Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 17th June 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  How lovely it is to be here with you once again, and it seems that the teachings that I have brought to you over the last few weeks have begun to make an impression on those who are beginning to read them.

Again, I must say to you that it is not my intention to cause you pain nor to cause panic throughout your civilisation.  This world – my world – it is so necessary for me to advise you that time is becoming very short.

We have spoken much about the Ascension - the Plan - how it is twofold, and we have spoken how this will affect you, and how the Ascension Plan and the new world will come into being.  We have also talked a little about Mother Earth and how she is going to react, and what I would like to talk about today is the earth as a planet, because I know in some peoples’ minds, particularly those who have a scientific background and a scientific idea of things, that perhaps to talk of Mother Earth as a being may be difficult for them to understand, and even some people find it difficult to accept that Mother Earth is a force of nature of her own being, her own energy.  So I say to you that this planet, this world that you inhabit, you do not need me to tell you that it is changing for you can see that all the time.  You can see that with the increased erratic weather patterns, you can see that with the warming of the seas around the glacial fields and the artic icebergs, you can understand that with the way that the new volcanic eruptions are happening, and even, indeed, those volcanoes that erupt with great rapidity, and in the normal issue of things, you can see how those things are also beginning to gain pace, and I would say to you that if you find that these teachings – these messages of the earth ending and humanity changing – if you find it to be difficult, then I must ask you to return to the thing you love best which is fact.

Those of you who are scientists - you do not understand how close science and spirituality is, you cannot understand that, and that is not a condemnation, and it is not a fault of a part of your human mind or logic, indeed, it is the reflection on the greatness of your mind, that you will take it one step further - but I must say to you, you cannot ignore the information I have brought to you, it is grounded in science, it has the facts behind it.  The only faith that is attached is for the human side, and I ask my beloved brothers and sisters of this earth, of this humanrace, that they have faith to accept and believe in what I am telling them.

You my friends, the Scientists, the Doctors, the Professors (wise men of this world) and the Heads of Government who understand about all of the Teutonic plates shifting, and everything else, you know that I am speaking the truth.  There are facts that you have, that you have not revealed to the people of this earth and, at that time, rightly so, but now it is time to reveal all that you know, to reveal all that you know about the climatic changes – the weather, the flow of the Gulf Stream, the tenacity of those seemingly quiet eruptions - it is time for you to reveal exactly how much of the face of the earth is devastated and ravaged by humankind and, importantly, it is time for you to tell the truth of how this is going to affect the earth itself.

Those of you who have worked in a scientific field, and those of you who have kept your research quiet and private for fear of ridicule - for fear of losing your jobs, for fear of being silenced – now is the time for you to speak out.  It is so important, it is so important.  The world takes notice of science, the world understands science to a degree, indeed technology and science are working together to contain the greatest environmental disaster that the Northern Coast of America has ever seen, and I have spoken many times of this disaster of the Company of BP, and I say again, here will begin the herald of the final second phase of the monetary collapse of the economy in parts of the Western World.

Facts and figures are what you want.  If you do not believe the teachings of a man who once walked this earth more than two thousand years ago - if you cannot accept my words - then return to your books, your facts and your figures, and you will know, if you have one iota of sense, and a greater sense of honesty to yourself and to the people that you serve - and the people with whom you live - you will know I speak the truth.

Now what of this earth, what will happen to it when the Ascension is completed?  I mean the entire Ascension, the final phase after the period of pain and torment, tribulation, whatever you want to call it - the earth will change, it will change – climate will be very different, vegetation will be different, wind patterns will change.  Waves will be where there weren’t any.  It will create great huge gouges throughout the land.  Imagine if you can the Grand Canyon. and  the rapidity of the water, how it sped through that Canyon and the devastation that it caused.  Now, today, it is a thing of beauty, wonder and mystery.

Do not think that the earth will die, it will regenerate itself but we must take you from this, we cannot have you amidst all of this catastrophe  If you would like, those of you who perhaps are Philosophical or Biblical Students, you surely can see the parallel between this Ascension and the myth of Noah’s Ark, and the Great Flood.  You can see this.  Imagine, in this day and age, that the Ark is like a different type of ship that flies through the air - spaceships if you will - with greater technology. The technology that Noah used to build the ark, should you believe this story, would have been way beyond what he could have understood at that time, and yet the technology was there, it was used, and those who lived on the earth at that time were saved.  But it is a parallel, it is a story, it has happened before.  The Great Flood is nothing more than a true rendition of an Ascension before this Ascension that is happening now.

