Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 26th August 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

MARY MAGDALENE:  Good morning.  I am Mary de Magdala, and I have come to speak with you this morning for a short while.

My Beloved Lord has given you so much information over the past few weeks when He has spoken with you of the Ascension Plan and I would like to offer you joy, and  I am here to say, despite the warning that is coming your way, about the earth and the Ascension Plan, and of all of the unpleasant things – the tribulations - that man will undergo, and is undergoing at this present time, I come to ask you if, in all of this, you as Lightworkers and bringers of the message of my Lord, that you can also help to instil in those who are around you the joy that life will bring you.

I need you to celebrate this, I need you to celebrate life, I need you to explain to others who are living here, that in these last few years of life here on the earth, there is still joy to be had.  For you personally, I know there is much work for you to do and I know that the burden is heavy and is carried with love, but I ask if you will try and instil into all those that you talk to about the Ascension Plan, and those that come to you with their worries and their problems and their questions, try to instil in them that there is still joy to be had in living here on this earth.

It may well be that the seasons are very chaotic at the moment, and this is something that your earth will become used to, and long gone is the time that you will be able to say “Now it is Spring, Now it is Summer, Now it is Autumn, now it is Winter” – all of the seasons are very chaotic and rolling into one and once again, you will see that this is written in the Scriptures that when the seasons change and become as one, then shall the earth become as one with the Father God as He intended, but there is much joy to be given in living, and there is much joy to be given in giving life, whether it be with animals, children, or growing food for yourselves which my Lord has impressed on you will be much help to you.  It is a wonderful thing to see life grow, and this is why there is a great mystery with this earth because even still, although Mother Earth is going through so many pains at the moment, she still has enough energy to give to her children who will grow and give joy and beauty to those around them.

In many of the seasons still there is such colour, there is a vibrancy – there is always a reminder that hope is there - and your hope is the message that my Lord has brought you.

So that is one task that I ask of you.   The other task I ask of you is that you must nurture as much as you can the love of oneself.  Now, this is going to be difficult because as you know, there are many people throughout your world that love themselves far too much, and they love the power and the glory that perhaps they hold – I want you to try and help those who are looking for enlightenment - I want them to nurture within themselves the Divine self, please encourage them to find the pathway of light.

You yourselves are doing much to teach them – the Amethyst Group with the teachings and your own healing commitments with SWASH and with other things as well – oh yes, I know about the rainbow and I know about the pyramids and what they stand for – so I would ask you that through these tools that you have, you will nurture the Divine spark that they have within them, and bring forward that Christ-self within each living human-being so that self may be cast aside, just as your bodies will be cast aside with the Ascension Plan, so that the Divine Christ will spring forth from each human-being - the Divine spark.  That is a task I ask of you myself.

There has been much written and talked about me and I too have a role to play in this Ascension Plan, and we, as the Amethyst Group – and I am a member of the Amethyst Group, heaven-bound as well as earthbound, when I was here on the earth-plane with my Lord – I too have a role to play, and I will hopefully visit you from time to time with other messages as my Lord sees appropriate, and I do have the capacity to answer questions.

I will take my leave now, and I know my visit has been short with you but my requests are simple, and I give myself over to my Lord who is waiting here to talk with you this morning.  May you go in peace and may the love of the world and all you hold dear be held safe in your heart.  Goodbye.

IVOR:  Thank you so much for coming.  Thank you for sharing.

SHEILA:  We are very grateful for your message and we know that other people will be too.  Please take all our love.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is lovely to be here with you once again this morning, and I thank you for giving time to my Beloved Mary, and there is much truth in what she says; yes, this is a time of encumbrance and of problematic things for you - for the human-race - but it is necessary that we try to balance this out with joy and with love of life as you know it at this time.

Now, do you have questions please?

SHEILA:  I was going to ask dear Lord, why is there so much aggression in our world at the present time?  It seems to be coming from all directions.  Is it coming from some of the vibrations now entering our world?

