Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 25th June 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

SUE (Channelling):  Good Morning little one (to Sue’s dog Tammy), good morning my friends.

SHEILA:  Good morning Master.

MARY MAGDELENE:  Well my friend, you may address me as Master if you wish but I think you will find you and I are the same.  My name is Mary Magdalene, and I will try and lift my voice a little.

SHEILA:  I am so sorry, Mary, my hearing is not as good as it used to be – old age I am afraid.

MARY MAGDALENE:  Old indeed you are but not in human years.

My blessed Lord - Lord Sananda as you call him, Eusaf as I call him - He has asked if I would come and talk with you this morning because it is important that people understand the message that He is trying to bring, and indeed I know that there are many people working with, what they call, ”The Flame of Mary Magdalene”, and I have come to prove that I am not just a flame, I have come to prove that I am here and I have come to prove that I can come to you and talk with you, just as Lord Sananda can as well.

You see, in this modern day and age, it seems important that there are views from women as well as from men, and at the time that I spent at my Lord’s side, and with all my other friends – Peter, James, John, Matthew, Luke - then I was in the minority, and so it seems today that in some parts of this world, women are still in the minority, and I have not come to preach a political message - of how women should be equal - no, that is not my concern, my concern is the nurturing of the new world and the nurturing even of this old world.

I have come to ask all women - you have the ability to nurture and to grow almost anything.  For those of you who do not have children, I ask you, do not despair if you are not able to have children, do not worry, for there is a place for you on this earth, there is a place for you to do something.  You will nurture in a different way, and if it is not possible for you to bear the child of your choice, when you want, then I ask you do not despair, the time is not right for you.  We have other things in mind and it will be up to these women, all across the world, to nurture the earth as best they can.  It will be up to them to nurture the animals around you, it will be up to them to nurture the orphans of the world who are left alone by famine and war, and disease.   It will be up to them to nurture Mother Earth’s Spirit - the Earth Energy, the Planet Earth herself - and you will do this by the great love that will surface in due course.

Do not despair, my children, do not despair my fellow women, do not despair of anything, and do not think for one moment that you have no part to play in the Ascension Plan, there is much for you to do.  Women will need to be, in some cases, the voice of reason.  Women will need to be in many cases the voice that a man will listen to for the ring of truth will be unmistakeable in the words that the women will speak, and women will have their voice.

I had my voice, I had my voice when I spent time with our Lord.  I was allowed to give my point of view, I was allowed to voice my questions, I was allowed even to talk - to deliver my Master’s teachings - but none of that is reported.  Sadly, sadly, those men who wrote about us and the times that we spent – and I use “us” as a collective discipleship - they left out all of the things that I did because they preferred to look at all of the bad things I had done.  Once I had met my Master, I knew that all of those things - all of those things - were past, they would never be reflected on again, not by those who were surrounding me and loving and supporting me, including my Master.

So I must say to you women here and now on the earthplane, do not berate yourselves, do not think you are not worth anything, do not think that you should be second-class to the men of this world, do not think that you have not a place - you have a place, you have a voice - and you, my fellow sisters, you are the ones that have the power to nurture and to grow everything and almost anything within your reach.  We have the power to soothe the raging beast, we have the power to smooth away a child’s tear so that it is forgotten in a heart beat, and we have the power to make our men listen.

Those with whom you live, those with whom you work, those with whom you go to the synagogue, those with whom you go to the Mosque, those with whom you go to the Church - you have the power to question, and if you cannot do it publicly do not silence your voice but do it privately, and keep on doing it privately, until it becomes public, and do not fear the consequences my dear sisters, for the God of Truth stands with you, he protects and guides you, front, back and to the side, and He will let nothing harm you.

