Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 19th May 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.

IVOR:  Good morning, good morning and welcome.

LORD SANANDA:  I am very pleased to be here with you once again this morning and I hear the welcome committee is already heralding my arrival.  (Sue’s two little dogs were barking furiously.)  They are excitable creatures for they feel the presence of me and others around them, and I ask you to give them indulgence.  Now, I would like to talk to you this morning once again about the events that are going to occur on your earthplane very soon.

I have already spoken to you about the Ascension and how some of these things are going to take place, but I would like to put a different slant on this so that it may be better for other people to understand, in different continents from where we are working today.

Let us talk first about the Ascension.  The Ascension has been a plan that has been in place for many, many years, even before the 1980’s /1990’s, when many people in the United States of America first understood about the crystal staircase and the Ascension Plan itself.

The Ascension Plan for the race of humankind has been in place since time began almost, for this is the destiny of your world.  The greatest culture to come upon your earthplane was the Egyptian culture.  They invented language, and writing and medicine and words – sounds – they understood strategy, they understood many things about the earthplane which has been lost down through the centuries.

Many things are written about their Rulers, and many of you will have done your historical research and understand that there were many Rulers in that time.  There is however one thing that you do not know and may give you perhaps – how shall we say - pause for thought.

The Egyptian Rulers and the Egyptian Culture itself were actually in place and living very well and very happily, even at the time when the flood was recorded in the Bible.  Now, this is not to say that the recordings of Moses and the first five books of your English Bible are inaccurate or incorrect, and neither is it to undermine the Church’s teachings, but I would ask you to remember, my friends, that the first few books of the Bible are parallel for you to understand, they are for you to look in and not to take them on face value - that is not to say that what is written there is untruthful or incorrect, it merely means that there must be a deeper meaning to the parallels and the anomalies that are given there.

When you think of the “Great Flood” – you think of a great torrent of water and how people were taken onto the ship (the Ark) and the animals were spared - but I ask you, is this not like the Ascension Plan?  Are we not affecting a great cleansing of the earth?  Are we not taking those blessed souls into another place, into another living world?  Are we not taking with us species of animals and plants and insects?  So I would say to you, look at those words and you can see how they can be applied to the Ascension of this present time.

The book that talks of Noah and his Ark and landing on Mount Sinai, this is a prediction, and right at the very beginning of the Bible, we have a prediction of the end, but as I have said to you before, the end is just a new beginning, and the story, or the parallel, or - how would you say it - the text of Noah and the Ark and the great flood - is merely to tell you that life can be taken away, but it can also be begun again.

If you care to think of the time of the Egyptians and when their life was here, they knew many times when the Nile didn’t flood.  They knew times of famine, but somehow or another that culture outlived and outgrew many, many things that they had understood and knew about in their world - in other words, they progressed.

They were a fine culture and when you hear stories of the wicked Egyptian people and about slaves of the Pharaohs of Egypt, I ask you to compare that to the present day.  They were slaves because they had to make a living, and just as now, in this time, is not more than three-quarters of the world’s population in slavery?   The population of the humanrace are but slaves because they have made themselves slaves, they have made themselves slaves to technology, they have made themselves slaves to fashion, to mortgage, to fear, to hate, to drug use – the list can be never ending - and they have made themselves slaves to the biggest evil of all, the love of money, and as I said to you before, the economic global collapse is the first major indicator that your world is going to change.

I hope I make this clear for you?  It is not my intention to upset any, any of the foundations of the Belief of Christianity, but I would urge the Christian Leaders of this world to look again at the simplicity of the message of Christianity - it is not about pomp and circumstance, it is not about numbing people’s brains with mantras and ideals set up by particular men and women in power, it is not about making money for the Church, it is not about a religion being the best – the message of Christianity is purely and simply - love, peace and harmony.

