Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 10th June 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  How lovely it is to be with you once again and this morning I would like to perhaps start our message in a different way, and maybe this morning we could start with the questions first, I mean the questions that you have already come prepared with, and see if I can help you.  How would that be?

SHEILA:  That would be fine Dear Master.

Someone has queried a statement that you made in your last transmission on the 3rd June, 2010, at the bottom of Page 1 – “… just happens to be that it will happen now, through the beginning and the middle of the 21st Century….”.  They are saying, they thought the Ascension was going to happen in the next three to five years?  We have said that it will take some time for the earth to adjust.  May we ask for your comments please?

LORD SANANDA:  Let me explain.  Throughout the teachings that I have been bringing to you over the last few weeks I have made a very pointed statement regarding self-awareness.  Now, the beginning of the evolution of the next stage of man – we call it the light years, whatever you would like to call it - the beginning of the Ascension will most definitely have been completed within the next three to four years - five years is the maximum.

Next year in your calendar, which is 2011, will begin the preparation, and this preparation for the humanrace - and remember I have told you that the Ascension Plan is twofold, it involves the humanrace and Mother Earth - so the preparation for the humanrace will begin in earnest next year.

Many people will find themselves awakening to spiritual teachings, spiritual music, understanding the world more in spiritual terms as opposed to material and monetary.  That is part of the preparation for those on, shall we say, the novice level - those who have never thought about spirituality in their life; who have just accepted that life is life and they get on with it; who do not believe that there is an after-life; who do not believe in anything spiritual - those will be the ones who will have the greatest, rapid increase in spiritual awareness, and self-awareness.  That will take them approximately two to three years to reach to the Ascension level – two to three years for novices to reach the level for Ascension, where they can understand the Ascension, accept it and ascend.  Does that make sense?

Those of you who are already at the Ascension level – if you like Ascended Masters here on earth, “Ascended Adepts” - you understand what I am talking about.  Those of you who are very self-aware, those of you who are in groups who understand the Ascension Plan, and have followed it and taken it wholeheartedly, inwardly, and understand it, you will need to be here as Teachers and your span here on the earth will be somewhere between two to three years, and I don’t mean that you will die in two to three years, I mean that you will have two to three years in which to teach and help and charge with love and understanding those who are still blissfully ignorant of the changes of the world.

Now, the date for the mass Ascension - or shall we say, the penultimate phase - will be somewhere between three to four years of your earth time - it will not be any longer than that – so that is three to four years.  Now, after that time, after those four years, there will be a further time of what some people refer to as tribulation.  Now, this is the second half of the Ascension – this is the time when Mother Earth will truly let go, when everything will become in chaos.  You think that your weather is upside down now, you think you have seen volcanic eruptions which have caused extensive disruption to you here in the West and in Russia, Asia, and other such places.  You have seen nothing – the volcanic eruptions will become greater, they will become more frequent, they will become greater in their intensity and will in their turn decrease the likelihood of the sun getting through to the earth giving life, giving nurture and growth - that will be minimal - so that will be one part of the tribulation.

The other part which is already beginning to happen now, and as I have already made several references, will be the materialistic and the financial part of your world.  It is already beginning to crumble and crumble away very rapidly.  There are more nations that are bankrupt than you could ever think of, and as I have said to you, this current disaster which is hitting all of your headlines – the oil spill in America – this Company will need financial aid and it will have a huge repercussion on your financial world as you know it in the coming days.

Now, to go back to Mother Earth - the second part of the phase - it will take a few more years to let go of everything.  We have covered the volcanic eruptions which are probably the greatest threat to the earth itself, because the dust and detritus which is thrown into the air will cut off the lifegiving sun, and remember also that I told you that your planet is turning very slightly on its axis which would have already made lifegiving rays and heat from the sun difficult to absorb in certain parts of your planet, but the volcanic eruptions will put a very hasty end to this.  So parts of the world will become colder, plants won’t grow.  Food won’t grow.

People will find it increasingly difficult to live outside, there won’t be enough fresh air to breathe.  Now remember, for people who have decided that the Ascension wasn’t going to happen - the Ascension was nothing and the earth is still here so what is the problem - now it will take a few years longer for life itself to become totally unbearable upon the face of the planet.  This then will be the final phase of the Ascension.

