Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 4th November 2010

IVOR:  Opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is good to be with you once again.

I have been listening to your earlier conversation and, as was said, Dawlish is actually  a very enlightened place, and its vibrations spread for many miles from the centre – actually from the centre of Millcroft.  May I take you back to the very early time in this life when we began working together.  Do you remember that you were told that your house would become a beacon of light, and that to your house would come many in need.  This is exactly what is happening.  Your house is a beacon and it pulsates out much love, much beautiful healing vibrations, and it goes much further than you can imagine in your mileage measuring terms.

IVOR:  We have had people walk in and say “I saw the light – show me the way home.”

We have done it before and hopefully will do it many more times.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, as you say, you have done it before, and many times and in many places - in different time-spans, different ages, different eons - but each time it is different, and this is how you learn, and your Instrument was speaking only this morning of going back to a learning place and there is plenty to learn before the Ascension Plan comes into place.  I would like to say just a little bit about the Ascension Plan.

I know that it has been a little while since I last spoke to you of our plans for Ascension but I must say to you that you have seen in the past few weeks many of the events which I foretold.  Further earthquake and volcanic activity has taken place.  It has also caused many people to ascend into their new world, into their new realms, and I really would like to say to you my friends that these will be events which you will continue to see with frightening rapidity.

There will be many more events involving water, fire and the earth itself, in other words flooding, volcanoes, landslides, and you will continue to see this taking place in the far-flung countries:  Indonesia, China, Africa – places like this where the world began its own civilisation - and yet it will now become a different place, but I ask that you will remember that this is all part of the Ascension Plan.

There are many things that are going to change the face of your earth forever.  There will be glacial slides, particularly now that this weather pattern is within your hemisphere, and I speak here in the hemisphere where the United Kingdom and Europe are situated.  It is here where this time of the year would normally be anticipated as being cold and yet the weather is warm enough outside to wear perhaps a sleeveless shirt.   Then there have been days within this month where there has been extremely cold weather and winter clothes have been necessary.  Your weather pattern is fulfilling the prophecy - when all the seasons roll into one the age of man will begin - and this is precisely what is happening.

The age of man is beginning to be not the type of human-race that you are familiar with.  The earth knows it, the earth is changing too.  Mother Earth is changing and she is watching her children change.  She is watching her children move and stretch and grow, hence the landslides and the glacial slides. Mountains are crumbling that have been in place for many, many thousands of years, but I say to you, this is all in the natural realm of the Ascension Plan.  The earth will change its image, just as mankind will change his, and I have told you and explained to you in many of the messages that I have given prior to this one here this morning, your bodies will change.  You will be affected by many of the earth changes while this change is going on, here and now, within the next couple of years.

Your bodies will change, the vibrations will change on the earth and so will you.  Your vibration levels will move until eventually you are all on the same level and you will be able to ascend and you will be ascended as lightbeings.  There will be no need for you to collate knowledge for you will know precisely where you need to be and what you will require, and I say to you here at this time, if you wish to look and examine the facts of your earth and how it is moving, and how it is changing, then do so.  Do not be mystified by the signs that I give you, for these are the signs I promised centuries ago that you would see, when the age of mankind as you know it would end.

I do not bring this information to be seditious, I do not bring it to be malevolent, and I do not bring it to make you frightened or panicked.  I bring it because many people around the world are questioning and saying “What is happening, where is God? Are we back in an era where all heaven slept while the earth struggled.”  No, you are not back in an era where it seemed that all heaven and the Saints slept, you are in the dawn, in the era of a new life for mankind.

Look at the signs around you, how can you not be assured that these are the signs that I promised, that my Father the Creator promised He would send you when He would bring this earth to its end?   Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, rejoice and be happy that you are witnessing one of the greatest things – the creation of a new life – the creation of a new person in pure light and energy.  Of a new age, a new world, where harmony and peace and love and light will reign, and you will at last have the veil lifted from your eyes, and you will see all things as they truly are.  Be strong, read the information I have given you, all of it, digest, look at it.  Make reference to it.  Try to understand what I have said to you and know that I am with you all along the way.

Yes, my friend (to Sheila) you have a question?

SHEILA:  Dear Lord, we were watching a documentary on the television recently which stated that thanks to the decoding of the human genome, future generations could be freed from genetic diseases by taking a pill perhaps to prevent cancer, or an injection to stop heart disease.  Can you tell us please, will we see this happening in our lifetime?

