Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 19th August 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is lovely to be gathered with you again this morning.  Now, is there anything you would like specifically to discuss this morning?

IVOR:  Yes, dear Master.  First of all, can we categorically state that 2012 is not the conclusion of humanity upon the earth?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  I understand why you would ask it because it is written in so many places.

IVOR:   Well, the reason why I ask dear Master, we don’t want to build up in peoples’ minds that a certain date has been set – 2012 – and for it not to happen.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course, I understand this reason, and  I would say to you, you can categorically say that on the 21st December 2012 the end of humanity will not happen.  The preparation year that we have spoken about – again make it abundantly clear – the preparation year begins in 2011, and the Ascension will start after this, but it will not be a vast wave of thousands of people going as it was on the first and second wave of the Ascension  Some will go because that is their place to be, but the completion of the Ascension Plan will be after 2012.  If it is not then we will need a Plan B - and there is no Plan B.

SHEILA:  Dear Master, many Lightworkers say that they are worried that panic, anarchy and looting will break out because of shortage of food etc   How can we alleviate their fears?

LORD SANANDA:  You must tell the Lightworkers that this is to be expected.  People will act in fear.  Those who choose to remain ignorant of the signs of Mother Earth, or Nature, or earth energy -  whatever you wish to address her as - they will be afraid because they will know, deep in their hearts, that something is happening, and because they have not got the knowledge, and because they have chosen not to seek out those who have the knowledge, they will be like a ship tossing on the sea.

Now, I would like to say to the Lightworkers, do not be afraid, be fully aware that I am with you, that I am with you all over the world, and do not be afraid.  Look to yourselves, look for your survival – as I suggested - try to grow your own food.  I do not want you to stockpile – I think that is a very modern word but I think you will understand it - I do not want you to stockpile water, tinned goods etc as in war years gone by - it will not be necessary - but what is necessary, the people of this earth must be seen to understand that great changes are coming about.

We have tried to do it subtly, and it has been ignored on a grand scale, and the only thing that we can do, that the Source has been able to do - is to set into motion planetary influences over the whole globe, and the weather conditions will be changing; there will be drought, there will be loss of food – half the people in Australia and in Asia, they have not seen rain for many years but it will come, and it will come in such a flood that they will think that it is the end of the world, and this is what we have had to do, it is VERY necessary.    It is not something that is done without love and without sincere planning, but the one thing the people of this earth react to is the weather.

SHEILA:  Dearest Lord, am I understanding correctly that things will not be quite so bad before the Ascension, but will get much worse after it, in the days of tribulation?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, at the time of tribulation, and I have referred to it time and time again in the messages I have given to you as the tribulation simply because - there is no disrespect, no judgement, I do not pass judgement, I am completely love -  most of the organised religions recognise the words “Rapture” and “Tribulation”, and where there is a huge influence is in, what is known as, the great “Bible Belt of America”.  Many of the Pentecostal, Evangelical, Baptist, and other organised religions throughout that country know and understand what the Rapture is – you know it as the Ascension, and that is really its pure and proper name - but as I have said to you before, in times gone by, we have to put it in terminology that people will understand, and if they do not wish to accept the Ascension they may well accept the Rapture.   Everybody will accept the time of tribulation, it is in the Bible.  In Revelations Chapter 13, you will find it there, so this is why I use this.  Yes, coming up to the Ascension it will be difficult but it will not be so bad as after the Ascension, that is the time for the tribulation.   Now, are there any more questions?

SHEILA:  Just one please.  In our world, and particularly the sporting world, the Olympics are very important to many, many  people, and the UK has now been awarded the opportunity of hosting these Games in 2012.  As we now know that 2012 is going to be a very testing time for us all, will these Games still be able to take place please?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, they will.  The Olympics are due to be held in the earlier part of that year.  There will be some countries that will not be attending because the global problems will prevent them from travelling.  Some countries will not choose to attend because of political differences.  You can be assured that political differences will loom very large in 2011 and 2012, and the main protagonists in that will be sadly again the Middle East, America and also Asia.

Now, amongst all the problems that mankind is facing at the moment there is hope for I do have to tell you that for each child that is born at this time, each one is a lightworker, and every child that is born into every family, wherever they may be in this great earth, none of those children are born ignorant of the Ascension Plan.  I know there is much worry about the innocents and the yet unborn children, but I do say, be assured that those children born at this time will have wise heads on old shoulders, and they will teach their families and those around much.  There will be a lot made of the quick advancement of these children - how quickly they will learn, how wise they seem, how gentle they are, how passionate they are about certain things – and it will be a talking point for many people, and hereby lies your hope, because here, in your world, are being born an army of role-models and they will teach you all.  May I bring you back to the Biblical saying “Out of the mouths of babes wisdom will ensue” and so it is.

Well my friends, with your blessing and with your love I take my leave, and I thank you for your time, I thank you for your love and for your enthusiasm and your desire for accuracy and honesty, and as always, I come in light, I come in love and I speak the truth.  Be at peace my friends.


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