Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 12th August 2010

IVOR:   Opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:    Good morning my beloved friends, it is so good to be here with you once again, and it is a little while since we met, but these things will happen, and I do want to assure you that this is nothing out of the ordinary.  Because you are human you are going to be susceptible to small minor illnesses such as this which has come to pass in the last few weeks, but I would say to you, do not worry, we are here watching, and, as I promised you, I will protect you from anything major.

Now, I have delivered to you, over the past few months, messages of information, things that are set to be happening to your world, and changing the world as you know it, and even life as you know it, and it has saddened me that over the entire world - not just here in this place, in this country - but all over the world it has saddened me that people have distanced themselves so far from this message that I bring, and it has been levelled at the facets of my being that “Why should there be this message of fear from a God of Love?”  and I must underline and say to you, my friends, this message comes from the Source of Love, it comes from the Source of Life, and we are coming to give you this message in the hope that you will have the sense, the intelligence and the will to try to make this change as least disruptive as possible, not just to yourselves but to each individual, to humankind as a whole.

I understand and with much deliberation with – I know you find this difficult to believe - but with the Source itself, and with the highest counsel that is available. We choose to bring this message to you to tell you, out of love, that these things are going to happen, and we want you so to change yourselves so that you may be part of the positive side of this, of the Ascension Plan.  It was not just one decision and it is not a decision that is designed to make you afraid, to make you panic, to make you confused, it is a message of hope to tell you that there is something you can do.  You can be part of the Ascension Plan, of the earth changing, but it requires belief, it requires strength and it also requires you to have a focus and a will that nothing can deter you from your own self-awareness.  It is your own self-awareness and the raising of your subconscious and spiritual vibrations which will help you assimilate the information we are bringing.  It will help you to make the change much easier.  It will be less shocking to you, and it will help to make the change more acceptable.

I know there are many, many questions – I have experienced this the last time I spoke to your Group, my Sister and Brother.  I know there are many who feel for their children, for the unborn innocents, for themselves, but I say to you, these are earthly ties, you will not be cut away from your families.  The innocents will not be left to go through a time of trouble and tribulation – that would be cruel, that would be not from a God of Love - and if the messages you heard before, about people being taken on the first and second waves of the Ascension, and you felt nothing happened - ask yourself the question “Why did nothing happen?”  -  because some people chose to go their own way.

SHEILA:  Dearest Lord, can I make a comment on that?  At the meeting you refer to, Ivor and I were not there at the time this comment was made – we had other things needing our help – but people did go on the first and second waves.  Some of the Mediums and other Clairvoyants that we were in contact with at that time, informed us that they did go up and that some of us were there also, although, sadly, those of us who are not psychic were not able to bring anything back with us, but at the time, some people had wonderful experiences.

LORD SANANDA:  I think my friends, even if you had been there when the comment was made, I think there will always be those – and please, I do not address this to one person, one group personally,  I hope this message will be read worldwide, and I say to you – I understand, of course I understand, that you are worried that you will leave behind your loved ones, that there will be pain - but I cannot underline it enough and emphasise it enough, and say to you, you must trust me, you must have faith, you must believe that what I tell you is the truth, and if at all possible, put aside your fears, and look at things from a logical point of view.  That is why I have gone to such great lengths to provide you with information that have a scientific or factual background, so that if you do not wish to take the spiritual aspect, and you lean more towards scientific facts and figures, they are there for you to underpin the spiritual aspect of what is happening.

The humanrace is a complex race.  It has intelligence, it has curiosity, it has a need for answers and in this generation the need for answers is required NOW, “I need to know NOW and I need to know about everything NOW”.  I have given you the choice.  I have told you everything, I have prophesised things for you - and do not be fooled my friends, by the Banks and Financiers that you see on the multi-media systems that you have throughout your world - your world is heading for a double dip – and I coin that phrase because that is what they have used – your world is heading for a double-dip in the recession.  The early part of next year, 2011, you will see a dip in the world economy, and it will make your re-growth almost inconsequential because the regrowth will not take place before the Ascension begins.  I prophesise this – if you want me to say those words – I prophesise this.

