Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 22nd July 2010

IVOR:   Opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  How lovely it is to be with you again, and I can see that you are now rested and refreshed from your journeyings. We have not been in contact with any of you to give you a complete break

I have read with interest the interpretation of this information from Comte St Germaine.  (This was a transcript taken from the internet and sent to Ivor and Sheila – fifteen pages – of a message dated 3rd July 2010, from the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy entitled “Galactic Federation of Light ’First Contact’ Preliminary” giving the name of Comte de Sainte Germaine as the Ascended Master in charge of events that they say will happen at the time of Ascension)

I can remember well in his lifetime he was heralded as a man with extraordinary powers.  He did not live the life of a normal saintly figure and enjoyed the pleasures – all pleasures - of life to the full. He was welcomed by Royalty - what humankind perceives as Royalty - in his native France, and his ‘death’ in the middle part of your 18th Century was never really proved.

He has come to help the Earth many times prior to this Century. In his lifetime no landmarks or shrines were set up to commemorate his good works for the force of humankind, and the only legacy that remained then, as it does now, is his influence on the beginning of Freemasonry, but now there are many landmarks set in place to him. He was recognized in many places as a priest, a courtesan, a maker of dross into gold, a reformer, but never a Saint; as his name bears he is recognized today in your world as a ‘Saint’.

As an Ascended Master he does not use his ‘title’ (Comte) and we know him as Master Germaine, but his ideas and philosophy for a ‘better’ regime are well known in the Ascended realms, indeed it is merely a continuation of the plan he was given to expiate here on the earth in his lifetime - and beyond. However, his new regime would be hard to implement in the Ascension of those of you who will ascend as the penultimate beings, (light beings) because there will be no need in the new world for government, finance, currency, political ideals nor anything of that nature. All will be as you require it to be.  You will no longer feel the need inside of yourselves to be governed, to be told how to share - how to live to ideals - because you will already feel such love inside you, around you, and for your fellow ‘beings’ that there will be no need.   Peace and Harmony will reign and it’s only sovereign will be Love in the new world.

It is very difficult for your Channellers  to interpret the information that is given, sometimes we know that the words used can be not quite correct, and also…….

they respectively keep aside their own thoughts and imaginings, and this is difficult to do, for in order for us to communicate with you as a human being, we need to access part of your minds which allow speech, also we have to give information in terms that you can understand.  So, I do not discredit this information passed through this Channeller, rather that it maybe, at this time, harder for others to accept. After all, your world does not even understand the nature of intergalactic travel, but, hopefully, there will be those who can and will understand this message.

As I have already said to you and explained in other transcripts to the Amethyst Group, there is no need for higher intelligence to rule you.  This will be your world of perfection, the new world, the new humanrace.  So, whilst I say that perhaps the interpretation is slightly inaccurate in this message, we have got in place, after the Ascension plan has happened, (and you will recall I told you there would be a time of tribulation, after the Ascension had happened, and there would be those who are left on the earthplane who will try to survive for one or two years more - you will                    remember I told you this, it is in the transcript) this may be an interpretation of some galactic interference at that time.  Now I do not think it should be perceived as a warning but what I do say is that if there are those that are left who will bluntly refuse to accept the Ascension Plan as it is, then it may well be that it is easier for them to accept a different regime, a different form of government, because they will still be in human form.

It may well be that those people will need to be processed in a different way, and I use the word “processed”- it is not a good word but it is the best word I can use to describe how it will happen.  They will go to another planet of their own free will but they will not be free - does that make sense - whereas those who will ascend in the Ascension Plan and those who will make it known that they want to belong to the Ascension Plan, as they have seen others go, then they will become light beings.  Those who refuse, cannot accept it - will not accept it - they will hanker for power. They will go to another planet of their own free will but they will not be free.

So, I think you could say that the overall ascension plan does offer mankind a choice - either he finds his penultimate perfection or he continues under a different regime, under a different government, in a very different planet than the new world we have created for you, or he comes with us - but whatever happens, I do have to stress here that everything is done with love.

Even those from different realms – some of them have come already through Ascension as you well know, some have not.  Some are merely workers in service of the Source and have never touched or lived on a planet before.  These may well be the Galactic Council.

There are many Ascended Masters who are working at this time for your earth, and I know of San Germaine but I do not know of Comte San Germaine.  San Germaine, as you will know, was French and was a martyr, and he died for his belief in how he felt Christianity should be.  There are memorials to him all over the Northern part of France.  He was also a great inspirational priest at the time of the Crusades, and his shrine in one of the Northern villages in France, in Tournai actually, has a shrine which, in the early days when the humanrace was still young, was believed to hold special powers, so there is indeed San Germaine, but I do not know my Brother as Comte Sans Germaine, but again as I say, it could be a misinterpretation - a mishearing - I am not here to judge, I am merely here to explain once again how the Ascension Plan will take place.

