Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 3rd June 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends, how wonderful it is to be with you again, and thank you for coming and readily listening to the teachings that I bring to you and to your world.

The last time that we met I talked to you about many of the signs that you will see and things for you to look out for, and possibly what will happen after the Ascension has taken place.

I do not expect everyone to believe what I have to say and indeed, I do not expect everyone to believe that I am who I say I am.  I have no way to prove to you, my beloved ones, that I am Lord Sananda, other than the fact that I can tell you that I know this world, I was there at its creation, moments before what you now very popularly call the “Big Bang”.  I have watched this world expand, I have watched this race evolve from, what you would term as primitive beings, to the thinking, sentient intelligent beings that you are today.

I have been with you every single step of the way, and there are countless theories about my life on the earth before I came to notice, and after I came to notice, and there are many who are faithful followers of Christianity.  I can only say to you, my Brethren, that part of this plan, part of your eternal plan, includes faith.  It is often difficult for people to believe in what they cannot see, and even more difficult in what people hear - but do not hear it in the way they expect to.  It would serve no purpose to you, in this part of the world, if I were to speak in any other tongue than English.  I can speak in any tongue you want me to but in this part of the world, English is what is spoken, and English is readily understandable, so you will excuse me if I do not speak in my native Aramaic.

I would like to effect a voice for you if I could, but how would you prove that it was my voice, there is no recording of how I sound, there is no record, there is no tape recording, there is no disc, and yes, are you surprised that I understand these terms of the English world, the modern world?  I understand what a CD is, I understand what a disc is, I understand what a hard drive is, for was it not the Source that gave you the intelligence to create these things?  Since I come from the Source and I am the Source then why would I not know?

I cannot say anything that will convince non-believers that I am who I am, and that the teachings that I bring to you are of the most urgent nature, and are brought with love.  I can understand how it could be confusing.  I can hear people saying, all over the places that this will be read, but if He is the God of Love, then why is He allowing this to happen?  I am not allowing anything to happen, I am merely warning you that the evolvement of mankind is near.  You cannot stay flesh and blood for ever, and when I say that you will evolve to beings of light, that is exactly what I mean, but the urgency – do you not understand this?  The urgency of the Ascension Plan is now, because it is two-fold.

The evolvement of man, the evolution of man itself, could happen at any time, it just happens to be that it will happen now, through the beginning and the middle of the 21st Century, which is where you are living now, but it is also compounded by the fact that many things of the earth itself - the very being, the very fibre of the earth - is changing at the same time, and it is necessary for you to move on into your evolvement, before the earth overtakes you.

The earth itself – Mother Earth herself – her fibres are straining and groaning in the pains of rebirth.  You have heard me speak of this many times before.  She is splitting her seams all over the world - volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, famine, drought – these are all signs of the earth itself moving forward, changing, resculpturing herself – Mother Nature is on the move.

Your world, as you know it, the world in which you live – I am not talking now about the earth, the planet on which you live - I am talking about the world in which you survive in, every single day.  I am talking here to the Stockbroker, the Doctor, the Accountant, the Lawyer, the Machinist, the Factory Worker, the Shopworker, the Housewife, the Child, the Teenager – I am talking to you about the world that you live in.  This world can no longer exist.  The economic collapse that you have seen proves this, and the materialistic world that it has become must stop.  Technology has its place, science has its place, but not to the detriment of the human mind or human society.  You have outlived this world that you have created for yourselves - now you need to move on to the next phase.

Down through the centuries, down through time itself, there have been many phases of the culture of mankind.  Those of you familiar with history will know there were the Middle Ages, the Enlightened Ages, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance - all of these things are just names for the way that mankind’s mind has evolved.  The Technological Age, the Age of Discovery, the New Age - now we have the Light Age - the Ascension Age.  This is by far the greatest aspect of man’s evolution for in moving forward he will at last gain the state of perfection he has been searching for since time began.  This is a wonderful time, it is a wonderful time, but it must require effort from yourselves my friends, and here I have a most important loving message for the Religious Leaders of this World:-

All of you, irrespective of what Belief system you stand for, whether you be Jew or Gentile, whether you be Catholic or Protestant, whether you be Muslim or Buddhist - whether you just believe in something - listen to this message I have for you.