Many of the animals that were reborn into this new world, they were not as they were created in the beginning, they had evolved, they were different, they were taken away - they were taken away from the face of the earth - they evolved to different species, and when the time was right, they were reborn into the earth you know today, and it was such with humans.  A new life was needed on the earth to keep control, to bring the earth to its greatest potential, to cultivate the land, to make it a place where intelligent life - great intelligent life - could live.

So, the primordial soup was formed, the cells were put there, we ignited them and before you know where you are you have a new world and a new species.  This is what will happen after the Ascension now.  The world will go through a phase of rebirth, regeneration, all sorts of things will be happening to it – new chemicals will arise, a new environment will be born - and in time, in maybe millions of years of what you would call earthtime, there will be a different species giving life to the earth.  Meanwhile, you will be enjoying life in the new world, you will be evolved to your greatest potential as lightbeings. You will be creating a new world for yourselves and that world will be as near perfection as you at this present time can imagine.  Happily this time there will be no need for a Big Bang.

Now, are there any questions before I go any further?

SHEILA:  Yes please, I would like to ask about the people who ascended, the people who were taken on the ark?  When they returned to the earth, were they able to remember anything that had happened while they were away?

LORD SANANDA:  They remembered nothing  – it is a complex thing because before they returned to the earth then, the earth itself did not exist as it was – it could not have supported the species we had created, or had in mind to create - the human form.  So they were taken from the earth which was a paradise to them, but we took them away so that the earth could reform and continue with her rebirth, so we took them away and we took them to a place of safety where they slept away the time.  They were not like yourselves where you will be working in a light environment in your new world - you will be moving as a light body - that was not the purpose for them.  They were taken away and they were held safely asleep, suspended in time if you will, and then, when they were returned to the earth – in the Bible it says many days, in actual fact it was many thousands of years, so I need to correct this - and this is not to say, or to throw any disrespect on the Bible because of the Word of God, my Father, the Source - it is merely interpretation.

SHEILA:  When we ascend will our memories be intact, whereas when we come into this world we do not bring any with us?

LORD SANANDA:  No, well some do, some don’t, but on the whole the memory of this life will be with you, and here I feel is the right time to talk about feelings.  I know we have already covered this but I feel it is worth talking about – let me explain.

When you take your memory with you when you ascend you will also take the imprint in your mind, in your memory, of those you have been close to.  Now here on the earthplane you have something which scientists have proved does work and it is called telepathy, and you are able to exchange thoughts with likeminded people.  You think of them and somehow the ‘phone rings or you bump into them in the street, and you know instantly you have been thinking of them and they have been thinking of you - it is therefore instant recognition.

So it will be in the new world.  You will meet those that you have known before and immediately recognise each other because of the imprint of that person’s characteristics, personality, emotions, etc.  Much like an animal senses the smell of food or water but cannot see it, so it will be with you – you will meet a like spirit and you will immediately recognise that lightbeing as Sheila, Susan or Ivor - you will know who that person is instantly, and you will feel inside of you that instant love.

To give you an illustration that you may keep in your mind’s eye, when two lightbeings meet that know each other, the light is intensified into one, so if you like, that is a lightbeing embrace, and the feelings that you exchange between each other – it is too beautiful to explain to you - and you will not miss the physical touch because the feeling expressed without this body of skin and nervous system won’t be in the way.  At the moment that is what you have to recognise each other with - the touch, the feel - a baby recognises its Mother’s touch, but a baby, above all, also recognises its Mother’s voice, so it is the same type of thing.

SHEILA:  And although we will have no voice, dearest Master, the thoughts will suffice?