Now, let us say that there are many ways in which self-awareness can be brought about, and one thing I would ask - and I ask here specifically of the Amethyst Group this morning - I would ask - when you give guided meditation, when you are gathered together in your various ways of working - may I ask specifically that you will take five or ten minutes of your time to meditate - and this is for all of you for there will be many things that need to be adjusted, and it is difficult, with so many people that are working at night, it is difficult to make the adjustments to your spirit form in this way.  It needs to be an adjustment that you are conscious of, so when you are working at night you cannot be conscious of this adjustment, so may I ask that you will take ten minutes quiet meditation as frequently as you are comfortable with, so that you may enjoy – shall we call it - a further hypersensitive moment for all of you, that would be really good - and all of you having a curious moment about the Ascension Plan and myself, Sananda, and all the other things that go with this beautiful plan for mankind - please do this, and if you do not know how to do this, then please approach anyone in your group, or anyone spiritual and ask them for guidance,  At the moment your earth is in great flux of change vibrationally that it would be a very good time for all to take ten minutes out.

Now, I would like to say something about the floods which obviously you are all aware of, and again I can hear the cries going out from people “Where is God?” “Why is this being allowed to happen?” but I also hear the voice of reason, and that people are saying ”If some of the land hadn’t been altered beyond recognition, if so many of the trees hadn’t been cut down, if so many of the houses hadn’t been built so hastily and badly on the sides of the river bank, the loss of life may have been smaller.”  This is true but this is also a fulfilment of a prophecy that I gave to you many years ago when I said to you that many places would be wet which were once dry and vice versa, and in this country, and in the countries affected – India, China, Asia - you have seen the effect of water to a devastation level, and I have heard it said so much across the globe that this is the worst flood – India, Pakistan – has experienced for one hundred years.

What did I say at the beginning of these new messages? This would be a new start.  2011 will be a greater preparation year than you think, and there will be more of this happening.  There will be greater devastation from heat and water, for these are the elements that Mother Nature controls, and as the planet erupts, it will release itself through fire and flood, and what follows fire and flood -  famine, and I will say to you, my friends, I will give you fair warning - whether you choose to accept this warning or not, it is entirely up to you - where you have the land, grow your own food.  Ensure you grow enough fresh food.  It will be impossible for you to grow wheat for bread.  What I am saying to you, your planet is at war with itself, and just as in years gone by, here in Britain you were told “dig for victory”, here I say, “dig for survival”.  Whether you choose to accept this warning, it is entirely up to you, but you will find, over the next nine months – and if you want a prophecy - in the next nine months you will find that your basic food staples – potatoes, bread, sugar – will be extremely difficult to get hold of. and you will pay a premium price for them.  Be warned my friends.

It sounds as if I am a prophet of doom doesn’t it “Be warned” but I mean it in love.  I want you to have what you can have, but it means more and more that you will have to rely on yourselves and each other, and if you have much - share, If you have land that you can offer someone who needs to grow food on - offer it - it is for all of you to read this and to understand.  For those of you who have enough and more than enough; share, please, it is so important.

So, we have covered meditation for the spiritual mind, we have covered food for the human body - now what about food for thought.  Well, the best food for thought that I can offer you is to come together, to talk together - not necessarily to listen to channelling but I and many others will be happy to talk with you - but come together, have a discussion forum, talk about these things.  Maybe talk about some of the problems – the shock and disbelief – come together, talk about it for there is comfort in sharing belief and understanding, and there is also comfort in numbers where you may go away and feel refreshed and happy, when some questions will be raised and answers given.  I have sometimes difficulty with my words but I would encourage this; get together perhaps on a social occasion when you can have refreshments, and a discussion I am sure would be helpful to so many.

SHEILA:  Dear Lord can I please ask?  Are the Mediums that come to our Church getting messages of the Ascension.  Are they being informed of what is to come?

LORD SANANDA:  They are being told but they are expected to perform - and I use that word not in a bad sense – in a way they are expected to perform - people come to the Church for answers, they want badly to speak to someone on the other side, their loved ones.  They do not want to hear these messages that I bring.  They would be quite capable of channelling them if they wished but they work on a different level – they are mostly concerned with providing proof of survival after death.

SHEILA:  Yes, I understand.  People do have a fear of what is to come but dear Master it is also the fear of losing their lifestyles, the life that they love.  They like  their computers, their televisions.  We like everything about our lives which we know are so much better in our country than in others.

LORD SANANDA:  It is very difficult for people to accept this and I have to say to you, because you, yourselves – you have had more experience of this than some.  Now, you have had three of your relatives, your beloved sisters, go with cancer.  They would have inevitably been told that they had X amount of time to live.  Now that is no different than telling the whole of humanity you have X amount of time left on this earthplane, and living in the world, and the life with computers, televisions, and all the luxuries that you have.