LORD SANANDA:  It is actually two things.  The state of the world, the state of every country is poor.  Most countries have dire financial problems at the moment and many other countries - the necessity for food and drink and basic life, especially where there has been a disaster – is particularly bad - and here in your own country and in most parts of Europe everyone is beginning to be affected by the financial problem, and they are beginning to feel uneasy as if there might be – to say in modern language – something is going on, things are not quite right.  People are now actually beginning to feel there is something not right with the world.  They are beginning to notice much more, and what I said in the last teaching – nothing affects people as much as the weather - and everywhere has experienced real noticeable significant change in their weather pattern so they know something is going on, and the aggression comes from actually not understanding, so they get angry and they don’t want to be bothered with the outside world, they want to become more isolated, and the things that make them isolated, making them focus inward, are not available any more, they can’t afford to go and buy new gadgetry or media things, because there isn’t the money available, and that is something they don’t understand and that makes them very aggressive and people are very tetchy – a good word – when you try to be pleasant to them, for the vibrations are making them aware that life is changing and it is a change that they do not like, and they do not understand, and I am sorry but there will be many such vibrational changes such as this next month – in your calendar I believe it is September - and there will be another vibrational change that will make things even more clear for people to understand.

I would say to you, my friends, be prepared for a longer winter than you had last year, be prepared for that.  Not perhaps colder, not in this hemisphere, but temperature wise, it will be on a level with last year.  It will be as cold as last year but if you look around – I believe you have a charming word “folklore” - you will see that there are very many hips and hawes because the animals are stockpiling – they are understanding what is happening - and there is one thing more I would like to say to you on this subject, when you are talking to people on the Ascension Plan there are many pointers you can put in their direction:  the weather obviously, the major one, the economic slide, the change in temperament, the alignment of the planets but also one thing they will all understand and which is actually being noticed and observed by big organisations, and put through on the media now, that there are many species here in this country of insects and birds that have fallen dramatically over the past few years, and many of the birds who migrate from this country to warmer climates are going much earlier, and there are many birds who migrate here that are coming much later, so this is becoming observed by big natural institutions that observe birds and animals and wild life and fauna.

There is a lot going on in your world, it is going to be a bit of a chaotic time, but if you can explain this to people, and I know I talk continuously that people will be able to find this for themselves if they check references, programmes, books, magazines, whatever, but your generation is so obsessed by figures and science, and unless they have anything to back it, they won’t take it seriously, and I just wish that I could show you more but it is not in the Plan, and you know that as well as I do.  It is not in the Plan, I cannot do it.  The lesson has to be learnt by mankind so that when the next world evolves they can be there at the beginning and they can say “Don’t do this, this is what we did in our world and this is what happened – we lost our planet.  We have evolved.  Thankfully the Ascension Plan has saved us, but we could have lived much better lives for our planet”, and if anyone should ask you what is the purpose of the Ascension Plan – it is to save mankind, because the planet can no longer support you, because it has been abused, because its resources have been stripped so fast – you are but young people in the entire universe – your planet is one of the youngest – yet it has aged beyond belief, so the purpose of Ascension is to provide you with the next phase of humanity, but this phase could have come much later, and you could have evolved as a much more highly intelligent race than you are at the moment.

SHEILA:  Dear Master, why has our world become so over-populated as it has?

LORD SANANDA:  Promiscuity is one thing but also the break down of the fabric of human society.  Each society, each race of beings, whether they be human-beings or other beings from other worlds, there has to be – apart from Light-beings you understand – there has to be a line in society that you do not cross, and over the past hundred years there have been many lines that have been crossed, and these have resulted in a race where responsibility for one’s actions is virtually non-existent, where people have taken the rule of love all and love everyone to an extent beyond belief, and there are people who cannot help who they are, that rather than exercise control - because of the technology that has been invented here in your world - they have been able to change even the gender from which they were born.

