches its zenith, there will be wonderful things that will happen. One of those things will be much of the forgotten mystery if you like - story or legend - of the Crystal Skulls.  I spoke to you of this in my last message and I wish to tell you that, at the moment when the Grand Cross Alignment reaches its zenith, for the first time the Crystals will begin to become active.  Their power will reach a greater vibrational level, and those who are the so-called Caretakers will understand all the mysteries that are held within the skulls.   The mysteries if you wish – the instructions, the energy that is held within the Crystal Skulls - will also help the Caretakers to bring information to those who are floundering at the time of the Ascension.  Only true Crystal Skulls will be fully awakened at the time stated.  There are just 12 of these and the 13 will be truly revealed in the Creator’s own time.  There are 13 because each one represents a true Disciple of Jesus when last on the Earth, and the 13th represents The One and Only Creator.  There are no preparations for “contemporary Crystal Skulls” to be activated.

Do not forget that the Ascension will happen a little time after 2012, the end of the year of 2012, do not forget it will happen a little time after that, so the Grand Cross Alignment really heralds the beginning of the last phase of the Ascension, and you know the last phase will be very, very quick.

Some have asked what will happen to those babies that are born at the time just before the Ascension begins.  Do not worry about them, they will be able to take care of themselves, they will be lifted from their human bodies and they will return to the place where they came from because they are already beings of light, and they will have been born to those Mothers who needed the experience of having a child.  Do not worry about them, they will be fine.

Some have already asked, pre-empting the teaching this morning and asked what about the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity – against the elderly, children – in fact all the horrible crimes you can think of – what will happen to those perpetrators?  Those perpetrators will be held here on the earth until they are made to understand the things they have done here in this lifetime have not been of good character, shall we say, and they will then be asked if they want to ascend or be asked if they wish to stay here.  Those who wish to stay on the earth’s surface, I have already mentioned in many of my teachings prior to this morning, what will happen to them and what they will witness.  They will also be given, in the final days, the chance to ascend if they wish.  None will be left if they wish to come; it is not my plan – it is not the plan of the Creator either – all who wish to come will come, and those who do not wish to will not, and they will be removed to another place.

Prior to the Grand Cross Alignment you are going to have many problems on the earth.  Now I am not looking here about the natural disasters, I am thinking about other problems that  will play havoc with your lives.  At the moment Mercury itself is in a difficult phase and Mercury, in the form of astrology, not astronomy - those who claim to see the future through the stars - Mercury has always been considered a planet of communication, and at the moment and certainly for the next two weeks, communication between everyone on the earthplane will be chaotic.  You will find that your telephones will not work, communication between each other will be affected, it will be all over the place.  Words will be misinterpreted, statements will not be heard, appointments will be missed, events will go awry because Mercury at the moment is in a very difficult phase, it is moving into its part when it will finally take its place in the Grand Cross Alignment, so I do say to you, be aware of this, try to make certain if you make an appointment - a date or a meeting - that you write it down.  So electronic means will be unreliable, to say the least, so be careful.  Letters that you send will go astray so make sure, if you have something important, that you send it by the highest level.  If you can send it by a different form of delivery that would be even better.

SHEILA:  Dear Lord, talking about mischief, so many people now are receiving mail stating that the EEC is making laws prohibiting some herbs and other homeopathy medicines, and putting a ban on teaching alternative – we now call them complementary – therapies – in fact anything to do with nature and spirituality.  Our umbrella Group, BAHA, the British Alliance of Healing Associations, have told us, amongst other guidance, that these have yet to be passed.  Are you able to give us any comments on this please as we are concerned about our Healing Group?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  There are many people who will make mischief and there are many Governments who will make mischief.  They are trying at the moment to prevent alternative medicine and as yet they do not know how to prevent any spiritual healing because they know that if they do this, they will come up against the Church because there are some organised religions who do believe in healing - will allow laying on of hands in their buildings - and they know it is difficult because your civilisation has decreed, in its very constitution, that the Church must be separated from the state, so the state - whether it is the British Government, the German Government, whatever Government, the EEC -  they do not have the power to decree to the Church what should or should not be taught, so, although there are pitfalls for alternative medicines and therapies - this will come into line with reflexology, homeopathy, some forms of massage - but any form of healing which has regard to spirituality, whatever its origin (which comes from the Source as you know, however they choose to label themselves) anything that has spirituality attached to it cannot be countermanded by the state.