Now, let us see what we are left with.  Those who have readily ascended and gone and are now living quite happily in the new world, although they are able to see and they will be able to watch and observe what is happening on the old earthplane should they wish, there will be some of you left here to help those who are left behind, to help them change their minds, to help them to open up.

So, we have the beautiful phase of the Ascension which is finished and the new world is thriving in light and love beautifully, but down here on the earthplane we have an earth which is in the throes of dying - a planet, a star, which is dying - but it is still inhabited by those few stubborn beings so, it will take maybe one or two years to convince them to bring them up again once more to the level of Ascension self-awareness.  When that level is reached they will all be taken, and it is our plan that none shall be left behind.  After that - after the souls have been taken away and they too have come to the realisation of the new world - the planet still remains, and now Mother Earth can get on with her rebirthing.  She will split, she will explode, she will finish, and in its place will be a new different evolved world, and the cycle of life will begin again, but not life as you know it.  It will be a different planet, it will have a different composition, it will have been split open, there will be places which - does this sound familiar? – will be dry which were wet.  There will be places which were wet and will become dry, and there will be places which were mountainous which will become flat, and there will be a different set of flora and fauna, a different set of gas, a different set of life-giving chemicals if you like - for the scientists, a different type of primordial soup in which life will begin - but this will take time.

Now, does that make it clear?

SHEILA:  Yes it does beautifully, thank you so much dear Master.

I saw a televised programme on South Africa recently – it was very good and to do with the World Cup which is being held there at the present.  The Presenter talked to a lot of South Africans, black and white, who are lovely, happy people, and so proud of their land.   Johannesburg looked very grand but there were other parts we were shown which were nothing but shanty towns and people were living in dire poverty still, but I have been wondering, President Nelson Mandela - a wonderful peace-loving man who helped abolish apartheid - can you tell us, please, when he was in prison, for 27 years I believe, did he receive spiritual messages from you during that time to uplift him, and did they include information on the Ascension?

LORD SANANDA:  It is quite a complex question.  When Mr Mandela was incarcerated it was for crimes against that current Government then, and it was unheard of for a man of his station, albeit he was a lawyer, it was unheard of for a man of his colour to be fighting against his Government for the rights of men and women of his own colour, and in his own country, where the indigenous men and women of that part of the world were set upon by others from another part of the world, who could see the potential for riches in the earth, and in the minerals that the earth could give up.

Now, when one has been incarcerated for a very long time, the only part of that person that is free is the mind, and yes, Nelson Mandela had talked of spiritual things, had thought of spiritual things, had questioned why this was happening to this part of his world and what could he do as a person to change this - after all he was one person and he was a very frightened person at the time.  He was frightened for his family, he was frightened for his friends, and the only information he could have from outside of his world was concerning his family, nothing more, and yet, as time went by, more and more, his mind had free flight until eventually it latched on to the purpose which we call hope.  In every human being there is an element of hope, and yes, he hoped that one day he would be free, and he hoped one day he would unite his country by whatever means necessary, and eventually that means was not necessarily political but through a common language which men and women share all over the world which is sport, and that is why he was able to unite his country at the very beginning with sport, bringing people together of equal ability, irrespective of their colour and irrespective of their politics.

Incarceration for 27 years was politically necessary and even if there had been messages that we had given him concerning the evolution, which we did, which we told him about - and we told him that his day of release would come - he was not in a position to get that message out.  If you think of it, from the outside world’s point of view, here is a man who no-one knows in the world, other than the fact that he is black, other than the fact that in his own country, by political means and by duplicity and by unkindness - he has been described as a terrorist, a troublemaker - so he is incarcerated.  Ninety per cent of the world believes it is true, because ninety per cent of the world was ignorant of the man he was because he was black.   They looked at his colour rather than his politics and his thoughts and his beliefs, so if we had given him these messages of evolution it would have come out to the world as the ravings of a solitary confined black prisoner who was a troublemaker, and would have borne no credence whatsoever.  Instead, he endured all those days of captivity without complaint, without asking for release, without fighting for retrial or rediscussion, he endured it quietly.  When he came out he kept a low profile   He didn’t want to be elected as a political leader but he was elected because of who he was and for what he stood for, which was peaceful protest.  He gained kudos in the world, people respected him.