Your world, the Western World in particular, has many organised religions - I have named most of them.  At the Head of these Organisations you have your Arch-Bishop, your Holy Father, your Imam, your Ayatollah – they are all there to offer guidance, and my message to the Organisers of these Religions is:-:

Will you please, will you please “Return to the basics, to the values of your own beliefs.”

Will you please “Teach my children about love”

Will you please “Teach my children there is no difference in any of your religions”

You all aspire to teach love, you all aspire to bring about peace, you all aspire to speak about harmony and understanding, and yet, in this world there have been so many wars fought in the name of my Father God - that is shameful.

Will you please “Teach my children to love one another.

Will you please “Teach brother to embrace brother.”

Will you please “Teach a child to understand that there is no difference in the colour of his or her skin - there is no barrier in their language.

Will you please, my Leaders of these Religions, will you please “Embrace each other.”

Will you please “Set aside your cultural and racial differences, and

Will you please “Bring yourselves back, bring yourselves back to the basic teaching which is love.”

I do not seek to upset or offend but my Brothers and my Sisters, if mankind is to evolve and bring itself to the perfection that is possible, then first we must learn to set aside all of our differences.  We must be united, we cannot be divided - and I count myself in this, I use the word “We”, because I am with you, I am with you, lo until the end of the world.  My Brother Mohammed is with you, my Beloved Moses and Abraham, they are here to lead your people from slavery - slavery to the cultural differences that divide nation upon nation, gender upon gender. Let us unite as nations, let us unite as a world, and let us unite once more as the family of humanity and the humanrace.  In the name of God, I ask this of you.

I am come to tell you of these things that will pass, and there is no Church Leader, no Government Leader, no Billionaire, no human person that can stop this evolution.  No amount of money will stop Mother Earth from what she must do.  Each one of you is responsible for your own evolution.  Those of you who already understand this message, then I charge you with a duty of love and care, to help those who do not understand.  Tell it wherever people will hear you, tell it with love, tell it with understanding.  The enlightened time is here, the new Light Age is upon you, and thanks be to the Source of Love that His creation will reach their perfection.

I have nothing more to say for this message comes from the very Heart of Life, the very Heart of Creation, the very Source of Love, and every word, and every sentence and every phrase is charged with love.  Take this message in love my friends, but heed its warning.  God Bless you.

Now, do you have any questions for me?

SHEILA:  Yes please dear Master.  You mentioned earlier in your message about the “Big Bang”.  Can you tell us please if this is relevant to what happened in the creation of our world?

LORD SANANDA:  Absolutely, absolutely.  This is the beauty of the creation of humanity.  We have together here science and the mystery, and those people who say that the “Big Bang” theory destroys the mystery of creation are not right, it does not destroy because in order to have a Big Bang, you need something to make the Big Bang go bang, and I was there to make the Big Bang go bang.  It was I – my Father and I are as one - the Creator, the Source, we are as one – so the atoms, the chemicals - everything that was needed to create this universe - all the gasses that your scientists have found and are yet to find –  they were all created and given life by the Source.  They came together and there is nothing so eloquent as the picture that paints the story of ”The Finger of God touching the Finger of Man” and between it comes the lightning.  This is exactly how creation was.  I ignited the atoms, the chemicals, the gasses - I brought them together – and it was POOF!  There you are.

SHEILA:  As has been done with other worlds?

LORD SANANDA:  As has been done with other worlds, but other worlds have different chemicals, different atoms, different gasses, because life in other worlds is not quite like your own.

SHEILA:  Wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Another question please:  Some people say that our new world will be very similar to the one that we go to when we so-call die?

LORD SANANDA:  Well, every person who passes over or dies, their body is left behind and their soul, their ka, moves into a different realm.  Now this realm is specifically suited for them to begin with, but the new world will replicate the very best parts of this world now that you live in.  It will be full of flowers and fauna that will be recognisable to you - whatever hemisphere you come from, wherever you live at the moment - but it will be the better parts.  For example, for those who perhaps live, shall we say, in poverty in a shanty town - somewhere in the third world – it won’t be like that for them.  They will live where they dream to be living – in a home, in a land full of plenty, with all of the things that are necessary for them to feel comfortable.  It will be a diverse world because the aspirations of many are different to each other.