The greatest three things that will be last in this world:  there will be faith, there will be hope, but the greatest of all will be love, and that is the promise and the underlying fundamental belief of Christianity, and should you want to find this, if there are any learned professors who read this, and will take into their scientific minds what I am saying, I say go back to the Egyptian era, go back to the original Egyptian language, go back and read the love that the Egyptians had for this earth, and for each other, and you will find the true foundation of the humanrace.

The Ascension - in other countries this is also known as “The Rapture”, particularly in the United States of America.  There are many, many Churches, many organisations, who believe that the Rapture, or the end of the world, will come soon, and yes, I heard the question at the beginning of our conversation this morning,” If the Ascension takes place all at once, what will happen if there is a pilot who has ascended and is suddenly taken from his ‘plane?  What will happen if there is a truck driver, a lorry driver, a train driver, a car driver, who is driving along the motorway at speed and are suddenly taken and they ascend?  It would be global chaos, of course, it would.  There would be no electricity, there would be no communication, there would be no transport.

Do you honestly think - those of you who are thinking in this way - look into your hearts my friends.  I come from the Source of love, it is not my intention to wreck those people who are left behind.  It will happen in the stages as have been agreed.  Those people who may be travelling at a certain time, if there should be a chaotic crisis they will be taken from their bodies and they will be lifted away to safety.   There will be no global carnage, there will be no huge disasters at sea, or in the air, or on the land as far as human beings are concerned, as a result of people ascending.  We will take them in - how shall I say - we shall take them in an orderly fashion and with the least chaos that is at all possible.  I hope that answers the question that was posed this morning?

Secondly, I would say, do not be under any misapprehension though of the chaos that will remain behind after the Ascension has been completed.  I ask you, I urge you again, to look at the reason why this is going to happen and why now?  It is happening now because your world has had enough, it cannot cope with the greater population.  Almost every second of every day somewhere here on the earthplane a child is born – a child is born into whatever circumstances are there.  Most of those children that are being born now are lightworkers, they have been enlightened, they are aware of the Plan.  Some will live only a short time as a human being in this body of muscle and bone and matter, before, as all who will be ascended, will be transformed into a lightbody,

Do not think my friends, any of you who are reading this, that this is new to your civilisation, it is not, and there are many, many cultures and tribes upon your earth who were and are very much aware that the Ascension is coming.  I draw your attention to the Mayan culture, I draw your attention to the Hopi Indians.  I draw your attention to the people of the mainland USA who believe in the Rapture. I draw your attention to the Pharaohs of old who believed very strongly in an afterlife (and rightly so) but I say to you it is happening here and now in your world because your world has had enough, it cannot support you any longer, it cannot support the humanrace as it continues.  It cannot support you whilst you continue to strip the earth of its resources.

Of course, this has happened to other worlds in the past and you are seeing these worlds now, many thousands of years after their ascension has happened.  I would say to you there is much speculation in the scientific world about life on Mars.  There have been many programmes and many documentaries which say where there is water there is life, and there has been life on Mars, yes, and there continues to be life on Mars, way, way beneath the planet’s surface.  This too was a world that underwent great change many, many thousands of years of your time.  It was a world whose planet’s face needed to change and now it is getting ready once again in, how can I say, many thousands of years of your time.  Many thousands of years in the future, it will support life again, but it will not be life in a humanform.  Just as your earth will change, just as those of you who now live on the earth and have been brought there for this purpose, it will regain itself, it will rebirth itself, but it will support life in a different form, and this is why we must take you to a parallel world where you will have all the comforts which you need.

SHEILA:  We have been told dear Master that our messages may cause people to panic.  What are your thoughts on this?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course, there will be panic, there is bound to be panic when you are told that something is going to be ending, something that is your way of life, your very existence, of course there will be panic, but I say to you my friends, what has been the essence of my messages down through the ages that we have worked together, the essence of my messages has been look into yourself - self-awareness is the key.  You and you alone can be possible for making yourself greater, for taking yourself to the next level of evolution.  It requires two things: it requires faith in the messages I bring, and it requires effort on your behalf.