Now he could start about his work, he could start about uniting his country, he could start by pointing out that there was no difference between the black man and the white man, and he was able to complete his dream in such a way that his country is now united, but I also take the point that in some parts of Africa there is still fighting, there is still difference between colour, but I would say to you that South Africa, like so many of the African countries, still has that inbred tribal instinct within them - just as the tribes of Palestine in the Middle East do, just as the Christians and the Muslins do - there will always be conflict within this world, always, it will never be settled until the new world is born.

SHEILA:  That is very interesting, thank you. He is such a wonderful man, held in very high esteem, and a great example to our world.  I just think it would help to have a man of his stature in our world, talking about the Ascension.

LORD SANANDA:  Mr Mandela’s time is past.  His main cause, his main dream, his main fight that kept him going in all those years was to unite his country, and his time is past, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe it, and it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t talk about it either, but now he is no longer the political figure that he was – you have a black President in the United States of America and to this world that is now a novelty.

SHEILA:  Thank you dear Master.  The next thing I think I should mention is, we have some people who, even after reading the messages, are quite negative about the Ascension, and are saying we have heard all this before, why should we believe it now.  Our world hasn’t changed and, when we look out our windows, it is exactly the same as it was – perfect - why should we believe that the Ascension is going to happen and in such a short time.

I have told them of course, everything in our world is lovely, here in Britain, but people living elsewhere – especially in the third world countries – cannot say the same.  They have oppression, famine, drought, poverty – I am sure they will welcome the Ascension with open arms.

I have said also that everything you have told us in the past has come true – you said that there would be a Black President in South Africa and that the Berlin Wall would come down.  You told us that in many parts of our world wet would become dry and vice versa, and that cold would become hot, etc.  At the time we could never see it happening – we know now that it was the truth, and we know that we get nothing but the truth from you.

LORD SANANDA:  You must leave these people to their own ways, you will not convert everyone.  If you could convert everyone there would be no need for a final phase of the Ascension, we could just get on with it now, but they, like the others, will begin to realise the subtle shift in the world and also the blatant shifts in the world – do not think for one minute they do not think in their minds “Well, maybe that’s true.  He has said about the collapse of finance and that is happening, etc, etc”.  For your own peace of mind I would say, cast your mind back to Thomas and I.  He didn’t believe me - he saw me – but it was not until he put his hands on me here (on the front) and here (at the side) that he knew that I was who I said I was, so, worry not for them, their time will come.

SHEILA:  Yes, it will.  Thank you.  So many people are suffering from Cancer here on our earthplane - young children, young adults - so many now.  People are asking:  Is it the food we are eating?  Is it the stresses that we are living under?

LORD SANANDA:  No, it is genetic, this is why not everybody gets it.  It is written in some peoples’ genes, and there is nothing – once life unfolds, once life has been touched, once I have touched that strand of DNA - it will reproduce at its own rate, and it will reproduce and bring forth what it desires, and I know this may sound completely outside the realms of believability.- I come from the Source, I am part of the Creator - but life must be allowed to unfold in the way that the Creator decides.

In the natural world, flowers of one particular family all produce the same colour, the same smell, they look identical.  In the human world that doesn’t happen because immediately a life is created, the very first thing that is put in is free will.  This is why, if you could look at – the Scientists perhaps who may or may not read this will understand this - that when you look at cells underneath the microscope and sub-cells etc, etc, that create DNA, they divide of their own free will - they move, they are alive - and whichever way that cell chooses to go is entirely random, and the free will is there, and the DNA of every single human being, and, although I know and I see, and it grieves me, how much pain this big disease causes your world (and indeed you yourself, my sister (to Sheila), I know you have suffered from the loss of loved ones because of this disease) if this had not taken place - again I feel there are others that will read this and say “that’s a very safe answer” but it is the truth - if these things had not occurred (and believe you me, it has not been confined to your age in these last two centuries that it has been given a name, it occurred way before that) but if it had not occurred and if it had not affected life so broadly, then there would not have been a technology developed to research it, and other diseases, and in the research of this disease has come about a positive healing for many other things.