Now, it is not for you or I to judge this world, it has gone its way, it has lived its life, it has exalted itself in many fields, but in other fields the frailties of humankind have been all too clear, and now their toy is broken and it is the Source of Life that comes to create a new world and new beings, but you could have evolved to so much more and given so much more to your race if things were different, and I know, if people read this and people discuss it, and you discuss it amongst yourselves, the question will be raised “Why did God let it go that way?”  Well, the Source is the Source of Life, He gave you life and He gave you freewill, and the path which you choose as an individual, as a society, is up to you, and very often the voices of reason are cast aside, and this is not just your lifespan, it is the life-spans of many before you – you need only look back in history to see how many lives have been lost under the guise of love and love for the Source, love for religion, love for the Church, and love for this, that, and the third cause, and really these are the twisted warped minds of but a few human beings, and there is much talk of the Anti-Christ making an appearance - he has never gone away, he has been here and he is still here - and those who hear his voice above the clamour of others, it is their way, but if you are asked the purpose of Ascension, then it is to save mankind from himself, and to allow him new life in a new form, in a new world - and who wouldn’t want that?

Going on from the Ascension Plan and the reason for it and what is it?  I suspect that there may be people who are asking “Well, why is this being put into place now.  Why is the Amethyst Group being given much of the channelling?” and I would say to you that the Amethyst Group is but one group here on the earth who are receiving channellings from me on this very subject - the Ascension Plan.  There are many groups in America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc who are receiving channelling very similar to what I am giving to the Amethyst Group, and it is necessary for this because this information must be spread worldwide, and for those of you who are reading these teachings on the internet, please, it is important that you talk to your friends about this, it is important that you explain to them that it is coming, it is happening, it is coming to its fruition, and the reason is very clear – the reason for the Ascension Plan is happening because it is necessary to save mankind.  You could have evolved to a greater intelligence as I have already said – your planet is among the youngest in the universe but such is the way of things and it is not the way to dwell on what might have been.  The way is to look forward, to live, enjoy and nurture the Christ spark within yourself, to raise your self-awareness, understand the vibrations that are happening throughout your world, understand that you will be affected by them if you are in the least bit sensitive.  You will be influenced through your mind and you may also be influenced by them through your consciousness.

I would also like to say that at this time there is a widespread spiritual consciousness being let loose upon your world. Many people have access to this and if you have taken my advice and are meditating daily, you will be able to access much of the spiritual awareness and gifts that you personally need to raise the awareness within yourself, and to raise your spiritual consciousness.  Do this my friends; it is important that you spend ten minutes a day on your own in silent meditation so that you may reach the spiritual awareness that is being freely showered upon your world at this moment.  If you are not sure how to do this then find yourself a meditation group through whatever means is available to you, whether it be through your local church, whether it be through yoga, whether it be through a form of healing.  Find a way to learn about meditation and open up your inner self so that the spiritual awareness and the spiritual consciousness that is around may penetrate your very being and give you enlightenment.  This is the age and the time for enlightenment and preparation, do not delay, start it now.

Now, do you have any other questions?

SHEILA:  Yes, I have another dear Lord.  We know that there are many spaceships now encircling our earth.  We have received messages from many sources giving us information about them.  Can you tell us the purpose of these visitors?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, and I will refer to them as “visitors” because still people who read “spaceships” will often stop reading.  Now whether you choose to believe in UFOs, spacecraft or craft from another planet, that is entirely up to you, but I do say to you that there are visitors who are circling your world at the moment – and do not make light of this my friends - they are not your little green men from Mars or little red aliens running around - they are people with highly evolved intelligent minds, and they are beings who have come from a distance, and they have used technology that you are not even aware of, and they are here, circling your world, watching and observing, and they will help you.  It is they who are collecting – how can we say, covertly – they are taking flower and fauna samples from your planet because in some parts of your new world, and worlds beyond, elements that have been created in your world or have come together from space in what you call the Big Bang – some of these elements are not found in planets further out in other galaxies (again that you know of) so they are being collected, they are being observed, studied and looked at in various different places for other purposes and other usage, but the main purpose for visitors coming to observe you is they will stay here in place so that they may be of help.