This is not political, this is merely the raising of self-awareness, and I do hesitate to raise this because I do not wish to cause offence, but my sisters, we are more sensitive to the vibrations and the ability of self-awareness than our fellow men.  Please do not be offended by this my friends, it is not my intent to offend, but because we are women we are sensitive to the energies of the earth, we are sensitive to her birthing and we are sensitive to new life and everything around us, because that is what we are.  We carry new life within us, we carry the ability to nurture everything.

We are the “Holy Grail”, and I would just say to you, my sisters, in closing.  Please, do not push aside your thoughts your feelings.  Please, do not feel that your thoughts are worth nothing - they are worth everything. - and we have a job to do now, we have a job to nurture what is left of the time of this world, and we have a job to comfort those who are alone.  We have a job to make sure that those who are alone know what is happening.  Make your voices heard my sisters.  Be at peace and know that I watch over you and know that I am in essence that of Mary Magdalene.  I leave you with my love and my peace.

SHEILA:  Dearest Mary, thank you so much.

MARY MAGDALENE:   (To the Dog)  Little one, you be at peace as well..

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.

IVOR:  Welcome dear Master.

LORD SANANDA:  It is good to be with you again and I am so pleased that I was able to bring my beloved Mary to talk with you.

Now my friends, I have a need to talk with you this morning and as always I have a message that I need to bring to your earth, and as Lord Sananda I stand before you here, and I come in peace, I come in truth, and I come in love, and this my friends is a message I would bring to all, and I would ask you to bear with me while I talk to you of these things which may be painful in your hearing, but I ask that you take them into your heart with understanding, and if you cannot accept them then I will think no less of you for not accepting, but I ask that you take it within your heart and at least think about them.

This is a message for again the Teachers of love and light upon your earth, and I do speak to those who hold high office, I do speak to you Holy Father, and I do speak to you Arch-Bishop, and I do speak to you Chief Rabbi, and I do speak to you High Imam, and I do speak to you of other organised beliefs and religions, whether they be true or whether they be sham, and when I say this is a message for all, this is a message for all, but I will break it into two parts for you.

The first part is for those who teach the religious systems throughout the West and further parts of this world.  I would ask you my friends, my brothers, as I asked you a few weeks ago, would you please begin to teach my brothers and sisters here on the earth the truth.  Please, forget the dogma and stigma of the past, forget that in ages gone by that God was a God to fear - He is not a God to fear, He is the Source of Life and he offers you but a second opportunity to come into this new life if you will but raise the self-awareness of those you teach.

Some of you have forgotten what you are about, some of you have been so involved with the politics of the Church and the State that you have forgotten the simplicity of your message - and forget the message of just Christianity - the message of any belief system.  Whether you believe in the Christian or the Muslin Beliefs, or the Judaism, or whether you believe in other forms of the type of religion – Baptist, Methodist, Salvation Army, whatever - the overwhelming message should be “love and care for one another.

Too much is preached in the Churches of your Western World, too much is preached of how bad people are and how much wrath God will bring down on you, and if you do not live a better life then fire and brimstone, and all sorts of unimaginable horrors will take place - if you give your life for a cause you will go to Paradise and enjoy all that paradise has to offer - please stop this, it is but man’s interpretation of words that were spoken from the Source to mislead you.  That message my brothers is love.

You must love each other, it is the force that drives the humanrace.  Forget your love of pomp and circumstance - be simple - come back to who you are.  You can be unfettered and free, you can be a lightbeing, the next evolution of man – you can take part in this, but please, teach my children the right way.  Stop these talks of war, stop this talk of being a martyr, giving your life for a cause which is political, stop it please.  The world is hurting, the people that live on the face of this planet are hurting.  There are children born without any food to survive, even for a day.

Please, love one another as I love you.  I say it with such vehemence but I say it with such passion and with such love.  I cannot tell you any stronger how much I want this to come about.

Now, that is for Leaders of my Churches.  Please accept what I say in simple belief, take it into your hearts.  Look deep.  Gather together and discuss this.  Have a synod, have a conclave, whatever you want, but believe that I ask you in all humility, teach the message I have brought which was to love one another.