There is something I would like to add.  There are many people, all over your world, who are talking of the Ascension Plan and the change of mankind, and for every Medium who channels this information, you will have a slightly different interpretation, because the minds of each Medium is unique, but I would like to say that in this mind of this Medium, there is no clutter, there is no – how can one say – there is no pre-supposition, no thoughts of how the future could be, would be, in her own imaginings - that is why I find it very easy to channel through her.  It is a straightforward pathway, and my thoughts come in and they go out, and this is such beauty to have a pure pathway where I can exert only my own knowledge and my ideas, so I would like you to thank her for me.

Now, do you have some questions before we continue?

SHEILA:  I have some questions please dear Master.  The first one – the Astronomers have discovered this great big star that is over 300 times bigger than our sun, and of course it is so much brighter and so much hotter obviously.  Have you any information you can give us on this please, dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  This is indeed a new sun and will not have any impact on the earth at the moment obviously, because of the Ascension Plan, but in time to come your own sun will gradually begin to die - that is how it will happen - your own sun will die.  Now, there is nothing I can do to stop this but what will happen is this new sun will gradually take the place of your sun as you know it at the moment.  It will be a spectacular solar event and I know there are many Scientists who are wishing that it would happen now in their lifetime, but to do that would destroy the earth and the earth is going to sort itself out any way, so this would be a wonderful thing to witness because the sun will implode on itself and go, and it will just become another brilliant planet in the solar system, so the new sun will take its place.  Now, you will remember when I said to you that the earth, as you know it, will begin to regenerate itself in many, many thousands of years time, in order to do that what does it need?

SHEILA:  The sun.

LORD SANANDA: Exactly, and this sun, this new bright sun, will gradually come closer and closer into the orbit of the earth, and this new sun will regenerate light, life - renew life, a different life - but without the sun you can have nothing.  So really it is merely a replacement from your old sun to the new sun.

IVOR:  Are these principles dear Master applicable to all the planets in our system?

LORD SANANDA:  The regeneration of them?  Well, some yes, but there are still some that we cannot, for eons, regenerate new life, for there are lifeforms on all of these planets - not life perhaps as you know it but there is a lifeform on all of these planets:  Jupiter, Mars – there is water on Mars as you know which has a lifeform in it.  Now these will come into their own but there are so many that it is perhaps beyond human mind to wonder what it would be like for each planet in the solar system to be inhabited.

There are more planets in your solar system inhabited now than you could ever imagine, but this new sun, certainly when it comes within your solar system - your especial solar system - it will regenerate a new life on Mars, it will melt a lot of the ice around the rings of Saturn, and the tiny little satellites that go around them.

Jupiter is different - we are not sure yet what we should do with Jupiter.

Uranus no.

Now, what have I left out?  Pluto.  Well, you know Pluto is not strictly speaking a planet any more, according to your scientists, but they are wrong.  Pluto is a planet and just because it doesn’t happen to reach the scale and contain certain things they have found that it does not have - Hubble is very good but it is not capable of capturing everything - and Pluto is a planet, and we feel is capable of holding flower and fauna, and flower and fauna may well be useful to you in your new world for it would be good to introduce new species to see them evolve.  That evolvement from feed or grain or root or rhizome, may help the future generation of the new life that we shall re-create on earth, for the new life on earth when it is recreated, will go through the same stages as you have gone through.  Now, I don’t know if I have ever explained that to you but when the new life is regenerated on earth, it will begin the same as your own - it will begin with the cell, it will begin with the amphibian - but the acceleration will be much faster, and it will be a better humanrace, which is why we feel that on Pluto we can develop – it will be, if you like, a planetarian laboratory.

SHEILA:  But this will take time dear Master, just as the earth will take time to regenerate?

LORD SANANDA:  Oh yes, if you wish me to talk in years I am talking in thousands, thousands, but the best thing is you will be able to watch its progress.

Can you see the evolvement here?  You will be the Ascended Masters to help that race - can you see that?  Can you see the beauty of the plan?

SHEILA:  Very exciting.  Thank you for that explanation.  My second question is about this terrible disease that is affecting our Oak trees, Larch and other species causing them to die off.  Why is this happening now dear Master?  Is this the beginning of the end?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  On your earth planet - this is for the Scientists - trees are the lungs of the earth.  They bring in oxygen and they release carbon dioxide, finished, gone. It is what keeps the good balance of your earth.  Trees are good because the wind changes its speed and its shape over the trees, and obviously they support much life in the ground, in the bark, on the leaves - the fruits of some of these trees – beech nuts for the animals that live in the forest, larch bark is very good for the animals, etc - so if you take away the lungs, or you reduce the capacity for lungs in the body, what happens - you die.  If your lungs stop working they cannot pump the oxygen around your body and you will die.