Now those in the west will find this extremely hard to accept, but those who live in a mud hut in Africa or children who live out their lives on a dung heap in Brazil, they will welcome this information with open arms.

I understand how difficult it is and I understand here that the message I give to the western world, and those different factions of myself that give messages to the western world, we have to be brutally honest, but if I say to an Elder in an African village “My beloved brother, this torment that you live in, when you are hungry and thirsty, when there is no food or water, this torment will soon end”.  he accepts this with open arms and says “Good Lord, when?”

You see the most beautiful part about the Ascension Plan is that when humankind ascend into the next level of evolution – lightbeings – you will all be the same.  There will no lesser or higher tribe, there will be no lower or higher caste, there will be no rich, no poor, no hungry, no full – everything will be equal, and you will be closer to the divinity that you have inside each one of you, so those of you who think “I don’t want to give up my penthouse, I don’t want to give up my big house, I don’t want to give up my fast car - my gadgets that open the windows and turn on the appliances for me” - I say to you my friends you have no idea of the riches in store for you  - this will seem as dross, and those who I have mentioned before who live in dreadful conditions, they will be elevated to lightbeings and they will know at last that they have come home, and when they see what they have left, oh what rejoicing there will be.

So, my friends, please try to embrace the Ascension Plan as best you can.  Do not be afraid, I am with you always.  I will not leave you now and I will not leave you in the future, so embrace it with happiness, do what you can, live your lives, take to your hearts the information I have given you this morning, and the warnings, take them to your heart and take them in love because they are given in love.

How I so wish I could do more, but I cannot reveal myself yet, it is not the plan.  I cannot make things happen in a twinkling of an eye, I cannot do that, that is not the plan.  The Source is the Creator, the Source is life and it is His Plan that will bring all this to fruition and will do so again, and again.  Just trust, my friends, and accept with love and believe where you can.

IVOR:  Can I say firstly we thank you most sincerely for the privilege to be able to carry out the soul rescue work in China and Pakistan, and I would ask if you would convey our thanks to all those who came to help in those instances.  Our minds, in physical form, were stretched to cover all facets of carrying out what was necessary.

LORD SANANDA:  I will pass on your thanks my friend, and my brother fear not, your mind stretches further than you think.  Have you any questions my Sister?

SHEILA:  We have received an e-mail about the Grand Cross Alignment .  Can you tell us what significance this will have on our earth and the humanrace please?

The Grand Cross Alignment is one of the greatest astronomical feats of the place which you know of as “space”.  There has been much importance attached to the date of the climax which, as you all know, will be the 21sr December in the year Two Thousand and Twelve.  This has come about because of the Seer, Nostradamus, and he believed, because he could not see any further than 2012, that the wheel of life and the lifespan of humanity therefore must end.

I would like to assure you that your world is not going to end on the 21st December 2012, however, it will herald the beginning of the final phase of the Ascension Plan, which I have already spoken about and discussed at great length, and will no doubt discuss further.

The Grand Cross Alignment – some people refer to it as the “Cardinal Cross”.  In your world at the moment it seems it is like the Tower of Babylon, so many people speaking with ideas and different interpretations, and I come this morning because I want this interpretation, this message - I want it to be clear and concise for all who read it.

The actual beginning of the Grand Cross Alignment began in the middle of what you now call your summer – some people refer to it as the “Summer Solstice” – it began on the 21st June, mid-summer’s day, when there was a lunar eclipse.  Many people saw this; some saw it and it went unnoticed.  I suspect that much of the astronomy world will have made light of it because lunar eclipses happen much more frequently than you believe they do, but there are those who are Astrologers who study the stars for the constellations and their influence on mankind.  Now here we come to the crux of the meaning of the Grand Cross Alignment.

First let us talk about the climax.  When it becomes the full climax on the 21sr December, 2012, all of the planets in your solar system will be aligned, exactly one behind each other, and the alignment will look as if it is a cross, a cross upon which, as you know, I gave my life.  It will be a wonderful spectacle to behold if the skies are clear.  Yes, you will be able to see it with the naked eye.  If the skies are not clear it would be better to see if you can view it through a telescope, or from an observatory.  When this climax happens there will undoubtedly be a huge change in the earth, and the planet that is responsible for this will be Saturn.