It is like a tree - the root of a tree - the root of the research is grounded in one particular thing, and yet, from the root of that technology, that research, has grown a tree which has had many branches, which has been able to help other illnesses that affect your society.  Even now, to the point where there is human Genome  Research, you have been able to find out the path of life itself, you have found out the DNA structure of the human body, of the human cell that makes life itself, but the one mystery that you will never be able to claim that you know all about, until your Ascension is complete, is the mystery of what makes that DNA.  Do you remember we talked of the Big Bang?  The mystery of the Big Bang was what was behind it.

Do you have another question?

SHEILA:  There is much talk now about some countries producing nuclear bombs.  Is this something we should be concerned about dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  The worst invention in mankind’s history has been the use of nuclear power for weaponry, but here again, once more free will comes into play.  The technology was given, the intelligence was used and the discovery of nuclear physics - nuclear medicine - was taken for warfare.  You are a warring planet, always it has been thus, since the beginning of man when he could stand upright to see to greater horizons - all he wanted was all that came between him and the horizon – and he thought that this was his by right.

You see. the human race has not really come that far and you see now why in this time, in this century, that the self-awareness has been so increased so subtly and so quickly so that now it is time for us to intervene before you annihilate yourselves, and before you make the planet uninhabitable for new life.  That is the crux of Ascension.

For those who ask “What is the purpose of Ascension?” the purpose of Ascension is new life for all. It is new life for the human race as you know it because the human race will be evolved into its greatest beauty which is the power of light – light will not fade, it will not die, it will increase until we are all part of the Source itself.  A new life for your planet.  If the human race annihilates this planet then there can be no possibility of new life on here for you will blow it to bits, and part of the Ascension is conservation so that new life may begin again on your planet, as I have already explained.  That is the purpose of Ascension, you people who do not want to believe it then think again my Brethren, think again.

SHEILA:  So no country will be allowed to use whatever nuclear weapons they have.

LORD SANANDA:  No one will.  There are many nations throughout your world that have nuclear weaponry, even the poorest of the nations have nuclear weaponry.  No one will be permitted to use this, it is not your right, it is not your place to annihilate this planet, and this is why Ascension comes now.

SHEILA:  Thank you so much for answering those questions so fully.

LORD SANANDA:  Now, I must collect myself.

For my teaching this morning, as always my friends, this comes from my heart and it comes to help you and it comes to teach you - that is the most important thing - and I would like to speak this morning about that subject we have talked so much about which is self-awareness.

Now those of you who read this transcript, some of you will be well on your journey, you will be well on the way to understanding energy, light, healing, peace.  You will understand what greatness can be derived from meditation and how far your beautiful minds will go and what goals you can reach, but I would ask you to take it one step further.

You think with your mind, of course you do, and you also meditate with your mind, you have to for the thought is there first – “I will now take myself to a place of meditation” - but I would ask those of you who do not already experience this to just remember that inside of your human body you also have a beautiful esoteric or lightbody, and I would like you to practice moving between your lightbody and your humanbody.  Some of you already do this, and for those of you who already practice this, I would ask that you would help those to understand how to do this.

Now, here I would like to give you some instructions if I may.  When you are gathered together or if you are on your own, I would like you to close your eyes first and imagine what you look like - your face, your features, your various lumps and bumps.  The way that you walk, the way that you stand, the way that you breathe, the way that you hold your head, and I would like you to envisage that in front of you, almost like a mirror.

So you are sat comfortably, you are imagining what you look like in your mind’s eye and I want you to transfer that image as if you were standing in front of a full-length mirror.  Now, once you have got that image of yourself, I want you to take away the features that you can see, take away your clothing, take away your eyes, nose, your glasses, your wig – your whatever - so that you are actually left with just the outline of yourself in the mirror, and in the middle of that outline, where all your clothes and everything else were, it is just light, beautiful light - you can imagine it as any colour you like, but white light is best - and then I want you to step through that mirror, and as you step through that mirror, you are suddenly free, your world around you hasn’t changed, it is still solid, the doors are still there, the windows are still there, the floor is beneath your feet, but you are free, you do not need your feet to move you, you can move from one place to another quite freely, and just with a thought.

You can find yourself in the kitchen – try it, and then with another thought you can find yourself outside - try that too.

