Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 2nd September 2010

IVOR opened in prayer:

Beloved Father, Beloved Master, once again we gather again, offering ourselves to your service.  Whatever is required of us may I ask that those of our Masters, Teachers and Guides will direct us, guide us and help us in whichever task is required of us.  Dear Father, all that we ask is that whatever we undertake be in your name of love and according to your will

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  Once again we are gathered here and how beautiful it is to be with you once again, and I believe you have some questions for me before we start the teachings?

SHEILA:  Yes, please dear Master.  We have received an e-mail from a gentleman congratulating us on your messages.  He said he has never read such clear information  on what can be expected in the forthcoming months and years, and asks why your words are not given so clearly through other Mediums and Societies?   Could you comment please?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  The reply, my friend, is quite simple.  The Amethyst Group here (both earth-bound and heaven-bound) has been chosen to receive the teachings, and they are receiving them in their own right as the Amethyst Group, as well as broadcasting the teachings that I am bringing to you all regarding the Ascension Plan.

Some of you will find the teachings of the Ascension Plan hard to accept, and it is for this reason that the Amethyst Group has been chosen to bring these messages for they are aware, and have seen in a previous lifetime how Ascension takes place on other planets; and other places at this present time your world has absolutely no knowledge of, so therefore there is no confusion, they know that my words are correct and accept my messages verbatim.

I am giving teachings to other groups and societies on the Ascension Plan, and I am giving teachings throughout the world to churches and to those who will accept the  “Word of God” as the truth, and the understanding - and the only truth - of the teaching of the Ascension Plan or the Rapture.  Now, this is not to say - and not to cast any disrespect or aspersions on any groups that their channelling is not correct, that it is not right, and it is not perceived to be right by those people who are working with indeed factions of my own self who are giving teachings - the reason the Amethyst Group’s teachings are so clear is because they and they alone know the teachings so well for they, each one of them, have seen an Ascension Plan in place in their own right.  This was the work that they undertook at my request, before time began, so they are well versed in the operational plan, shall we say.

Some Mediums do find it difficult to give themselves over one hundred per cent, that is to say to lose complete control of their bodies and their minds, and some Mediums prefer not to do this.  Some Mediums prefer to be overshadowed completely and some prefer not to be.  The Medium that the Amethyst Group uses, Susan, is happy to be completely taken away from the situation, and allows me to use her body, her brain, her voice-box, at free and complete and utter will.  This is a possibility why these teachings may be clearer, but I would say to you my friends, if you want answers to your questions you must not be afraid to ask the questions clearly.  Now, I must say to you, the Amethyst Group do this, they ask me questions, and they ask bold and relevant questions - my answers are straightforward and not fake, and I urge you, urge all of you who are reading this, if you have questions and you do not understand something, ask the questions boldly and clearly, and the response you will get will be bold and clear.

I would ask you to take the teachings that I am giving to you, take them to your heart, know that they are given with love and understanding, and above all, know that they are given with compassion and the need to help you in your final days and months.  I hope this will answer your question my Brother.

SHEILA:  Another question, dear Master, we have received an e-mail from a dear friend of ours in America.  She refers to a paragraph in your transcript when you say that someone, walking in the street. could drop down dead and ascend, and I will read out the question she is asking:  “I have always been under the impression there would be a transformation of the physical body into the light-body.  If it happens as stated, would the person, seeing the other fall down dead, then see them in their light-body.  I have no problem with that if there was no pain but would that person be seen or would the deceased go into another dimension?”

LORD SANANDA:  My dear Sister, I understand your concern and I understand your concern is for yourself as well as for your friends around you, but let me put this simply to you.  In the Ascension, when I take those of you home to your new world, there will be those who perhaps will be in the company of Ascended people who will not understand what has happened, much the same when someone is suddenly taken, shall we say, with a stroke or a heart attack, and that person similarly falls down lifeless beside you.  It can happen and it does happen.  Now, with the Ascension Plan, there is no need to take your physical body into the next dimension, as a light-being you will not need it, so it will be discarded, but I do not wish you to think that the streets or the planet, or the housing estate, or the field, or whatever, will be littered with lifeless bodies.  Let me explain to you how it will work:

The life – the essence of that person, the beautiful spirituality, the divinity within that person – will be taken, and that will rise painlessly from the mortal coil.  When that mortal coil is left behind, for an instant it will be there, and then it will be dissolved.  Now I understand that this will be a big shock to someone who is not aware, or someone who does not understand the ethos of the Ascension Plan, but you see what I am trying to do – I am trying to prepare humankind for this type of evolution because it is an evolution.  It is no different than someone – put it this way – a woman will go into a beauty parlour.  She will go in with her hair lank - it will not be pretty - and her face will be devoid of any enhancement.  She will come out of the beauty parlour with her hair beautifully coifed, her face will be enhanced with paints and chemicals, and she will look like a completely different person.  You can see this - the transformation - but in the time of the Ascension Plan, unless you are spiritually aware, you will not be able to see that Ascended being rise, rather you will see a flash of light, and it will be over in a trice.  Now this will obviously cause questions amongst those who will not understand, and that is why I am trying to give you the message to be prepared, to lessen the shock, and to actually give you the knowledge beforehand that you can tell people – that there is nothing to be concerned about, this person has ascended and we are all going to ascend, this is what you need to do - this is what your answer will be.