Because your world is so diverse in its beliefs, there will be those who cannot accept the Ascension in the way in which it will happen.  Now, the way that it will really happen is that the world and the people within it will – vaporise is not the right word – the right word is “ascend”.  It will be the ascension of the spirit within and the shock will be for people who do not ascend at the same time -  we have spoken about this, they cannot because there would be chaos, it has to be gradual.  I also have to tell you that because the Ascension is global, it will not all happen at the same time.  It is not going to be an uptake of millions of people all at once, it will be gradual, but the shock will be when they see a body fall beside them.  Imagine, if you can, walking along the street with someone and they have a heart attack and they fall down dead, now that is similar to the Ascension but there will be no pain, and the light-being’s soul within, the essence, will ascend.  That is how it will happen.  Now there are some people who cannot accept that so what we have done is we have brought in some visitors, not many - there are not a lot - but there are some visitors who will materialise their craft – it will land in a certain place.  You have been to some of these anchoring points – Iona is one and there are others throughout the world, especially in America - the craft will materialise and those who have a leaning towards the whole UFO experience, they will be drawn to that particular spot and that is how their ascension will occur.  So, for different cultures the Ascension Plan and the way in which it is done will be slightly different, but it will form the same plan ultimately, so although they are taken - they may walk forward in their bodies into the craft at that time - and in the craft their bodies will be discarded and whatever, and  the lightbody will evolve amongst the people there, and they will understand that that is how their Ascension has taken place.

So that is why the visitors are here, and almost everyone of the visitors that are here at the moment have gone through a form of Ascension on their own planet, and they have watched and observed, and do you remember, just as I said to you in another teaching, their time now has come to assist Planet Earth in her ascension, as will your time come to assist another planet in its ascension in the greater realms.

With regard to further information on the Ascension Plan, I would wish you to undertake and take inwardly information I have given you this morning regarding your own divinity and your own Christ spark.  It is important for you to dwell on yourselves, it is important to dwell on the better making of yourselves and please, I do not want to get this confused with atonement for sin or anything like that, what I want you to do is, I want you to make yourselves aware of the spiritual beings inside of you because it is necessary for you to do this, because of the Ascension Plan and the essence which the Ascension Plan contains.

I also have another little exercise for you all to do, I would like you to take an observance of your world; I would like you to look at the flowers, the shrubs, the trees.  I would like you to try, if you can, to take a note of things that are happening where you live - whatever hemisphere you live in – I would like you to take a note and see if you can prove to yourself that many of the things are changing.  Flower and fauna are adapting to the conditions that are around them.

I would also like you to look at perhaps the birds and insects that are around you – this is quite important because I would like you to see if you can notice any change.  Now these are all ways of proving to yourself that yes, what I speak of is the truth, that things are changing, but it is also a way of acquainting yourself with the spirituality that is around.  Do not think for one minute that you are the only beings that walk this earth with the divine spark within you.  Everything has a life, every flower, every seed, every insect - however gruesome, however venomous - has a life, and that life has come from the Source, and I want you to respect that life and that spirituality, and in doing that, you will go a long way to igniting and observing the spirituality within yourself.

Please listen to what I have said, it is for your own self-enhancement, and if you love yourself, and if you give yourself the right to love the divine spark within you, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

My blessings of peace and positive love be with you all.   Farewell.


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  1. Beautiful – simply beautiful. Let us all teach and bring this message to the masses for that is what The Master asks of us. I pray for strength and wisdom to do so Dear Lord.

  2. A question for Ivor and Shiela … Mary Magdalene has a beautiful opening in this transcript and she mentions the work you do with SWASH. What would that stand for and what would that be?

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