Now, for the second part – for those of you who would follow what I term - and what is a very understandable term for your modern world - an organised religious system.  I would ask you to look at what you go to Church for.  Look at what you are being taught.  Look at how you interpret it.  Do you go to Church or to the Mosque or to the Synagogue so that you may have a time of socialisation with your friends and loved ones?  And why should you not?  Or do you go to truly understand the word of “The Lord your God”.  There you see, I have flipped in a well-known phrase – The word of “The Lord your God”.

Do you go just to accept the teachings of one Master who came upon the earth, whether His name is Jesus or Moses, or Mohammed or Abraham?  Do you go to listen to that Word?  And do you accept that belief within your heart or do you sit and does your mind wander as to whether your food is cooking?  Whether Mr So and So has behaved himself this week?  Or are you part of a Body who has at its head Priests who would lure children to the darker side of life?  No, no, no - put these thoughts aside, go with an open heart and an open mind.  Do not be afraid to question your Priest, your Rabbi, your Imam, your Preacher, your Pastor, your Vicar – really learn the message of true love from the Source, from the Source who created you, from the Source who loves you, and from the Source who is pure, and his command is “Love one Another”, forget the other ten – His command is “Love one another”.

You may think my message is blunt, you may think my message will stir problems, but time is too short.  I seek to raise the vibration of this earth and I am doing so now, but I cannot raise the vibration and leave my children below that vibration, they must rise with it, and for those who do not have the wherewithal and the knowledge, they must be told how to teach it and they must be told how to get it.  It is free to all, it is the interpretation of man that makes it unobtainable, so therefore, my dear Amethyst Group, I crave your indulgence, I ask your courage, and I promise nothing will harm you.

It is out of love I come, and it is for love I speak the words of truth.

IVOR:  Thank you dear Master, a beautiful message.  We are already distributing the messages as far as we can physically, and we hope that we will soon have the internet up and running.

SHEILA:  Dearest Master, can I just say that our world  - our country - at the moment seems to be quite rosy, and people are saying that perhaps, when disasters really start, if that won’t be the best time to make people aware of the Ascension because of the circumstances at that time?

LORD SANANDA:  I think I would say to you my sister, and I know that it is an observation on your part, I think I would say to you that those who believe, as you say, that things are rosy in your country, they may well be.  You have enough to eat, you have enough of the things you take for granted – water, electricity, lighting, heating - you can move around, you can get medical treatment when you need it.  In this country, as in so many countries in the western world, then yes, things may seem to be rosy but I would actually ask you to turn your vision – those perhaps who have made similar observations - and I would ask you to look further afield than your own backyard, and I would say to them have you not seen the places where war is breaking out afresh?  Have you not seen the places where war cannot be quelled?  Have you not seen the teachings that have withheld the truth, and contained so many lies?  Have you not seen, on a more positive note, the new discoveries that have been made where, thousands of years ago, people lived a different lifestyle to you, and yet still survived?  Have you not seen?  Do you not know, that your world is changing?  There is so much information given to you about climatic change and monetary change and collapse, and yet there are those who would be desensitised to this because, as you have so rightly observed my sister, it does not affect them, but it will, and my purpose here now, to bring this message about the evolution of your world, is really to prepare them, to lessen the shock and to help those who would ascend to a different way of life - that is all I can do.

I know there are many, especially the young, who are quite oblivious to what is happening outside of their country and who can blame them? When you were a young person, when you were eighteen or nineteen, did you ever give a thought to your future?  Did you ever give a thought to whether or not you should start saving for your old age?  No, old age was centuries away.  When you are a young man - just as I was when I was a young man - I never gave a thought to old age, I never gave a thought to change - I knew that I was destined for something great, and something painful, but I didn’t think about it, I had too many things to do, it was only when I began my training with the Suffi that I realised there was a different dimension to my life.