LORD SANANDA: There isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough time.  Again, these are all things that could have happened sooner had the stupidity, uncertainty and greed of man been overcome, but these new breakthroughs that you are seeing, they will save some people’s lives but not enough that you can say this is the cure, this has been done, this is wonderful.  It is several miles down the right road and again it proves to show that what technology and the mind that the Creator has given the human-race was capable of doing, and still is, but this breakthrough will be completely unnecessary in the new world.  There will be no need for this - the injections or the re-jigging of the human genome and such like - because it will just not matter.  You will be beings of light and energy and nothing will touch you.

SHEILA:  One other thing I would like to discuss with you please, dear Lord.  I have just been given a book to read by Carol, our dear friend and gifted Medium who works with us on soul rescue as you know.  She was given a crystal skull in her meditation and the very next day was guided to a Charity Shop where she found a very interesting Book written by Chris Morton and Cerie Louise Thomas entitled “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”.  I have never really thought too much about them until Marjorie, our friend in America, very kindly allowed us to put your messages on her website “The Skull Whisperers” and I learnt a great deal more, but I now understand exactly what the crystal skulls are now in our world for as the information given through them is truly remarkable and exactly what your messages contain.  Wonderful confirmation, but I am really curious about the Mayan Culture and its disappearance from this earth.  Did the Mayan people ascend, dear Lord, as we will?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes they did, they all ascended as one, and that is further proof that the Ascension Plan exists.

IVOR:  Was it through a battle dear Master or was it through their understanding?

LORD SANANDA:  Not in battle.  It was their choice and their knowledge. The Mayan Culture is extremely important to this lifetime because it shows how things could have been achieved in a very short time.  They only spent a short time on the earth and yet they had so much knowledge about everything - the planet, the stars, how they worked, how the earth worked - they were totally in tune with Mother Nature.  They had some practises which were not required and fairly soon, when it was made clear they were not required, they stopped, but the Mayan Culture had much if not more knowledge than the Egyptians, and that knowledge was taken from Atlantis to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians down through to the Mayans.

Some of that knowledge remains but the main thing that has baffled many over the centuries is where did the Mayans all go?  There are a few graves around various places but these are of people who died prior to the Ascension, and they died protecting their loved ones when intruders eventually came, because the Mayans were a very rich nation.  They knew how to mine gold, they knew about crystals, and most of the intruders that came, which were unfortunately Christians, the crystal was considered to be a form of divination because you could look through it and you could see the rainbow colours, and of course to them that would have been magic, so the Mayans knew how to use it.

They used it for many things - for lighting fires - they used it for seeing, they imbibed it with spirituality from different places, and because the head and the brain therein (because the brain was considered to be the king of the body) they decided to make some of the crystal into a skull because that is where the imprints of many of the wise men - the Shamans, the Medicine Men – were contained, and they were made as a homage to particular people in the Mayan History, and also prior to that in the Egyptian History, but they all look the same because the Mayans believed that inside, the human-race is all the same; the same brain, the same capability for knowledge - a part for spirituality, for advancing that spirituality into healing and Shamanism - for all sorts of things, so they used the skull to represent all which ruled their culture.

SHEILA: Will any more crystal skulls be found, dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  There is one to be found and that won’t be found for a while but when it is it will shock your world, it will rock it - I think that is the word - it will rock the world.  It is buried where two religions clash constantly.

IVOR:  Dear Master, when we were talking about the earth changes, something passed through me and took me back to Atlantis.  Is that going to rise again or will those who are still occupying it have to be rescued?

LORD SANANDA:  It will not rise again but it will be unveiled, and it will be shown in a brief instant in its glory, for what it was, and those who remain are if you like castallans - wardens, guardians - and they will stay until they are requested to move, and when they are requested to move by myself and the Creator they will be moved with aid swiftly.

Now my friends, if there are no further questions I feel I need to remove myself from this dear Medium.  Until I see you, all of you, all of you lightworkers wherever you are, until I see you face to face, I bring you my peace and my love, my truth and my wisdom, and all I ask in return is that you work on yourself, you find your true self, and prepare for the greatest thing ever to happen in your life.  Blessings upon you.


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