Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 23rd September 2010

IVOR opened in prayer:

Beloved Father, Beloved Master, once again we join together as the Amethyst Group and come, offering our services.  We ask that we be led and directed in what is required of us and as always, whatever we undertake, be in your name of love and according to your will.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is good to be with you once again this morning and I will begin by answering some of the questions that you raised at the beginning of this meeting.

For the dear one who asks concerning her family and marital status, I must tell you that marriage is a Christian-making.  People come together because they are attracted to each other, they find something within each other which is of common ground and they fall in love, and it is the acceptable thing in your society, and indeed throughout this world, that a ceremony takes place which binds them in the eyes of the Church and in a way, in the eyes of God - together until death do you part.

Now, I would say here, you know that death is not the final parting, and I would also confirm here that if it be the wish of you both - to maintain that bond, that partnership, when you both ascend - then there will be no-one that will stand in your way, but I do not want you to think that if you ascend and you live in the new world, (which we know you all will) then I do not wish you to think that it will be a replica of this world because it will not, it will be different.

There may be communities that wish to live together because they have the same specific tasks to do, they are on the same harmonic wave, they have the same vibration.  There will be no heads of houses, there will be no heads of communities, there will be no master or second-in command in any of these communities, so in that respect marriage itself will be defunct.  It will not be necessary for procreation, and to be perfectly honest and straightforward with you, your society has made these rules that marriage should be to one person for the procreation of children, but there are plenty who are married - first time, second time, third or fourth time - who do not procreate.  This should not be looked on as a problem, neither should it be looked on as a sin, and neither should it be looked on as lust of the flesh.

Marriage is between just two people and if they want to conform to the rules of your society then they may do so, but I have to tell you that these rules have been, like most things in your society, they have been manoeuvred to the best ability of society and the Church as a whole - and I speak here as the Church, not as God - I do not mean that God has decided that marriage is the way to go, although the Church would have you believe this.  There are many who live happily together and who have not had a great ceremony - not had a signed paper - but if two people wish to make this a binding contract and they go to the Church and they accept the Church’s ruling, then that is nothing to be concerned about either, but in the new world it will not be necessary to do this.

If you wish to remain - if parties wish to remain in that union, if families wish to remain together in the same mind - they may, but I must say, in every family here on earth - each sibling, each parent, grandparent or whatever - each is individual and each has a different task to do here on the earth-plane.  In this new world there will be different paths for you to follow, different things for you to learn, different ways to expand your knowledge.  There will be different places for you to visit – it will be a very interesting life.  Communication levels will be heightened and you will find that understanding two-way will be different.

I must say also that animals here on the earth-plane - domesticated animals - they have a certain loyalty to the people who look after them because they have enough intelligence to understand that here they will be fed and watered and cared for - that is what domesticated means, they do not have the instinct to go and gather for themselves, they rely on human companions.  In the new world this will be different, but there will be a greater understanding between you.  Your new world will not be the same, it will be different but it will be much better.

SHEILA: Thank you for that dear Master.  Our new world sounds very exciting and  it will certainly be different to this one.

On an entirely different subject, The recent headlines of our daily newspaper are “Hooray, The ozone layer is safe, it is on the mend and skin cancer will be cut”.  Is this really true dear Lord?

LORD SANANDA:  Well now, it really depends on what you believed in the first place.  Yes, the ozone layer was damaged, it still is damaged, and although there has been a small significant mend in the ozone layer in the hemispheres concerning Australia etc, there is still much to do, but as I have already said to you, there is much of this planet that will be breaking down and causing many changes on the surface, beneath and into the vacuum space as well.  Yes, there is reason to be optimistic but given the time-frame one could say quite sadly it is too little too late, but on the positive side it is very good and a wondrous thing that so many people realise that the actions they have taken have helped, but it should have happened much sooner

SHEILA:  Yes, I understand.  I think news of the Ascension Plan is starting to filter through and workshops are now being held, dear Master, to prepare people and to clear their karma, but some seem to be quite expensive.