Please do not be concerned, my dear Sister, it will be painless, and it will be the most beautiful thing that can happen to the human-race, it will be wonderful, and if you witness it, which I am sure you will, then you will see and you will know.    You are prepared in knowledge of the Ascension Plan, my Sister, therefore you have nothing to concern or worry yourself about.  My blessings to you and thank you so much for the work you have done to advance thus far the Ascension Plan, and I give you my congratulations on your splendid website “theskullwhisperers”.   My love and blessings to you.

SHEILA:  I have one more question if I may please, dear Master.  When we ascend can you tell us what senses we will retain in our new life?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, your senses will be different, they will be much more heightened.  All of your senses will be there but you will not need the sense of taste, but the sense of smell will be there but it will be more of a  knowledge of a smell.

The sense of touch will be much more heightened – just as you know how the energy flows from your hands and you can feel the healing, and you can feel the energy on the body of the person you are healing, this will be your sense of touch, but it will be greater.

Your sense of vision will be far, far enhanced.  Your normal vision and your third-eye vision will be astronomical.

Your sense of hearing will be acute because you will be able to – how can one say this – you will be able to pre-empt sound because you will feel its vibration.  At the moment, for you to hear a musical note, you must wait for that frequency to be recognised within your ear, and then for your brain to work out that that is a musical note.  When you are in the ascended world, the new world, you will sense music in a  far more different and acute way, and it will be at a vibrational level, therefore, the music will be far greater, much better than  anything you have ever heard on this planet  (even from Ellie)  it will be beautiful, so   that will be the senses you will retain.

There will be other senses that will be added to you.  The sense – I suppose you cannot really call it a sense – but the act of a thought will take you to where you want to be.  The thought of a person will summon that person to you, if you want them, if you need to see them.  You will have a far greater awareness of the vibration which is filling the new world at this moment, and the vibrations that will be continued to be added to it as more and more people ascend.

You will not necessarily need to have the sense of taste but, of course, if you wanted it you could have it – if you crave for the taste of a peach or a drink or something, you can summon that - but the need for solid food will not be necessary for you will have no muscle mass, no bones to nurture or grow - but you may have whatever you want.

If you want to feel the closeness of animals – dogs, cats and other sorts of animals and animal wildlife – they will be in the same light-bodies as you, and if you want to feel the touch of fur you will be able to summon that – and of course you will be able to live with your animals the same as you do now, and in the new world it will be a place where everything is on an even level.

SHEILA:  Dear Lord, people are asking, how will we move? Will we fly?  How will we actually move in the new world?

LORD SANANDA:  If you imagine how light works, it is not solid, and you will not be solid, but again, if you wish to have the sensation of shall we say - terra firma, of walking - then you may summon the sensation of walking, but you will find that to move much quicker with thought will be the norm.  You will find that – let us find a parallel here (I find it easier to speak in parallels for you all).  Let us say – we will go back in the history of this human-race - many thought it was ridiculous to have a vehicle with four wheels that could propel itself, and there were many that would not ride in the automobile.   Now, this has become the norm, it has become a form of transport for you to transport your human bodies and other things – goods, produce etc.  In the new world, the Ascended world, you may choose to walk, you may choose to summon a vehicle if you should want one, but they will be very different to those you have here, but the easier way – the better way to reach a destination or to meet a friend or a loved one, or to visit another place, a different place of learning etc - would be to think it, for the nanno second that a thought takes for you to be there it will be much quicker than walking or summoning a vehicle, so you understand, movement will be free and you will be able to go where you wish.