You here in the Western World, you may dream of a world where there is just lush greenery, mountains, streams, flowers, fauna, animals, food to eat, a warm comforting home.  To someone living in another part of the world it may be completely different, so it will still be a diverse world, for although you will be evolved to the same level of light beings, your intelligence will slightly be different.  Some will be raised, some will be lowered, some will remain as it is, and when I say intelligence will be lowered, I do not perhaps mean the word ‘intelligence’ – I mean egos.  There will be no room for aspiration to become a leader, there will be no need to become a family of higher birth, of higher rank or wealth, because all will be equal, but all will also be diverse.  This is the mystery of your new world as well.

SHEILA:  People are asking about sports that they enjoy on the earthplane now.  Will there be football, cricket, tennis, billiards etc  for those who still want to play or watch?  Will sport be the same as it is now?

LORD SANANDA:  Not exactly the same but much better, and there will be – shall we try here to put a parallel – when man first stood upright he found in his intelligence, in his mind, the way to stand up instead of being on the ground.  When man stood up he could see things differently - he was not always looking down, not always looking around - he could see things differently on a different level, so different interests caught his mind, different places, trees, food, rocks, sky - things perhaps that he had not seen before - and therefore, as the intelligence increased, so the need to balance out that intelligence was provided with sport, so I am sure man would have found something to occupy his mind to balance out the hardness of his own life.  As life has evolved you have always sought a balance for leisure as against work, and games have evolved in that way.  Now you will think you are marvellous at football or ice-hockey, or at tennis, but imagine what you can do with a body unfettered with muscle, what games will you devise then?

IVOR:  How soon will it be to be able to put a ball in the back of the net by pure thought dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  (chuckling)   Well yes, and if you are asking me who will win the World Cup I will not tell you, but I fear that by being able to put a ball in the back of the net with pure thought it would take the fun out of the game, so we will have to devise something else which will stretch your minds.

SHEILA:  Pity about the World Cup – I thought we were going to get some inside information!!  People are also asking dear Master will we die in our new world, or will we just progress to be nearer to our Creator?  We understand what will happen but there are other people who do not.

LORD SANANDA:  As this is your last stage of evolvement, you will eventually evolve to perfection.

SHEILA:  So there will be no old age to worry about?

LORD SANANDA:  No, no old age.  Light doesn’t age, light can fade but light is drawn to light, and as light beings you will be drawn to the Source, and who knows what we will do when we are all returned to the Source?  Shall we make another world?  Shall we make another race?  I’ll maybe keep that for later.

SHEILA:  When someone says, “Yes please, dear Lord, take me for Ascension” will the body go up with the soul or will the body be left on the earth whilst the soul goes forward?

LORD SANANDA:  I feel that it is slightly difficult to explain – we cannot leave bodies all over the place for it would be alarming, it would be distasteful because the body will decay, so our intention is that the body will be dissolved into particles - if you want to put a romantic slant on it – you will be returned to stardust.

SHEILA:  Thank you for that.  Dearest Lord, is it possible to tell us please if they will be able to plug this terrible oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico?  People are worried that the storms and hurricanes expected soon in the North Atlantic will intensify the danger of the oil going more into the mainland.

LORD SANANDA:  It is going to take a lot of time.  I would draw your attention - once again because, sadly, this is what your world will look at - I draw your attention to the amount of money that has been lost from this Company.  Now, the Company that is responsible for this oil leakage – they have not really done anything wrong but it will bring about a severe economic repercussion.  Money is being lost day by day and it cannot help but have an effect on the entire western world.  It will have an effect on those who have money invested in the company, whether for now or later, it will also have an effect on the stock market, and that is what I mean when I say it has severe economic repercussions.  So, unless someone comes to their aid, this Company will likely run out of money before it can effect the repair.

