Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 11th November 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL:  Good morning my friends (Tammy, Sue’s little dog, started to bark loudly) and you my little one, hush now, hush now.  I have come to speak with you this morning because my Lord has commanded it.  You know me my little one – (Tammy laid down by Sue’s side) that is right.  You have decided that you can accept my energy.

It is lovely to speak with you, my name is Archangel Gabriel.  I have come to speak with you this morning because, as is my command from my Lord, I have come to bring you a message, and it is a message concerning the Ascension Plan.

I am so happy that I am working with you, and I am so overwhelmed with the love and the dedication that you have given to this so far, and I hope that you can feel, from my presence, the strength that I am giving you.

Now, I come to speak to you about the Ascension because I need to prepare you, and the rest of the world, for the things that are going to happen.  Now, my Lord has already explained to you how the earth and everything else you are seeing are going to change, but I think it is important that I also come to deliver a message to you of new birth for it is right for it has been my role down through history to bring messages of birth, and glad tidings of great joy, and this is no different.  I do bring you tidings of great joy, and I say to you that your new birth, your new human-race, your new human-kind, is coming, and I would like to address you and give you a few words of how this is going to affect your bodies here on the earthplane for we have a little time yet before the full Ascension Plan comes into being, but I must tell you how it will affect you..

Already you are beginning, those of you who are extremely sensitive – Light-workers, Mediums etc – those of you who are very sensitive - are beginning to experience the subtle change in the energy that is coming about in your planet.  I know that some of you reading this are nodding your heads and saying “Yes, I have felt this, but I am not sure if this is anything to do with the Ascension.”  I must say to you my friends, yes it is.  The change that you feel in your body, in your mind, in your outlook, in your day to day life – perhaps you are feeling elated one moment, full of energy and then you find that energy has accelerated to a point when you feel you cannot keep yourselves grounded - I say to you my friends, let your spirits soar, let them go, let them see what there is to see, let them take strength from the heavenly realms.  Let them take light and knowledge and peace and truth from those realms, and greater vision of what will happen, but - please make sure you are sitting when you do this!

Of course, this will cause some physical instability in your bodies.  You may feel nauseous, you may feel extremely tired, you may feel you go to your sleeping place at night and yet, when you wake up in the morning, you are not rested.  This is the time my friends when you must begin to take time for yourselves.

Perhaps some of you are older and live lives where you no longer do a job of practical work.  I say to you, my friends, this is the greatest job you will do in your lives - to guide people, to educate them, to understand knowledge of the Ascension Plan - and you must take time to rejuvenate yourselves.  You must take time to feed your bodies, minds and spirits.  Read what you can.  Read and educate yourselves, pass that knowledge on to those who will accept it, and if there is just a remote chance that you speak to someone who is concerned about what happens about life after death – you have had these conversations a million times with people down through the ages, they want to know if there is a heaven – you can sit down and explain to them as carefully and clearly as you can, what is going to happen to the world and why it is happening.  You can give them the explanations as to why there seems to be so many natural disasters in the earth at this present time.  They will be amazed at your knowledge but even greater, it will open a pathway within them that they will find easy to follow and easy to see, so I say to you my friends, listen to what has been said, listen and try to understand, accept some of the things that are happening to you and know that it is to do with the Ascension.

Let me also say to you, you will begin to feel greater shift changes in opinions within your Government and this will be a good thing.  There will be action on the part of large companies who have damaged the environment.  This will lead to a greater trust and a greater belief that the world must be cared for.  This is good but you may say that if the world is going to change, what is the point in saving the environment?  There is every point in saving the environment for Mother Nature herself will still reside within this earth.  It is she who is giving birth to a new earth.  Many, many, many centuries after you have ascended to your new world this planet will again support life, and life will begin again on this planet but centuries after you have left, and believe it or not, you may be returning to help those new residents of earth in their own Ascension Plan, so understand there will be a new shift and this will affect you.

Perhaps you will feel that you want to make your voice heard amongst the many groups who are saving - yes, saving - the environment for their children, but you will know it will be for the children of the new world not the children of this one, and I say to you, my friends, if you feel these shifts within yourselves, please, do not ignore them, rather sit down and take yourselves into meditation, and seek the answers from those who will guide you.  Be aware of those guides who are around you, listen to them, open your hearts and minds to what they say but more importantly please, unstop your ears for many of you are deaf to what we have to say.  Listen to what we say, interpret it in the right way, we speak the truth.

We come to you because we want to guide you.  There are many, many legions of angels who are coming to talk to you.  Many of them are flooding the earth with their love.  There is not one of you who does not tread the earth without an angel beside him or her to guide them.  We want you to understand the Ascension - even those who will not accept the idea of God and of heaven - we want you to understand and accept the idea that you can be reborn into a different form and into a different light.  Please take away the dogma of some of the Church’s teachings.  You are loved, every single one of you, and it is the duty and command of my Lord to bring you home.  This is what it means in scripture when it says “Come to the Kingdom of Heaven, come home.  Let the Shepherd lead you home.  Let us give you your reward.”  Your reward is to be a being of light, a being of love, a being of purity and honesty, and a being free from any fetid teachings, any disease, any culture, any race, any creed.  You will be freed from this.  Oh my Brothers and Sisters do you not want this?  Do you not want a world where you can begin again with a new life, with greater knowledge, greater understanding, with even greater power to help those who are lesser in spirituality than yourselves?  Do you not want this?  Do you not want to be able to join us in teaching and educating and nurturing and loving all those beings who live in different places that you don’t even know of?  Do you not want this veil to be removed from you so that you may see what is there?