LORD SANANDA:  I am aware of this and in the grand scheme of things (a modern phrase) there are those who will charge for services which they have been freely given, and if they choose to charge - and for those who wish to pay for this service - I would only say to them look at yourselves and examine my friends.  Knowledge is free, it just means you have to search for it.  Just pray for guidance that you are sent to the right place and you will have knowledge in abundance.

Karmic clearing is really a manmade thing.  Each person has a debt of conscience - in some circles this is known as karma - and some people believe that with their karma weighing heavily upon them they cannot move on to a spiritual life and I would say it is very simple to move on, you just ask for healing and ask for that karmic debt to be taken away and it will be. It is simple, you just need to ask, and I cannot tell you that these organisations are wrong for they believe they are doing a service, but it is between them and their consciences, and again I would say it is important that all of you who hear my teachings, it is important that you look at the words, you look at the meaning and you take those words deep within yourselves.

It is not enough for you to skim through the teachings and for you to be awed or scared or gratified, it is a teaching and for you to get the utmost out of these teachings you must take them within you, you must take them inwardly, you must meditate on them which is why I say to you, daily, for every ten minutes of your day, sit and talk to me - meditate, empty your head, have nothing in your head but thoughts of communion with me, thoughts of expanding your knowledge and your understanding, thoughts of expanding your spiritual awareness - this is all that I ask of you.  It is what will give you the strength, the understanding, the clear-sightedness and the straight pathway to understanding and accepting the Ascension with a greatness that will bring you such joy.

I bring these teachings to you my children because I love you.  I bring these teachings to you because I love who you are, I love you as you are.  Not one of you is perfect, not one of you is without karmic debt, sin or whatever you want to call it, but I love you.   I love this world and I want the best for you, and I am teaching you, I am showing you, I am telling you how you can have the best, I am telling you how you can evolve to a greater being than you are at this moment.  It doesn’t matter who you are, it does not matter to me if you are a King or a Queen of a Nation, or a country, it does not matter to me whether you are bad or you are someone that has nothing in this world but the clothes they stand up in, it doesn’t matter to me if you are a high ranking politician or a churchman, it doesn’t matter to me whether you belong to this that or the other society - I love you for who you are, and I want you to have the best.

I stand naked before you in the truth and I ask you, take my teachings to your heart for there in your heart you will find the truth, and when you have found the truth you will find the way, and when you have found the way you will have found the light.  Concentrate on yourself, concentrate in obtaining this knowledge and expanding what knowledge you have, that is all ask of you.  I am not asking you to lay down your riches, I am not asking you to lay down your jobs, I am not asking you to step down from whatever heights you believe you are at because I know - God knows - where each of you stands, and you stand equal with me.  My name is Sananda, my name is Jesus, my name is the Son of God, my name is the King of Peace.  Your name is the Son of God, your name is the Daughter of God - your name is the same as mine.  Let your name be love.

Why are you still fighting? Why are you still fighting in the name of God? Why are you still hungry in the name of God?  Why are you so sad in the name of God?  Why do you insist on twisting the truth in the name of God?  - because you have forgotten who you are.  REMEMBER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, REMEMBER.   (Lord Sananda became very emotional)

It is my wish, nay, it is my desire, to see mankind united, and oh my Beloved, you could have been so …….but Ascension is coming, the earth will be renewed and mankind will be all he is capable of .being  Take heart in that and be joyous, but do all that you can to help your brother and your sister along the way.  Remember the simple truth – who you are -. REMEMBER.

God Bless you my children, God bless you my Brothers and Sisters.  God Bless you Sons and Daughters of God, and my love is always with you, around you and within you - take it, it is freely given.  I have no more to say.


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  1. These teachings are with such heartfelt love from The Source …. I suppose that I am somewhat amazed to see (o) comments. I freely comment that this is WONDERFUL STUFF … I am not ashamed to say that when Lord Sananda became emotional at the end of this transcript, I too teared up …. tears of joy … tears of understanding … tears of Unconditional Love. May we all feel it, the time is now. Namaste, Love and Light, Tom

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