The new world is one place.  It is  - there are no boundaries, no oceans where countries are divided.  There will be different areas where people will live, different cultures will perhaps still have a way of living but they will not have an organised religion to follow, it will not be necessary for in revealing the new world we will reveal the truth, and the Truth is “The Source”.  The fact is that here on your planet there are so many organised religions, and I am not here to say that these religions are wrong - I am not here to say that one religion has the right way and another religion has the wrong way – I am here to say that you are all striving for the same goal, and it is very sad to see that the pathways that you have chosen are so diverse, and so very far apart.  We look at the extremists in all religions, and there have been many in some of the organised religions, and there have also been those who have believed themselves to have been Prophets from me, and have turned out to be nothing more than power-hunters and glory-hunters, and those who would lead brothers and sisters astray, using my words as guidance.  This is very sad, but once you have come into the new world then you will see that the Source is the beginning and the end of all things, and the only goal that you will have in the new world is to advance yourselves further so that you can be at one with the Source.  This, I know, is difficult to understand, but the new world is a place that – in your modern language – is Utopia.

SHEILA:  Dear Master, thank you so much for answering our questions so fully.  Can I ask you just two more things?   Will we be able to use the oceans as we do now for sailing, swimming etc, and will we be able to ride our horses?  People are asking these questions, dear Lord.

LORD SANANDA:  There will not be the need to experience horse riding or sailing for those things are pastimes that provide for you here on the earth-plane a joyous escape.  There will be no need for those things in the new world.  You will be able to summon those experiences by just touching the ocean.

Just by experiencing the power and the feeling of the horse beneath you, just by summoning that thought, you will be able to travel faster than a horse.  Why would you make a burden of your body on the body of a horse, when you will be able to go faster than it?   You will be able to run with it.

SHEILA:   But, dear Lord, there is also the connection and the love between the horse and the rider, and just being together.

LORD SANANDA:  That connection will already be there for your intelligence will be so far enhanced - I do not have the words to say to you – you will be able to communicate with any animal at any level - from a mouse to a tiger, from an elephant to a horse – you will be able to share that connection as a living being, and you will not want it to take you on a journey, you will take that journey together, so things will need adjusting, and what you find as joyous activities here on the earth-plane, will be replaced by much greater activities in the new world..

As there are no more questions, I feel that I must talk to you a little more, my friends, about the Ascension Plan, and this is for all my beloved mankind that reads this.

Mary de Magdala brought to you a wonderful message, a teaching, that you should find joy in life, and I would urge you to do this now because life each day is joyous, it is joyful to see everything that is around you that is familiar and clear to you, and it is joyful to see that everything around you at this present moment is responding to this vibrational change.

There is much changing going on – you are able to see the change for yourselves and I will not dwell on this for we have spoken much about it in the past few weeks, but this, here and now, at this time of the year - in which ever hemisphere you live -  this heralds the change from one season to another, and this is one season where you can see for yourselves the vibrancy of colour in Mother Earth, the beauty of the change and the energy – the wonderful capacious energy that she has for the earth that she loves – the child that is her own – she still has the beautiful energy to give to those children of her own, and I would say to you, my friends, just as you would encourage a Mother in child-birth,  please encourage the planet earth with your feelings of love for this life.  This world is still beautiful, and still has beautiful things in it.   It still has the beauty of flowers and their perfume, the beauty of the gentle smile from a stranger, the beauty of knowing that you are loved by a loved one - the beauty of knowing that your love is returned by those around you who are close and familiar to you.

You can still make this world a better place for the time being, and if you leave these beautiful positive vibrations here on the earth-plane, they will do much to ease the suffering of Mother Earth, so I ask you, I urge you to look for the joy in life – do not be burdened down by the fact that this earth as you know it will change, do not be burdened down by that – accept it that it is happening and be amazed that it is happening in your lifetime.

Be amazed that you are going to witness the change of evolution from one race to another, and be amazed that you will be able to retell this story time and time and time again to worlds that you do not yet know exist, and to others that you have not yet met.  Be amazed that there are children coming into this world who know more within the first moment of their breath than you have accrued in a lifetime.  Be amazed and astonished that these children, even before they can speak - with their actions and their love - will guide your footsteps, and be amazed and be happy that you are the chosen people, that you will be given the chance to take part in your own evolution, and be amazed that that evolution will be over in a thrice, and that you will be as a light-being, and that you will be free to wander the galaxies and worlds as yet unseen.

This is the purpose of the Ascension Plan, my friends.  It is not to annihilate the human-race, it is not to take you over, it is not to kill you, it is not to kill your world. The purpose of the Ascension Plan is to help you evolve to the perfect being that you can be, and the purpose of the Ascension Plan for the earth is to renew her, to allow her to give birth and be free.  Be amazed that you are a part of this, and you are a part of this because the Source loves you, the Source created you and He will have His children home with Him safe.

My blessings to you all.  Be bold in your questioning, be firm and resolute in the pathway that you tread, love the divinity within you and trust.  I come in love, I come in peace.  I deliver the message directly from the Source to His children.  Be at peace my friends.


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