Believe me, when I was a young child I was not as innocent as one would think, I was not born a saint, I was born a child, and I did the naughty things that young children do, and I think probably - if the term was existing at that time - I went through the ‘terrible twos’.  I was very naughty, I didn’t like my friends - I would fight, of course - I was a human child.  I was not obedient and good, I was naughty and I liked being naughty, and then as I grew and my spiritual powers awakened I realised yes, I was different, and it was time for me to go and find a true awakening - it was time for me to look at my self-awareness - and this is the message I bring to all, whether you are eight, eighteen or eighty.

This is where Mothers can play their role - as Mary Magdalene has said - start to nurture your children, start to make them understand that there is a different world outside the computer and the WiiFi, and the hand-held games.  Take them out into the world, show them what nature really is, and if you are eighteen, nineteen or twenty, embarking on a new career, or thinking of having a family, do it to experience it as a human being, do it and understand that you can fulfil this ambition, and if you are eighty years old and wondering what the world is coming to, then I say to you, my friend, fear not for the world is coming to its natural beginning and you, amongst the rest, will evolve into a lightbeing, free and unshackled by the mortal coil that holds you back with arthritis, a painful back, Alzheimer’s, and anything else you feel that shackles you to this mortal coil, you will be free.  In the end is the beginning.

SHEILA:  Thank you for that dear Master.  It is as you say, alright for us in this part of the world – we are so lucky and we forget that others are not so fortunate.

You talked about “The Kingdom of Heaven” last week in your transcript and people, who know very little about the Bible, are saying  “What is the Kingdom of Heaven and where is it?”

LORD SANANDA:  “The Kingdom of Heaven” is – this will be difficult to explain – The Kingdom of Heaven exists in two places, maybe three, if you can understand this - it will become clear.

First, the Kingdom of Heaven is here on earth and it is around you.  For those of you who experience the joy and the fragrance of a flower, the beauty in a blue crystal sky, the beauty of true love around you – of nature - all of the good things of life that you hold dear, all of the spiritual things if you like – this is the part of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that you can experience.

In the second part, the Kingdom of Heaven exists as a real place, built with – not bricks and mortar, it is built with much more precious things than that - it is built of love, and it is built of materials that you don’t even know about on this earthplane.  It exists in a second dimension or in a dimension that you cannot see – some people have referred to it as the fifth dimension which co-exists along with the new earth, so it is there, it does exist and it is the place that you can go to.

The third part is that which you call the fourth dimension, heaven – the place that you go to after this life - this will exist in a real state in the new world, so when I say that it exists in three different places – yes it does at this present time.  I hope that is not too complicated?

To understand the state of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth you need to be in a state of spiritual and self-awareness to appreciate what you can see and feel because you can look beyond your ordinary vision, you can enter the spiritual vision. You can begin to see many different things and feel many different things.  It is understanding - a greater understanding.  You are able to sense things more readily.  My brother here (to Ivor) senses things perfectly, and sometimes, on odd occasions, he can see.  This is what I mean – the state of raised self-awareness and spirituality.

Now my friends, I think it is time for me to depart if there are no further questions.  I have enjoyed my time with you once again and look forward to our next meeting.

Farewell, dear friends, farewell.


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  1. I simply would like to acknowledge the urgent plea once again by Lord Sananda … that our religious leaders teach love …. love one another. I am so blessed and fortunate to be reading these transcripts. I feel quite strongly that everyone should have this same blessing. A question for the Amethyst Group and Lord Sananda; Is there any reason why I should not pass around a simple note to almost everyone I come in contact with that would say… “Learn about this worldwide Awakening … read about the Ascension Plan at … the Amethyst Read all of them from May 2010 to May 2011 … You will be amazed” ? I would like to think that this may give more people a chance to read this True Material. Your thoughts, please? And if many like minded people like myself were to do this, the message may spread better.

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