Oh, my Brothers and Sisters, I bring you great tidings of joy, I bring you news of the Ascension and I tell you that it will happen, and I have tried to explain to you, in the short while I have been here, how this will affect your human bodies.  I think, to put it in what you would call a “nutshell”, if you are sensitive and you are experiencing changes, however subtle they may be, seek guidance, go into meditation, join with others like you – meditate - see where that guidance takes you and act on the instructions that are given to you.

The differences in shifts and energies will continue for some time, you will feel them right up to the Ascension, and you will feel them much more strongly the closer we get to the complete planetary alignment of the Great Cross.  You will feel them very acutely when the planets go away from the Great Cross, and I say to you, my friends, each and every one of you that have any senses, any feelings in this way, help us, help us to help those who do not know for we need you, we need you to complete the Ascension.

This is my message and I give it with great love, and I deliver it with humour and with love from myself and from the Lord who commands me.  Be at peace and be strong and know that we are so close.  Thank you.

LORD SANANDA:  I am here, my blessed friends, my Brother and Sister, and I come because I know you have questions.

SHEILA:  Yes please, dear Master.  I have just read an article in the newspaper that Scientists recreated birth of the universe in a mini-bang near Geneva, despite fears that the experiment risked destroying the earth.  It is said that the Scientists were very pleased with their achievements.  Can you tell us please, dear Lord, what were those achievements and did the experiment harm our earth in any way?

LORD SANANDA: We are talking here of the Hadron Collider and how the particles, the atoms etc were brought together to recreate the big bang which has come to be known as the creation of the earth itself.

Firstly, I can assure you no, it has not harmed the earth in any way.  It was well contained and, as the Scientists expected, despite their fears, it was well contained in the Collider itself.  Some of the rays that were emitted were also contained in the Collider itself and in the vicinity, and were not harmful in any way.  However, had that collision taken place elsewhere yes, of course, it would have harmed the earth, it would have knocked the earth off of its axis and sent it spinning wildly and unpredictably into space without a settled orbit, and parts of it would just have been vaporised, sent away, but of course, I cannot allow that to happen because we have the Ascension Plan in place and that would have brought the Ascension Plan much quicker than the earth is ready for, but what they have actually done, they have created the moment that the earth was made by bringing together many of the gases and chemicals, atoms and all sorts of things which were in the universe at the time, but what they didn’t have was the hand that created it, so what have they achieved - they have got the scientific part but what they haven’t got is the spiritual, the divine.

My hands, through the Creator, through the Greater Power, my hands - if you wish to  put a centuries-long slant on things - created the world in its entire beauty.  It was I who gave the earth to you in its form, it was I who put everything else on the earth so that life would exist, so the big bang was created, and it did take some time to put it all together, but that time was in an instance, in a blink of an eye for time to me means nothing, but in a blink of an eye all of those things were gathered together and the planet you reside on now exists.

It is similar to the new planet that you have seen that exists in a higher plane, that the Scientists have discovered, and that planet itself was created from the same big bang, and it had the same life-form for you, and for all of you who will gradually ascend to that planet.  You will find that the living conditions on that planet will be acceptable and wonderful for you to live on, so I have to say to you yes, although the mini big bang has been created, they haven’t quite got the final ingredient, but it had answered many questions for many people throughout this world of how the universe was born.

SHEILA:  Thank you for that dear Master.  Just one more please.  Will all the planets in our galaxy ascend as ours will?  If not, what will happen to them?

LORD SANANDA:  Nothing.  The planets will stay in space, they will not disintegrate, they will not fall out of orbit.  Your earth is in an orbit around the sun and at this present time this planet needs the sun for life so the sun, as the Scientists have predicted in many, many, many years, will fold and become just a star, but the planets themselves will continue their orbit around a different planet and that planet will be the one that you will be residing on as light-beings.  It will have its own orbit, it will have its own place in space, and all the other planets themselves will go through a very, very minor shift in order for the orbit to continue, and it will be as it is now, there is nothing to be concerned about in that degree for you have to understand that some of the other planets are already inhabited by light-forms, but not perhaps light-forms as you understand and know them.  On other planets life is in its infancy, in water or in gas.  Some of the planets that are veiled in gas for example, Mars, that planet is veiled in a toxic gas which, as a human-being, you would not be able to survive in, and the heat and the cold is such on the planet that you would not be able to survive, and yet there is life-form there, and it is life-form that will grow and adapt to that place, and it may be different to what you are, but there is no reason why life cannot exist there.

Each form of life adapts to the planet where they begin, and as time goes on - and you have to accept that I am speaking here in, I think you would measure it in millions of years - as life goes on, as eternity goes on, new life is created at various stages along the way, and as with your planet, you have been able to categorise in some form with the scientists and archaeologists etc. how your form came into the being that it is now, and I do not understand if people can accept that - readily accept that you have developed into the intelligent human-beings that you are now - why they cannot accept the final step.

It is difficult for people to understand, I know, but you, as a human-being, (and I do not talk of you three gathered here, I speak of the human-race) there is not one of you who was there at the time when you developed into a being that could  stand upright and walk.  There was not one of you there to witness this, but the beautiful thing is that, at Ascension, you will be able to go to other places and you will witness the next stage of evolution for that planet, and you will see it in its entirety, and you will be able to say to them “This is your Ascension time; this is what happened to our planet and now look at us!”  So you see, when the scientists say “There is no God, God could not have created life”, they are very wrong because had not the gases - had not the chemicals, the rocks, the detritus that is space - had that not been created in the first place, my hands would not have been able to put it all together.

Now, my friends, if you have you no further questions I will take my leave of you.  I hope that the message that Gabriel brought to you this morning has given you some understanding, and I give you my strength and my blessings as always, and I tell you I remain constant, I remain in the light and in the truth, and I give you peace.  Farewell.    SANANDA

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