It cannot be denied that all of the planets have an influence on the earth and all who live in it, on it and under it.  Many of the planets influence the wind.  The moon itself influences the tide because of the gravitational pull.  The sun influences life, and as you have seen, the recent reaction from the sun - of the sunspots and whathave you - it has been a spectacular thing to visualise and see the extent that the solar storms have had on the sun.  The sunspots have erupted and they have shot into space, pounded into space.  The wonderful solar storms carrying with it much of the debris from the solar surface, has given you the most spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis, and you will remember that in a previous text I did say to you that when there was further sunspot activity and the Aurora Borealis was affected beyond denial, then this would herald the start of the preparation.

Many of your planets that circle the solar system all the time have a great influence but none as much as Saturn.  Saturn influences the earth shift, it influences the higher consciousness of man, it influences the way in which people behave – it also has a great influence on Mother Earth herself, and at this time of the climax of the Grand Alignment, there will be a huge activity.  Many of the plates that support your earth and give the continents their shape will shift, and this will give rise to much more activity than you have seen, even in this year.

The moon, because of its position in the alignment, will also be affected by the energy of the other planets around her, and she, in a certain way, will be thrown into chaos.  So the gravitational pull of the water on the earth’s surface will be somewhat altered, even only miniscule.  High tides will become much more frequent and there will be much more flooding, even more so than you have seen this year.

The sun itself will not have too much affect on the Grand Alignment, other than the fact that it will be somewhere in what people have chosen to call “The Galactic Centre”, and it is right and proper that it should be for the sun is the giver of life.

Now, that is how the climax will affect you.  As it moves out of the alignment, which will take a further six months into 2012, many other things will begin to change.  There will be much more of a leaning towards war, heads of Government will seemingly abandon all reason, and countries that were thinking of warring will most definitely be at war within six months’ time, and yes, it is down to planetary influence, and to other influences around you at this time.

Now, leading up to the climax which starts, as I said, from June of this year, the planets as they move into a different orbit, their energies will be changed.  You will remember that through all the time we have been talking about the Ascension Plan, we have talked about the vibration level of the earth moving.  This obviously is due to the Ascension Plan and it is in the Source’s Plan that this should happen, and the way that this is happening is also through, not the cardinal reason, but it is also through the planetary influences that are moving into the Alignment.

At this present time Mercury is in a phase of discord, and it causes chaos when it is in retrograde – that means it is going back in its orbit - but at the moment the energies of Mercury are disrupted because of the other planets which are drawing near into its orbit.

Jupiter for one has an opposing energy, to some of the planets – particularly Mercury.  Jupiter brings a good energy with it, it brings a calming influence whereas Mercury is a planet which can cause in some people, not in all, a chaotic thought pattern, much more a disbelieving nature - a confused chaotic nature.  At the moment Mercury is now in its zenith which is causing a lot of the problems.

Now, there is really no further explanation that I would wish to bestow on you, simply because your earth, as I said at the beginning, is like the Tower of Babylon.  There are so many people - and I do have to say so many people for monetary gain, attaching all sorts of importances and problems - are caused with this Alignment.  Yes, it is a very rare occasion, and it has not been seen by anybody living in this phase of humankind before, and it will be a spectacular vision to behold, but I urge you, planetary influences are always at play, whether they be in alignment or whether they are going about their own orbital business.

Many of the visitors that are here are waiting for your Ascension Plan.  They are watching their own planets too and wondering where they will be and what is happening home, because of the influences of the alignment, on their own planets.

You are not the only planet in this Alignment.  There will be many beings wondering what will happen with the Grand Alignment, and I say to you, it is an astronomical feat that you will behold with much joy and in much splendour, but I urge you not to attach too much importance to it.

I have come to talk to you about the Ascension Plan and I have come to answer any questions that you may have, but there are some things that must still be withheld from mankind and it is not because it is a secret, a mystery, it is merely because the Ascension Plan is the primary thing on everyone’s mind at the moment, or it should be, and I want all their energies to be focused on their own self-awareness.  I have heard to my sadness that there are still people who will not be concerned with the Ascension Plan or other things spiritual because they are afraid of their jobs.   They do not want to be standing up to be counted, and I cannot understand why, when the very future of mankind is here, placed before you, that there are those who would think so narrowly.  These are the people we must try to reach.  It cannot be a time for pushing it to one side or burying one’s head in the sand - me thinks that would be a very stupid thing to do - but people must understand that time is limited.  Now, I hope that has answered your question as fully and as clearly as you would want.