SHEILA:  Thank you so much for that dear Master.  As I said, our spiritual healing is regarded as complementary - as well as, and not an alternative - to the medical profession.  We need the Doctors and Nurses and we should be able to work with them after the operations to give healing where it is needed.  We hope that this will be achieved in time.

LORD SANANDA:  I would say also that many of the medicines that are used today are replicas of the old medicines that were made from Mother Nature, so it is not a thing that they can put down because there are still people who have the wisdom to know what plants heal, what herbs cure, how you can derive a better feeling of spirituality from just gazing at a particular plant.  How growing a particular plant can change your feelings, benefit your health, so it is not something they can say does not exist because it has existed since time began.

There will be all sorts of things going on because every person who can make mischief will make it, and this will be a bit of a problem, and I wish you also to take this quite seriously because this is going to happen for the next couple of weeks, but in 2012, many other things will happen like this.  People’s moods and minds will change - peoples’ temperaments will become inexplicable, their characters will change - because the vibration levels will be of such an intensity, and will change to such a degree and so rapidly that even yourselves, who are aware and accepting of this condition, you too will find it extraordinary how you will feel from one moment to the next, everything will be in flux, and that is why I say to you, you must be steadfast, you must be strong, you must not try to think, at the first hurdle, this has all gone awry, because it will not have gone awry.

The core of the Plan will stay steadfast and strong, and you must focus on this as much as you can, and everyone else who is reading this, you must understand this as well, you must focus on what your heart tells you, you must listen to the inner voice because it will be my voice that tells you and leads you, and we should all obtain the same goal, but listen to the inner voice, meditate as much as you can between now and then, as often as you can, so that you get used to the feeling of the vibration.

Ask your Guides to lift you, to lead you.  Ask your Guides to open your eyes, to open your hearts - open your hearts to the feelings, open your bodies to the feelings around you - do not be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of, remember, if you do not know about meditation, if you do not understand about your chakra centres and what you should do with them, seek out those who will help you.  Now is the time for you to spring into action, do not wait any longer, you must go into action. I know you have your daily lives to live and I know that there are many of you who are very busy with this job and that job, and making money, but at the end of the day - or should I say at the end of your days - it will not matter any more.  What will matter is how you have learned about yourself and the earth that surrounds you, and the changes that you must take notice of.  Accept what you can accept, take on board in your mind and your heart, those teachings from these transcripts that you have been reading, take on board what you can, and what you can’t, just leave to one side for the moment until you are able to discuss and talk or learn more about it.

The Ascension Plan is a wonderful thing, it is nothing for you to be afraid of.  It is the time for man to reach his greatest part of evolution.  Think of where you have come from, think how life came to this earth, yes, right the way back to the big bang and to the mini-second before it.  Who ignited that big bang?  The Creator.  He gave rise to life on this earth, he gave you the DNA that you have, and he stamps that DNA with evolvement to the highest level, and in so many millions of years you have walked the face of this planet.

You have changed, you have learned, you have taught, you have learned again, but this time you have learned that you have ignored the teaching.  I come to you now and I say do not ignore this teaching I am bringing you, do not ignore the things that are going on in your world.  Do not ignore them for they are signs, they are proof, they are the evidence that the scientists search for.  It is true there are great discoveries coming your way, the human genome is only one of them, and scientists have been able to identify almost everything that makes up your DNA, but they have missed one vital clue, and that vital clue is stamped within your DNA that it is your need, it is your desire and it is your right to take the next step towards evolution.  Man has done it before when he first stood on two feet, when he first thought about food in a different way.  Evolution has happened and it has happened every step of the way, according to the Plan, but at this time, in the phase of humanity, you have gone your own way too frequently.  You have raped the earth of her resources, you have refused to share your knowledge and your food, both spiritual and sustenance.

Brother fights against Brother, it cannot go on my friends, and nor do you want it to.  If you look into your hearts. if you break down those barriers, if you set aside that barrier of desensitivity, if you cast aside that barrier that does not allow you to weep a tear when you see a child in need on the television - oh yes, I know what the television is - but I also look at this world and I weep for those who cannot weep, but, I ask you to look forward to the Ascension, but - I diverse, I am sorry - 2012 will be a very exciting year for you, the Crystal Skulls will come into their own, the Grand Cross Alignment will be a wonderful sight to behold – it will be evidence to all that great things are happening in the heavens.  Astrologers will have a fine time and Astronomers will wonder what on earth is happening, and you, my friends, will have the answer, and those who read these teachings - you will have the answer also.