This generation, this world now, it has been so used to having everything to hand, particularly in the last twenty-five years.  Anything that anyone, any individual, has wanted within the wealthy western world, it has been there, they have not had to wait.  It can be given to you - you want something and you can get it today.  Most times it can be delivered to your home the next day, there is no waiting, so I say to you my friends, it will require effort on your behalf.  You must look at yourself, you must start with yourself, and for those of you who have been on this pathway for a long time, you know the effort and the sacrifices that are involved, and the effort and the sacrifices that must still be used, so I say to you my friends, if you want to ascend, if you want to come into the new evolution of mankind, then it has to start with yourself, and you must start now.  Do not waste time thinking about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.  Don’t waste time thinking where shall I go, what pathway should I choose, look at yourself, look at what you are, look at what you do, look at what you are capable of, look at what is in your heart, look at what is in your mind - envy, greed, lust, hatred.  In place of those you should put contentment, peace, love, harmony and understanding, to name but a few.  It is not hard, it just requires effort.

I do not want people to live their lives at the moment in fear, or in panic, and I would not want those who are young, newly married and perhaps deciding to start a family, I do not want them to look at this message and think what hope is there for us then, because there is hope, because in the end is the beginning, but the beginning will be in a different place, and the only thing that I ask of you is that you have faith that there will be another place for you, and life will go on, assuredly.  Children coming into the world – life will go on, and those who are beginning to think of starting families, or have young children, babes in arms, do not fear for them, they know more than you know, and I would say to you, that having children, having the gift of life given to you is a very important part of life, and if you have an inclination to start a family then do so, and do so without fear or panic for all things will come to pass, and life will continue.

I have also been aware that there have been many people that have asked what happens if I am a believer, if I am taken for ascension and my family is left behind.  How can that be?  How can a God of Love allow this to happen?  I have to say to you my friends, that I cannot make the choice for you, the choice must be yours, and I urge you to talk to your spouses, to your loved ones, to teach the children in which ever way you can.  The new world is coming and to prepare for that new world they must change.  It won’t be easy, it is much easier to change yourself than to try and help others to change with you, but in changing you will reach the ultimate goal which will be something you have never experienced before.

Now, I want to talk to you about another sign I told you would be inevitable.  I fervently hope that there will be learned people who will read this message and  I hope that some of them will be scientists for they will see that the message I have given previously, prior to this year - last year, years ago, from various different facets of myself - I hope they will understand and they will see that my prophecies have been true.

One of the things I have talked about, quite a lot, because it is a phenomena - I have talked about sunspots and the effect of the Aurora Borealis.  For those of you who are not learned scientists, and do not understand what effect a sunspot has on the earth I will tell you, the sun is one of your greatest gifts, in fact besides water it is the giver of life.  It encourages plants to grow, it encourages all sorts of things on the earth to take place, and it is almost as important as the moon, if not more important.  The things that you can see if you have even just a small telescope (of course, do not look at it directly for you will be blinded and I would not want that).  The things that you can see on the surface of the sun from time to time, are black spots and these are called sunspots and what they are, are effectively eruptions on the surface of the sun, so you see, although you are having volcanic eruptions here on the earth at the moment, and will continue to do so within at least the next eighteen months, there will be one, perhaps if not two, major eruptions which will cause disruption to your world as you know it, or your life as you know it at this time, but on the surface of the sun, when this happens, into space it can send a great big plume of hot gas.

Now, those of you who are so inclined you may look at this historical reference but many, many years ago, many centuries ago - I think you would call it the eighteenth century, somewhere around 1793/94 – I am not too good on your dates - you will find that a solar eruption actually affected the earth in such a great degree, that for a very long time, at least eighteen months, the earth was in twilight.  Food became very difficult to get hold of, it was extremely cold, the seasons were all at topsy turvy with each other, and what happened to the Aurora Borealis was because the earth could not cope with the radiation from the sun, it became much more visual all over the world, and it became visual because of course, what comes from the sun is a lot of magnetic gas and radiation.  It penetrated the earth’s protective skin, the ozone if you like, and it came down – you could see the radiation coming down all over the planet.