Now, the most likely aid will be from the American Government, and although the Company have accepted responsibility, have undertaken to put this matter right, The Amercian Government is not helping them by telling them that they must take responsibility.  They know this already.  They need to give them aid, they need to give them some form of financial aid.  They need to work together rather than work apart.

It is all very well to say that a solution to this problem should have been made earlier and that there were no contingency plans to deal with disasters such as this -  it is very wise to be clever in hindsight.  It is also very easy to criticise if you do not work in that field.

The cost to the environment will be horrendous, and it will be quite likely one of the greatest environmental tragedies in the American History, but nature is resilient and the time for its evolvement is also close, so that part of the world will recover but it will not recover in the same frame as you know it now, because it won’t have time to.

SHEILA:  So will the expected storms and hurricanes that people are so worried about have any affect on it?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, it will.

SHEILA:  And will it bring the oil further inland?

LORD SANANDA:  It will likely bring it further inland and it will almost certainly be a race against time for the Company to do something, but they will not be able to effect the repair unless some type of financial aid is found for they are talking of the machines that they are using at the moment somewhere in the time limit of three months - it is too long.  They will effect some form of temporary measure to stem the leak but it will only be temporary and it will only take them through the time of the storms, but it will have a huge effect on the environment.

SHEILA:  Another question please.  The people who have so-called died and gone to heaven, are they being transferred to our new world now, and will they be in similar light bodies as we will be when we Ascend?

LORD SANANDA:  When people die their souls are automatically transferred to lightform anyway so they will be there in the new world.

SHEILA:  And people will be able to meet up once again with their loved ones?

LORD SANANDA: In a different way.  You will not embrace each other as you do as humans, you will embrace each other in light – there will be no need of the physical touch.  There are those who have gone on – let us think – there are great World Leaders who have gone on before – Saints, people who have gone on before – they have been at one with the Source for many a long time, but you will feel – it is hard to explain to you – you will feel the vibration of all your loved ones – their faces will be as familiar to you as they are now, but they will already be in the same lightform as you will be.

SHEILA:  And we will all be able to live together – people are anxious to know this?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, but not in the way that you live together now, but they will be in the same lightbody as you will be.  You will be able to share things on a thought basis, on a light basis.  I do not wish you to think you will be dwelling in houses and gardens and what have you because it will not be necessary.  If you want it you can have it, but it is not necessary to have that for this world is only as you see it.  There is much more to the new world, it will be wonderful, but you will all be together.

IVOR:  There will be no need for reproduction systems dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  No there will be no need for reproduction, but families who have second generations, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc, they will be attracted to each other.  It will not be necessary to procreate.  I know that people are worried about where will their grandchildren be, where will their sisters, their grandmothers be, but in the new world you will have no need of a reproductive system.

SHEILA:  So in a way will it be like dying, dear Lord?

LORD SANANDA:  Well, in a way, but dying to the humanrace  - I know there are many people who have difficulty in accepting dying because they feel it is final, and there are many people in your world that do not believe in an afterlife, so I feel that if I were to say this is the end of the humanrace, they would think this is the end of the world.  It is the end of the world as you know it but in the end of the world there is the beginning of the new, and if only I could take you back to the earlier evolution of mankind, which was not that many hundreds of years ago - from the hunter, gatherer, a person finding out about things that they could eat and live in the world – to the next evolution - to the people who had an intelligence to build simple machines - and then perhaps to the time when I came back and visited your world to the time when people became people such as Moses and Abraham knew, then you would see that this evolution is not so dire as some would have it believed, and I understand completely and utterly those fears of other people, but I do say to you my friends, and I cannot say this to you enough, you must find the self-awareness in yourselves to lighten up, to take yourselves into the new beginning.  To take yourselves into the next evolution - you must find that, just as you have evolved to this level of intelligence and understanding.

It will come as a huge shock to a lot of people – people who do not understand spiritual matters – those of you who are here, those who understand, those who know – I charge you – this is your duty, this is your service – tell them, please tell them.

SHEILA:  Dear Master, the people who will be left on the earthplane, who will not take any notice of these messages and stay to the bitter end, will they die in the normal way, if they do not ask to ascend.   What will happen to them in the end?