SHEILA:  Is it still to do with resources gradually being eroded?

LORD SANANDA:  It is not so much the resources being eroded - although they are deforesting areas at a huge rate - but in some places other things are being planted in their stead, but the reason that this disease is spreading so fast – let me see if I can give you a parallel – when a new mother is in labour, when the pain is intense for a contraction to push the child down the birth canal, very often it is difficult for her to breathe so she must have oxygen for breathing and to help the muscles work.

Take this a step further, look at the planet as a a woman in labour – mother earth in labour – her lungs are being starved of the oxygen because pollution - stripping of resources yes - and this disease, this lack of oxygen, is spreading through the trees, so the trees have to be felled because oxygen cannot be made to give to them - you cannot find the source of this disease therefore you cannot find a cure.

In many places, as well, the trees are dying very quickly because there is not enough water.  So all of these things can be reduced to a very simple parallel of life –to yourself - if you don’t get enough water you will shrivel up and you will die, if you don’t get enough oxygen you cannot breathe and therefore you will die.  If you don’t get enough spiritual food, to fuel your self awareness and your inner self, your soul - that will die - it is all about life and living.

SHEILA:  Thank you so much.  Now that is enough from me.

LORD SANANDA:  Right, now just before we go to do the work which we discussed earlier, there is something I would like to say to those people that read my messages, and I would say to you please, the messages that I bring are brought with love and are brought because I love you, and I bring them not to frighten you, not to put pain into your heart, I bring them to tell you your world will change, it is happening around you now.

You have heard the answers to some of the questions that I have been asked this morning.  Flower and fauna in your world is beginning to decay, and I have likened it to the parallel of a woman giving birth, and I know there are scientists who do not like to think of Mother Earth as a being, as a spirit, as an energy force, therefore if you cannot accept it as an energy force then accept it as scientific fact, the earth is decaying, the resources are being stripped.  The earth is being poisoned and this is being done by the hands of those who do not care, it is being done by those who give no thought to life of the planet now or in the future, and believe you me, my friends, the future of your earth is not great, it is not great in time.

For those of you who will stay after the Ascension Plan I say to you my friends, think and think again.  For those who are willing to come with the Ascension Plan, to follow it - you may call it the rapture, call it what you will – think how you can help those here and now in your own backyard.

I do not expect you to go preaching to heads of states, heads of churches – I have given my messages to them – they have been sent messages, they have the opportunity to read them or discard them.  Only just this last week, after still the wonderful message from Beloved Mary, the greatest institution of this country - the United Kingdom, the Church of England - has refused to acknowledge the voice of women in their priesthood.  They have refused to allow them the high office, or what they presume to be the high office, of Bishop, but I say to you, my friends, the women of this world will come into their own and they will hear their voices raised aloud.  The women of this planet will nurture those in pain, they will nurture their sisters in love, they will nurture the earth in love, and it is for all of us to work together in great harmony and peace.

IVOR: Dear Master, I am amazed at your words that the English Bishops will not accept women priests.  Did not each of those have a Mother?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, but you see once again, bureaucracy, political ambition - reputations are on the line.

The Ascension is going to happen, my friends, whether you like to think of it or you don’t.  It is the greatest event for mankind and you should greet this with love and yes, with a little trepidation, for you have never seen anything like it, but you are the generation, you are of the world that will witness this, and what rejoicing there will be when you have evolved into the penultimate form of lightbeing, and you will be able to see a new emergence of life - not only in your new world, not only here on your planet - just think of what I am telling you, you will no longer need to count your life in years.

You will no longer need to worry about a problem with your heart - a problem with your lungs, problems with a wrinkly skin – you will not need to worry about this, you will be ageless, and your mind will know no boundaries, it will be whole, and those that you love – you will know them – you will know them by their essence and you will know and feel such love as you have never felt before.  This is the beauty of the Ascension Plan.  You will be the new ascended world, you will become the new ascended masters, and in your hands will be the recreation of the new world, new life, a body that is bright and light with no decay, a new world in which to live.

What you hold dear at the moment, think of that and multiply those feelings into infinity, that is how you will feel, so I say to you again my friends, those of you who have difficulty in understanding this, open your hearts, open your minds and then do nothing more, and we will do the rest.

May my love and light rest in your hearts and your minds.  May it guide you in all that you do, and know that I love you and always will.  Blessings


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  1. Thank you Susan, for being such a clear channel for our Master, that His Word, teachings and these transcripts can be so useful.

  2. Hi I’am so grateful for all the info. I was told years ago that that ships from our heavenly brothers were going to evacuate people here on earth. im just kind off confuse ,the info came from kuthiumi and ashtar.

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