Now, within at least the next two and a half years, I will expect your scientists to find such increased sun spot activity that they will be warning you of something that they call a solar eruption, a solar storm - this is indeed the penultimate sign.  I say again, this is the penultimate sign, in at least two and a half of your years, and again I say, do not panic.  Very easy to say but you are forewarned, you have a small time to prepare, to prepare yourself, and a small time to prepare in other ways as well.  It is up to you.  I can give you the message, I can give you a time-frame but it really is up to each and every one of you.

I would like to say to those learned leaders and those learned Professors and Scientists who are reading this, I am saying to you, do not delay, do not try to organise this committee and that committee, you must work together, it is imperative, it is imperative for the safety of mankind, and if you choose to scoff and laugh and think to yourself yes, there will be plenty of spaceships and what have you, and what are these people talking about, I would say to you my friends you have the scientific evidence, you have it, you have it in the Vatican - you have it in the White House, you have it in the Cabinet of the London Government, you have it in the Government annals of Russia, you have it in China and Japan - you have the evidence, do not discount this as the ramblings of a raving woman or a group of fringe idiots or lunatics - I come to give you the warning message that mankind must heed.  If he does not heed this now then there will be little hope, little hope for those who are left behind.

This earth is in danger of dying.  I am the Source of love and life, the Source that created the one iota, the one nanno second, the one micro second, the one tiny atom of thought that you have in your brain - the Source is offering you and giving you the end choice of your destiny.

Make no mistake my friends, this has happened many times to many worlds in countless planets throughout the galaxies that you do not even know exist, and I say to you, if you do not heed this, if you do not work together as one, in trying to raise the awareness of the citizens of earth, then the citizens of earth, those who have chosen not to believe, will have such tribulation, and you my friends could have chosen to prevent this.

Christian Leaders of the world, start teaching my children to help one another. Start teaching them to find the way to greater self-awareness.  Start teaching them how they can become a being of light and love, rather than dragging their feet through the mud of this earth and remaining as blood and muscle and bone.  You have such a great opportunity in front of you, you have such a great part of evolution to come - please, please, start to teach my children this.  Stop squabbling about whose word is right, whose interpretation of the Koran or the Bible, or the Torah is right.  This is not the time - you have had centuries to squabble over this.  You will never, never understand the true meaning of the teachings if you do not look into yourself first, and I say to you, with such love in my heart, please, start to teach each other for it is imperative that you do this.

It is hard for me, it is hard for me to see this world, my world…..

SHEILA:  We understand dear Lord.  May I please ask?  So many people are saying that, as it says in the Bible, you will return to this earth.  I have said that you have returned now to give us these messages.

LORD SANANDA:  I will return, I made my promise.  I will return.  I am here but a facet of myself.  I came to the earth as a human before, just as my other Brothers who came before me, Moses, Abraham, Mohammed and Noah.  You see, all of us are Teachers.  Moses tried to teach the Egyptians and he said “The Lord says, let my people go”, but you see, it is a misinterpretation.  The Pharaohs did not have to let anyone go, all Moses had to do was teach them like children.  Were they willing to put the effort in, they could find their promised land.  The Pharaoh had no need of them, he had many others who could build his monuments and temples, but people come where there is work, where there is money, where there is food, and Moses had to teach the children of old just like a baby.  He had to show them signs so that they would believe - they did not have the strength from their faith to believe.

Abraham too, he was a Teacher.  He had to make the choice between his son and God, and he would have given everything to God, including his son.  These are people who stand out in any religion all over the world, everyone knows the story of Moses in some way or another, of Abraham and Isaac, of Mohammed - he came to teach the world after me about love, about peace, about understanding, and that word - that religion -  became Islam, and that very word itself means peace, and look at what the world has done to it.  Look at what the world did to me, and my message, so now it is up to you, we have given you all that we can give you.  We have shown you from childhood through to adulthood, what is going to happen, it is written there for you, in any book you choose to pick up, of any belief system.  I cannot say more than that.