IVOR:  They will find a soul-rescue group.

LORD SANANDA:  Quite right, but if they choose to go through tribulation, and believe you me it will be tribulation on the earth - but anyone who is left. behind – I cannot imagine they will stay, as you say, to the bitter end, because there will be so much going on with Mother Earth that life as a humanbeing would virtually be impossible - but if, by any chance, they do - to either prove to themselves or through sheer obstinacy - then at the end their soul will be led to a place of refuge and recovery, and when they are recovered and they have been retaught and then understand, they will freely evolve into a lightbeing.  Does that make sense to you?

SHEILA:  Yes it does, thank you dear Master.  What about all the dear ones that are still between the veils, will soul groups such as ours be able to clear them in time for the Ascension, and if we don’t, what will happen to them?

LORD SANANDA:  You will be able to clear the veils.

IVOR:  Saturday morning?

LORD SANANDA:  (Laughing)  It is with such beauty that we are able to laugh in this way and to understand and view this as a new beginning as opposed to a tragedy, but those who are between the veils, we will make sure, all of us, all the lightworkers, and all from other worlds who are helping, we will make sure they are taken to a place of safety, and again, once more, if they do not want to come to a place of light and beauty but prefer to be truculent and stay where they are, we will ensure that they are taken to a place of recovery, of education, of understanding, and when they are ready they will be able to evolve themselves into lightbeings.

IVOR:   Dear Master, we have touched on this before – were there other populations prior to the Atlantean age?

LORD SANANDA:  Populations yes but the Atlantean age was the age that humans evolved to what you see them today, that is upright, standing, thinking, aware of their nakedness, aware of their need for evolvement, aware for their need to design and bring things forward into mankind which would be used many, many thousands of years later, even today.  You know that from the Atlantean to the Egyptian, many of the Egyptian measurements , language, medicines, even embalming is in use today, and it was both the Atlantean and the Egyptian Cultures which were responsible for the cradle of humanity as we know it today, for the understanding, for some of the inventions, for the forward thinking of mathematics, of science as you know it, but much of this, as I am sure you are aware, has been lost, and sadly now will not be recovered, which is one of the great beauties of the new world because we will be able to show everyone the potential.

SHEILA:  Will all the wars be ended before the Ascension, dear Master - Afghanistan, etc?

LORD SANANADA:  Some will, some won’t, and when I talked this morning of the tribulation, nothing brings about devastation greater than war, and those who will stay and fight - when they see what has happened - they will suddenly look around and find that they do not have any back up soldiers and infantry - or even any Commanding Officers.

SHEILA:  Will our healing get stronger before the Ascension?  Will Healers be able to help more people with their healing in the days to come?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, many things will become apparent but only in the last days, and I really mean days, only in the last days.   Your light will be – it will be like a magnet, they will be attracted to people such as yourselves, and it will continue and it will grow, it will grow and it will get bigger and bigger, and stronger and stronger, until in the last days many, many people will be attracted to lightbeings such as yourselves.

IVOR:  Thank you so much dear Master.

LORD SANANDA:  I have so enjoyed our time together this morning and my message - it is strong I know - and I would ask that you make it abundantly clear what I am asking of the Church Leaders.

Until we meet again I give you my love, my peace, my blessing, my laughter, my sunshine

IVOR:  Our time with you is so enjoyable, dear Lord

LORD SANANDA: As is mine with you.  Go in peace my friends.

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  1. Hi, Lord Sananda’s last urgence brought to mind a Christian church leader that I know would be open to reminding his congregation about what he said, and that is Pastor Joel Osteen from Houston, TX. I know his request was made months ago, but I just started reading your website and Pastor Osteen came to mind after, so I thought I’d share.

    Michelle from Guam

  2. Hello Lord Sananda and Michelle from Guam, I am in awe at the beauty and simplicity of your teachings Dear Lord. Your urgent and heart felt plea in this transcript resonates greatly with me and it is my wish and hope that leaders of world religions embrace this message and begin to pour it out with love. We are all so blessed to have these transcripts at this time. With the desire to be Unconditional in my Love, Tom … We are All One!

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