I would also like to say that in 2012 there will be many changes of Government very quickly in many countries, particularly in the African Countries, and particularly in the Asian part of the world - not so much in the area you call Europe, but certainly in Africa and Asia -there will be many hostile takeovers and there will be many Governments that have been in  power for a long time that will be replaced in a blinking of an eye.  As I said, not so much in Europe because you are quite civilised, the difficulty is where there is so much greed, so much corruption - in the Africa/Asia part of your world - and we have to put this to rights.

Now, some will say why wait until 2012?  It is part of the Plan and I cannot tell you everything for you cannot know everything, you must still have faith and understand, and when these prophecies come true, which they will, you will know that everything else I have told you has been nothing but the truth.  There are still some people who doubt what I say and that is fine for they have an open mind and a will to accept or not to accept, but there will come a time – in the middle of next year, 2011 - when you will not be able to doubt what I am saying.

SHEILA:  Some are saying that some unscrupulous people will take advantage of the Ascension, abuse it – make it an excuse for so many bad things to happen?  I have said in reply  that those people will have to be responsible for their own actions

LORD SANANDA:  Those people will find that they will not go in the first phase of Ascension and yes they will have to account for their actions and they will have to account for their actions to the  people who remain here.  That would be a rather stupid thing to do for anything that is done with a malicious intent will have to be accounted for, and those people will not be ready for the first big – I cannot say first big “wave” because the first and second waves have already happened - I think we should say this is the final wave and it will be split into various sections.  There will be those who are ready to go immediately and then there will be those who will follow on later, because, as I have said, we cannot have everyone ascending all at once as it would cause so much chaos in your world as we have discussed before, but those who do things with malicious intent will find that they will be held to account and will be frustrated because they will be left wondering and saying “I shouldn’t have done that, I want to go?”

To recap, 2011 and the remainder of this year will be a time for preparation and I am afraid there will be some terrible weather coming your way - in everybody’s way – and this is due to the whole climate in flux.  For some the weather will be enjoyable because the snow will be coming, for others it will be treacherous.  I will protect all that I can and make life as easy as I can and I say to you be careful in your travel plans.  There will also be much rain, much sun, there will be an extreme of everything to follow in the coming year and into 2012.

Things will begin round about March/April 2012 and will start to go into flux much more quickly.  Many things will start to happen.  The vibrational level of the earth will start to change and as the Grand Cross Alignment begins its final phase you will know and you will feel.  Those of you who are more advanced, more sensitive, you will begin to feel the vibrational level of the earth wobble and change to such a degree that you will know that the Ascension is almost here.

For yourselves, this year, next year, please continue with the preparation.  Those of you who are reading this, who do not have a meditation group, a discussion group or a spiritual circle to belong to, please get yourselves to one as soon as you can.  These are the safe houses where you will learn to get the tools that will help you cope with the Ascension and understand it even more.  By doing that, by reaching a certain level of knowledge, you will be able to help those who have chosen to ignore it and remain ignorant.  That is why I am saying this, I want you all to be teachers, to be lightworkers, to help everyone else because, for every person who believes, there will be at least five who will disbelieve, and amongst these will be scientists, doctors, politicians, experts of this that and everything else, so you all need to get yourselves to safe houses, to learn as much as you can.

Those who are reading this who are heads of circles, members of churches - whatever religion, whatever belief system you belong to - please make yourself a safe haven and open up that pathway to meditation and to teaching others the true things about spirituality.

I would also like to mention here, please be aware that many of the angels who work with me - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Asraiel – many of them, the angels who walk with each of you on the earth - many times those they walk with do not have the ability to acknowledge them, and perhaps only once or twice in their life do they acknowledge the presence of their angels.  It is something that I hope, in the preparation towards the Ascension, many people will open their minds to, there is much more coming to the fore in the current media that you have these days, especially directed at children and young adults.  There are even magazines  concerning angels and how to access them.  There are many books, there are many programmes, and it warms my heart because it means that the world is making a very small acknowledgement to, shall we say, to divine beings walking the earth with you, and it is good to see it.

Now, that is all I have to say for this morning.  There will be further teaching on this and for those who are reading this and are coming to our gathering in the great City, then my love to you and I look forward to meeting you.  To those who are not coming to the gathering in the City, my love to you also and at sometime I look forward to meeting you.

For all of you who are reading this, wherever you are, know that it is I, the Lord Sananda, who speaks to you.  I stand in truth, I stand in the light of the Creator, and I bring messages for you, messages of hope, and I bring messages to you of the inevitable.  Do not be afraid, I am with you and always will be.  My love and light to you all.


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