SHEILA:  And you will return dear Master?.

LORD SANANDA:  I will return.

SHEILA: Will that be before the Ascension?

LORD SANANDA:  That I feel we will leave for another day, but I promise I will return, and I will return in the visual, you will see me in the flesh.

SHEILA:  And everyone will be able to see you?


SHEILA:  Wonderful.  Thank you.

LORD SANANDA:  Now, do you have any further questions?

IVOR:  Dear Master, Will you please explain how our new earth is going to replace the old one?

LORD SANANDA:  It is difficult to explain to you but yes, it is inasmuch as – ah, I have the answer.  The easiest way to explain this to you is as an eclipse.  When a total eclipse of the sun happens, it happens as you know because the moon passes in front of the sun and obliterates the vision of the sun to the earth, and so it will be with the new earth.  The new earth will eclipse the old and the new world will be visible from the old earth and the old earth will be visible from the new earth, and its total eclipse  will take a very long time, so although you will not be able to see with your own eyes what is happening on the old earth, because you will be a light being, you will be able to enter from one dimension to the next.  This is very difficult for people to understand because it involves travelling time - forwards and backwards - from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimension even, but it is not so difficult to accept if you can understand that time itself moves very quickly, but also very slowly.

When you are a light being you will be able to move with the speed of thought from one world to the next, just as I do now - I come from a heavenly world to an earthly world and I come very quickly because I am a being of light, but what I want to bring home to many people is that being a being of light you do not have to be a saint, it is an easily obtainable situation if one is willing to put in the effort to find that self-awareness, of bringing oneself into the next evolution.  So to recap, yes the new earth will overshadow the old earth, it will be a new earth, and those who are a light being, who are ascending, who are experiencing the Rapture, whatever you wish to call it, will immediately be transported to this new earth where you will dwell and get on with your lives.

SHEILA:  And our lives will continue as they are now on the earthplane?.

LORD SANANDA:  But better, no diseases, no, greed, no corruption – there will be no need for money – it will be a realm of evolution that has never been experienced by man before.

There are many in space helping at this time but some people will have difficulty in believing -  they cannot understand that there are other beings out there in some form of transport or another, that has seen the ascension happen before and have come to watch and help.  It is as I said this morning – Moses had to teach his children like children.  He had to give them signs and wonders because they would never have followed him otherwise.  Can you imagine leading a million people or more into the desert - they would never have gone - so signs and changes had to be shown, and now yes, it can be explained away by all sorts of things, but nevertheless, it had to be shown to them - they had to have the visualisation - he had to spend many times, many days in the mountains, and he had to hear my word, my voice, so that he knew that he was not following his own mind, and just as I have said this morning, Abraham and Isaac, to bring someone to a testing point so great that they would put the love of their own flesh and blood aside for the word of God - this is what I am asking your people to do now.  I am asking them to take the word of the Source and to have faith in that word and know that I will bring them out of tribulation.  So you see, it has all been written before and you may think, people reading these transcripts, that it has been but a few years in preparation - it has been at least two millenniums.

I will take you back to the birth of scripture which in the English teaching, the English Bible, for God so loved the world he sent His only son.  You see that has been misinterpreted so many times.  He sends me, the Source sends me now, to continue teaching you, to show you that there is life,  that I can talk.  I will come again in the flesh, and that, how I talk to you, and how I travel between my world and your world, is just as easy for you to achieve.

LORD SANANDA:  Well I feel I am bringing you messages of doom and gloom, I am not – I am bringing you the messages that something inevitable will happen – it is inevitable, it cannot not happen.  I just say to you, the outcome really and truly is in your hands as a human race.  As individuals I cannot make the point more strongly – look at your self-awareness on whatever path you choose to find it – take it, and take it quickly, and I would say to you, always remember this, that in the end is the beginning.  For those who understand the symbol of infinity, it is a never ending circle, and this is what life is, it is a never ending circle.

