Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 22nd July 2010

IVOR:   Opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  How lovely it is to be with you again, and I can see that you are now rested and refreshed from your journeyings. We have not been in contact with any of you to give you a complete break

I have read with interest the interpretation of this information from Comte St Germaine.  (This was a transcript taken from the internet and sent to Ivor and Sheila – fifteen pages – of a message dated 3rd July 2010, from the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy entitled “Galactic Federation of Light ’First Contact’ Preliminary” giving the name of Comte de Sainte Germaine as the Ascended Master in charge of events that they say will happen at the time of Ascension)

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