LORD SANANDA:  There will be voices or sounds of a sort.  It will be without the Hyoid bone which allows you to speak.  This is what distinguishes you from members of the animal kingdom and the human species.  The Hyoid bone here (touching the throat) on your voicebox allows you to form words, sounds which your mind recognises as a language.  You can communicate through thought process, of course you can, that is the preferred term, it is quicker.  In a lightbeing form you will not need language but there will be a voice of sorts.  There will be sound and there will also be beautiful music in the new world.

Do you not think – those who are not aware that music plays a very important role here on the earthplane – it will have a greater role in the new world.  It is through music that people will be able to express how much they love each other, how much they are thrilled to meet each other - emotions will be different but you will still feel them.

You will find that as you cast off this mortal coil, you will find how primitive your method of communication has been, but that is not to say you will be unable to use them.  I think it is a very good comparison to say that when one is grown up, an adult, you are expected to behave in a certain way but sometimes you want to revert back to being the naughty child that you were.  You will be able to conduct yourself in a higher manner, but if you want to revert back to being more human, and using your range of communication, there is no reason why you should not.  It is a place where anything is possible but it is a place where it is possible because people want it to be so, and not for any other gain…

Life will not be extinct, it will simply be a different phase, a different type of life, and I understand how hard it will be – and so much has been written about the way I was dispatched from this earth, but there is very little written about my ascension afterwards, and the ascension, the crucifixion, my death, my resurrection and my ascension are the complete thing, you cannot have one without the other, and I so wish that when your new Bible, your New Testament – I believe that is what it is called – I do so wish that more had been included.  It was written, but those who chose to translate the Bible – as far back as Pope Constantine himself – those who chose to write the Bible were so caught up in their own self-importance, and what they thought was for the good of the people, so much of it was left out, but my Ascension is your Ascension too.

SHEILA:  Can we ask you dear Master, we have heard that when you returned to the earth you lived a life in India.  Is that true?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, I have had more than one life on this earthplane.  I spent some time with the Suffi Tribe - there are very few of them left now - but they are a tribe of very spiritual people who live in the foot of the Himalayas, just bordering over into India, and I spent a long time there teaching them the things I had learned, and the things I had brought to the earthplane, which other people would not use and dismissed, and I taught them many of the things that they continued to teach, or did continue to teach in the privacy of their own tribal areas.  I taught them how to travel from their bodies and leave the mortal coil behind, and yet travel in their physical body to anywhere they wanted to go.  I taught them much about the medicines they used for healing, I taught them much about the next dimension, the new world.  I told them the plans of the new Ascension and they understood all of this, and they understood too that this was something the world was not ready for, for it had dispatched me - sometimes reluctantly they think of this - but it had dispatched me quickly, and I had not fulfilled my work, but I was not going to be permitted to do that either, I knew that before I came.

So, it was for me that I ascended, I spent some time resting in the realms of the Source and I returned once again and immediately they knew me.  They have given me a different name – my name with the Suffi Tribe was Jepha, but I spent some years with them, and you may be interested to know that before I came to notice in my native land and in Rome. I also spent some time with them before.  I spent some time learning with them, understanding their life, I spent some time teaching them and I spent some time telling them what would happen to me at the end of my lifespan on the earthplane.  I taught them much and they are truly my Brothers.

When I was born to my Mother Mary, before I came to notice in my village of Gallilee, and that area, no-one knew where I was or what I did.  It is written in the Bible that at twelve years old I debated with the Teachers and Masters in the Synagogue.  I had debated with the Masters and the Teachers in the Synagogue because prior to that I was living with the Suffi Tribe and I learned much about their ways, their methods.   I learnt much about their medicines, their spirituality, and I learned how I would cope with my final end, and then when I came back to my family, I knew it was necessary for me to tell everyone that the Kingdom of Heaven was here on earth if they cared to find it.  This is what my Suffi Brothers believed, that there was a greater kingdom, that it was in a dimension that was hidden, but it had been translated wrongly in the biblical terms.  The kingdom of Heaven was here on earth, still is here on earth, and it is that kingdom too which will ascend as we go into the new world, but the Suffi Brothers knew this.  Their wisdom is as old as time, and it was agreed with the Source that before I took upon myself my years of teaching, and years of trying to explain to my fellow humans that life is different, that we needed to change our lifepattern even then, it was agreed that I would take my first teaching from my Suffi Brothers, and I returned to them after, for as I had ascended into Heaven, or into the realms of the Source, whichever you prefer it, so I was given permission to give them further teaching.