But now to come back, just think of that full-length mirror in front of you again.  Walk through that mirror and find yourself again - all your lumps and bumps, your spectacles, your wooden leg, whatever you have – and then gradually return to the image of your own self.

Now in doing this you will have experienced a little of what it will be like to be a light being, and if you have managed to experience this - and it will take practice - but if you have managed to experience this, think how unfettered you felt.  Think how freely you could move, think how pure you felt.  This is what life will be like for you my friends in your new world and all you need to do is to take a little time to be aware of the potential within yourself to do this.

For those of you who are not quite so adept at doing that, and feel a little unsure of the instruction or the meditation I have just given you, then perhaps you would like to try this.  Just sit for a while in quietness.  No television, no radio, and if possible in a quiet place, perhaps a garden, and I would just like you for a few moments to just sit and be silent - to be aware of the wind between the trees, to be aware of the fragrance of the flowers around you, to be aware of the birdsong - and gradually feel yourself melt into this silence, into this world of peace, fragrance, harmony and life.  Practice this as often as you can and gradually you will find you will become aware of the world around you, its energies and its comforts.

The most precious gift you can give yourselves, my friends, is time - time to learn, time to advance, time to become aware of yourself, and time to become aware of the world around you.  There are many people who will help you to achieve this for throughout this world I have scattered light workers, people who are advanced in understanding the energies in the time to come.  If you will open your eyes, my friends, I will put the opportunity of learning in front of you, but by opening your eyes you must open your heart also.  Do not be stubborn, do not look out the window and think that life has remained the same, for life is not the same as it was yesterday, nor will it be the same tomorrow as it is today.  The shifts are happening in your world, more subtly than you know.

Take on board what I teach you, my friends, for these are lessons that you will surely need in the days to come.  If you find yourself in a position where you are not able to understand this, it is too difficult to comprehend - maybe you have read the other transcripts, the messages I have sent, and you have dismissed them because you cannot see it happening - I understand.  I understand why you would feel this way for it is inconceivable to you that the world and humanity as you know it will end, but I say to you, my friends, with all the love I have in my heart, that in the end is the beginning, please have the faith to make that beginning for yourselves.

I wish I could say to all of you that these crisis that are happening in your world - that the wars, the conflicts, the political intrigue and the espionage, the pain and suffering of famine, the misuse of drugs that turn men’s minds to mush, and force girls to prostitute themselves for money, and many other hideous and heinous crimes that occur in every part of your world - I wish I could say that it will all come to an end and your world will remain the same, but I ask you, my friends, do you want this world to remain the same?  Do you want it to remain the same with the pollution, with the nuclear waste buried beneath the earth’s crust, volcanoes ready to erupt, glaciers melting?   Do you want that world to stay? Why would you want that when you have the choice of a pristine new world and of an existence which is free from disease and famine, free from the labour of pain and work – why would you want that?  When you are on the brink of a new evolution of mankind and the new evolution of your world – why would you not want that?  Search your hearts my friends, if you cannot believe me then search the scientific world, find the proof that you want, search out the figures, it is all there. It is all there.

There are many here, there are many here listening, many groups from across the world and I am grateful for that, they can take this teaching too and channel to whoever will listen, and you know, people get caught up in time, and these things will happen in the time span I have given and there is nothing I can do to change that.

IVOR:  Thank you for that Dear Master.   You have raised quite an interesting point.  May I ask those that are here, that are in human form at the present and enjoying our discussions, if they would possibly contact us physically we may form an alliance, a group internationally. I feel this would add further strength and credence, particularly if the messages were published in other parts of the world at the same time.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, I think that is a good idea, so those of you who are here representing earthplane groups, please would you make sure this is relayed to your Channellers wherever they may be - that would be a really helpful way, yes.

Now, my friends, I feel I have given you much food for thought.  Many questions have been asked this morning and I am sure there will be many more.  I am happy to talk to you, give you guidance, and I will bring you more teaching, but for now I leave you with my peace, I leave you with my love and I leave you with my abiding assurance that I come and I stand in the light of truth.  May peace be upon you all.  Thank you my friends.

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  1. Hello Ivor, I reach out to be one of those you request to contact you physically. Since I am in the United States, I am not likely to get to Devon, England anytime soon, but I would like to help spread this True Word of Lord Sananda. Wanting Unconditional Love for and by all, Tom

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