SHEILA:  Yes, excellent dear Master.

Our young friend Oliver has now got our website up and running, (  There are just one or two things he has to finish but it is up and running and we are very grateful to him.

LORD SANANDA:  It will be a wonderful tool to have because when anyone puts in – I believe they call it an engine search - if they type the word amethyst or revelations it should come up very quickly.  Please pass on my grateful thanks to Oliver for all his hard work.


LORD SANANDA:  Are we rolling Mr De Mille?

SHEILA:  (Saluting) Right on Sir.

LORD SANANDA:  Now, my friend Mr De Mille - a very spiritual man.  Do you know it was under my suggestion that he made the film “The Ten Commandments” and you would not believe how many people came to believe in an afterlife and love of God from that film.  I do have to say that Cleopatra did not quite have the same effect but it made him lots of money, and he still says “Good God, How wonderful it would be if I could make a movie of this up here” and I say “Cecil, you don’t need to worry, many people will see for themselves soon enough, and you can make a film of what happens then.”   He cannot get over the fact that when he passes his hand over something he can then project the image into the air or onto a clear wall.  He will put his hand across in front of him (demonstrating with his hand) and there appears the image.

SHEILA:  And we will be able to do that?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, and more besides.  So do you see what I mean when I say computers will be dross, you will not need them, and there will be other things too.  There is so much that will be so wonderful for you.  Someone asked Sue if they would be able to hug someone and would they know - yes you will, and it will not matter that you don’t have the physical sensation because when you hug somebody the real sensation is here in your heart chakra.  It will be so wonderful and you will not believe how hugging someone as a lightbeing, can send out such beautiful colours and vibrations.  It is a world of such beautiful colours – there is nothing on this earth that can compare with it, and this is why I feel so sad that people want to hold on to the dross that they have – but however,…….

IVOR:  Couple of tricks like that would certainly wake people up dear Master.

LORD SANANDA:  What are you suggesting dear Brother?

IVOR:  Send me the package dear Master.

IVOR:  We are both giving talks in the near future dear Master so we will be grateful for all the help we can get..

SHEILA:  Well we can always say, can’t we.  “We don’t know all the answers but we know a man who does!”

LORD SANANDA:  (Laughing)  Yes, yes, we know a man who does. I like it..  Well I will do the best I can to help you my friends.  Now who was it – was it Cecil?  No not Cecil, he says it wasn’t him.  There was a famous Director who always said “Always leave them wanting more”.  Who was it Cecil?   He says it was George Bernard Shaw.  “Always leave them wanting more.”  Now who was it who said “One for the rook and one for the crow”  Now that was Mr Hardy.  We are having a very literary morning this morning.

SHEILA:  Are they all here? Is Will Shak-es-peare (as Master Zenna used to call him) is he here?

LORD SANANDA:  Will Shakespeare.  No he is not here, no.  Now where is he?  He is somewhere abroad at the moment, but yes Mr Thomas Hardy is here and he says do you remember in “Mayor of Casterbridge”  ‘One for the rook and one for the crow’?

SHEILA:  Yes, I certainly can.

LORD SANANDA:  My Brother, have you anything more?

IVOR:  Dear Master, I was talking to someone last Saturday and he was asking for my thoughts on several spiritual subjects, and he said it was very difficult to accept some of them, and I said all I could ask him to do was not to discard them but to put them in a pigeon hole, in a little box on the shelf …

LORD SANANDA:  A seed box (Ha ha).

IVOR:  ……and when they hear something that rings a bell they can take out that thought and it will fit just like a piece of a jigsaw, and he said he could accept that and would be happy to do so.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, for all our frivolity, it is like sowing seeds.  It is a good analogy to put things away, and just like you take seeds out when it is time to sow them - when the time is right - so you can take the seed out of your mind and allow it to grow.  Just plant the seed to encourage people to accept what they can with love and then to take out each part when they are ready, and that is all I would ask you to do, and it is all that I will ask of humankind, except that they must work hard at it, allow themselves the best chance by doing the things that we have already discussed.

Now, I fear it is my time to depart.  I will take my friends Cecil and Thomas with me and all the others.   My blessings to you my friends and may my love be with you all.


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  1. As you can see, I am not shy about leaving comments. The reason: This is so incredibe and amazing to read of what to expect in these momentous times we are living in. Thank you Amethyst Group for channeling The Master Lord Sananda that we may know what to expect and to prepare ourselves for The Ascension. Love and Light, Tom

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