Have you a further question?

SHEILA:  Yes, dear Master, whilst we are talking on Biblical matters, going back to our Christian Bible, you have explained about Chapters of the Bible - that we have to read between the lines as it were to find the hidden meaning - but I am not quite sure how the Old Testament relates to our Source, to our Creator, or to you.  All you are is pure love, and you have infinite patience and so much understanding which does not quite relate to the God given in the Old Testament of our Bible - that we have to fear Him.  Things happened in the Old Testament – the walls of Jericho came tumbling down because of God’s wrath, and other terrible things happened in His name.  Could you please help us to understand the Old Testament a little more.  I am sorry to burden you with this.

LORD SANANDA:  No, these things are important for, if it helps people to understand the whole Source, the Creator, my Father God, then I am happy to explain.  The Old Testament, as it is widely referred to, was written by a collection of Prophets and Seers, just as this Channeller can interpret things in perhaps slightly different ways.  Now, in the olden times the world was young, very young, and many things were wondrous, frightening and people sought to find reasons why these things happened.  Now, you have referred to the Walls of Jericho, can I tell you that at that time, that particular area was hit very frequently with earthquakes.  Now, you would know it as earthquakes but if you take yourself back to a young humanbeing, and I mean young as in span of time on the earth, you would not know what an earthquake was, so you would know that perhaps the earth shuddered, and the guilt that perhaps you had, for whatever atrocity you felt you had committed against God, you would have immediately equated the walls coming down with the wrath of God and His Warrior Joshua.  Now Joshua could not and did not have a tribe of trumpet players that blew the walls of Jericho down, it was helped by an earthquake which I think you could perhaps attribute to the Source, my Father God, but not as an act of wrath.

The Old Testament, you must remember, was also put together by humanbeings who sought to – not advance themselves, but sought to try to make a society which was governable, and remember there were no Police, there were no laws, no government as such, other than religion.  Everything came back to the Prophets, the Seers, the people who could see into the future, and those primitive ways when people thought to appease the Gods, a sacrificial lamb was required, or in misguided minds, the blood of a human.  Now this was all they had to go by because they didn’t understand the seasons, they did not understand what things would grow, they didn’t understand that if you put something into the earth and you didn’t water it, it wouldn’t grow.  They felt that if they watered it with the blood of a lamb it would grow – of course it would, it was liquid - but they were a very naïve race and of course they lived in fear of things that they didn’t understand, because things that they didn’t understand were automatically attributed to the Gods because no human could do that – or so they thought - so if you didn’t behave, if you didn’t appease the Gods or the God, then obviously fire and brimstone was going to descend upon you.

Now I would like to speak here, since you have referred to it, let us take ourselves to the time of the Egyptians, to the time of Moses, let us take ourselves to the time when he and the Pharaoh are at loggerheads with each other because Moses wants to lead his people out of the Pharaoh’s service – not out of slavery as I have already explained – he wants to lead his people, he wants to take them to a better land, he wants to build a civilisation of his own because the voice of God has told him this was what was necessary, and the voice of God did tell him that, but let us look at the plagues that descended on Egypt.  Now Moses was a true servant of the Source, Moses was a Prophet, Moses was a Seer, Moses was a Teacher.  Moses didn’t make the plague of boils, the plague of hailstorms or the Red Seas separate, these were all natural phenomena, and if you look - here we come once again from the history books to science - if you look once again you will see that in these countries, even in these modern day countries and in these modern times, you will see that from time to time there are – you have a modern word “freakish” - freakish weather systems that happen which send hailstones as big as a lump of bread, but harder -  but these things happened back then.  It suited the Teachers to say to everyone “Look at what God has done, He is angry”.

SHEILA:  So in the peoples’ minds God was a God to be feared?

LORD SANANDA:  And also the worst thing possible, they made my Father a divisory tool.

Now, last time we talked a little of self-awareness, and I gave an illustration of how to walk through the mirror etc.  Now I would like, if I may, to give you something else which I feel will help the people who are reading this, and also your Group.  I would ask that when you are together, for I know you have many meetings with like-minded people, I would perhaps like you to bring this teaching to them, this exercise that I will give you.

Now, it is necessary for self-awareness to be increased for the ascension as I have already said, and what I would like you to try is this small exercise:-

I would like you all, in the comfort of your gathering or in a place where you feel safe and secure (where you will not fall off your chair or be disturbed). I would like you, if you will, to step from your human body in the way that I have illustrated - through the mirror or whichever way you feel easiest to remove yourself from your human body - and you will see (if I can use that term very loosely) or you will feel yourselves in a different way - you will feel different, you will feel lighter, you will feel brighter, your sensations will be heightened - you will be able to move in a different way.

Some of you can see, some of you can feel, and whether you see or feel, what I would like you to get used to are the sensations you experience as lightbeings.   Now, the reason I want you to do this is because this is what you will experience in the new world.

LORD SANANDA:  Now, I have not more teachings to give you at this time but as always, if you have more questions I am happy to answer, and one thing I would say, if there are those who would wish to hear my teachings, I am more than happy to come to you and talk with you, through the Amethyst Group, and if it will help you to understand more of the Ascension Plan then please just ask and I will come.  I have chosen this group because, since time began, this was the ultimate goal of the Amethyst Group, both here on the earthplane and here in the heavenly realms.  We promised together to try to help humanity into the next phase of evolution, and that is all we are about, all of my teachings are brought to you with love and in the hope that you will understand them and accept them.

SHEILA:  I have another question dear Master?   So many people ask this question, and there has been a debate even on the television whether Mary Magdalene was present at your Last Supper?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course she was.  Mary Magdalene was a very special person to me.  Now put aside, shall we say, the stories of the fact that Mary Magdalene had a child by me - a daughter, who was called Sarah and came overseas to this country and what have you – put aside that.  Mary was very close to me, she was one of my most devoted followers and I have to say that in a civilisation where women were scorned and were made to take second place, I made a great show of keeping her equal with all my Disciples.  She was on a par, just the same as Mark, Matthew, and Peter, and it made no difference to me that she was a woman, and the fact that she had such love in her heart for me, and such gratitude for what she deemed as a miracle, which really was nothing more than the fact that I loved her, and I loved her as I loved Peter, Paul, and the others, and yes, she was present at my last supper and why shouldn’t she have been?

SHEILA:  Thank you so much for that.  Of course, in that part of the world women were very much second-class citizens in those days, in fact still are.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, still are.  Whether the time will come when females will be accepted as Teachers…..

SHEILA:  But Come the Ascension dear Master – we will all be equal.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes you will.  It grieves me that this human civilisation has not overcome this.

SHEILA:  Come the Evolution dear Master, come the Evolution.

LORD SANANDA:  Come the Evolution – that is a lovely way to put it – come the evolution.

SHEILA:  Last night we had the most wonderful soul rescue with our Medium Carol when we rescued a gentleman from a beach, who was collecting driftwood.  He was very eager to go “home” and said that he had been waiting for us to come to take him.  As he went up in the column of light, Carol said his little dog (a small terrier) was at the bottom, looking upwards into the light and barking at the man not to leave him behind.  All at once, obeying a shout from the man, he leapt up into the light, still barking, with his front and back legs splayed out, and floated up.  It was beautiful and I know now how easy it will be for all our animals to ascend at the same time as us, if we wish them to.

LORD SANANDA:  Quite right and thank you for that.

Now my friends I feel the time has come for me to depart once again.  I thank you so much for this time we have shared together.  I thank you for your love and for your commitment, and I thank you for your strength of purpose, and I thank you for doing all you can to help humanity.  Farewell.


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  1. As Master Sananda asked us to do, I have been reading and re-reading these transcripts. I am in awe. I feel the love and am now praying (asking) for help to find a way to spread the word, indeed His word, amongst my family and friends. Lord teach me this, I AM THAT I AM, Tom …. Thomas as I noticed in one of your messages …”you wouldn’t call me San!” ha-ha Further, I have read in the more current transcripts that You give ways to bring up this subject and I am working on those ways. But since you have instructed us to share this info, I will continue to ask for good ways to share … effectively. Peace, Light and Love T

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