IVOR:  Dear Master, I wonder if you can revise my knowledge of history.  We were thinking of the Egyptians and we have made reference to the Mayans and the knowledgeable people in the South Americas.  Did the Atlanteans drift to Egypt, and to the South Americas?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes. You must remember that your world was a different place then, many of the continents were linked.  Travel by foot and other means was possible so, yes, from the earliest civilisation that can be counted with hard fact – because that is what your world requires – is the Egyptian culture, but of course you take it back one step further to the Atlantean, but because there are no hard facts, because Atlantis has not been found, your society – your culture – will not accept that as easily as they accept the culture of Egypt.

IVOR:  Am I also right in thinking – forgive me if this is just mundane history – that the Nile discharged into the Atlantic directly, going from east to west from Aswan?


IVOR: So there was a waterway for them to get direct access into Egypt?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, that is correct.

SHEILA:  Can I ask you dear Master, about the pyramids in Egypt?  Were they built by levitation, sound, or were they built physically by slaves?

LORD SANANDA:  They were built by physical work to a degree.  What we did – again, every culture has its great minds, and the Egyptian Culture was already blessed with the great scientific minds from Atlantis - but we helped to develop their technology, just as we have helped to develop the technology of this generation of the human race, but we developed the technology for cutting, for moving stones, but they had to be hewn from the rock itself.  It was impossible to allow them to build such a great place with all levitation, so I would tell you that the answer is partly human force, but not with slavery, and secondly, higher ranks were given over to the priests and the levitation was made.  It would be impossible for that culture to build such a high plateau of stones so accurately, but the positioning of the three great pyramids is accurate.  They were channelled – those positions were channelled for a very special reason so that the Egyptians could follow that train of mystic thought further.

SHEILA:  Through the stars.

LORD SANANDA: Exactly, and so by giving them that – I suppose you could say, carrot on the stick – by giving them that lead, they were led to investigate the heavens greater.  They knew about the depth underneath the ground and the waterways, and the irrigation and the waterways between Atlantis, etc. but of course, they did not know very much about the heavens, and space and the stars, so that was why we channelled those positions to those builders for that specific reason.  So, we gave them the technology to hew the rock, to level it and to work out how to move it, and those who moved the rock, made the bricks and what have you, it was a great honour for them for this was an advancement.  This would be – how can I say – this would be - for those who were the workers in the pyramids, working on them, and moving those great pieces of stone and the carvings - that would be the same as people working on the rocket that went to the moon.  Do you understand what I am trying to say?

SHEILA:  It would be a very great privilege.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, it was.

IVOR: The other thing, taking it a bit further, dear Master, it has been said that the pyramids are in the line of certain stars, and I understand that most, if not all, of the Churches and power points upon the earth have been aligned to the stars, which they represent on the earth, and the earth’s connections which flow.

LORD SANANDA:  They were then, but they should not be now because the sky has changed very differently from then to now, so the power points are already, in effect, in place. so one should be taking the energy from the place - from the object - rather than from the stars in the sky, but yes they were then, yes.

IVOR:  When we have our new earth, obviously there will be a nervous system within that earth which will mean necessitating the energies.  Will there be some new alignments?

LORD SANANDA:  It would be a totally different energy, and those things will already be in place.  Here on the earthplane – those points of alignment and the leylines and the systems have been put there in place to use as tools for you.  In the new world that will not be necessary.  They will merely be places where you will go   to enjoy - bliss.

Well, I think it is time I let this dear lady back into her body, which I have inhabited for some time, but I would thank you for your sincerity, thank you for the love of the work, and I thank you certainly for your patience, your understanding, and for your eagerness to bring these messages to as many people as possible.  I give you my blessing and remind you once again, that in the end is the beginning, so please, do not be afraid.  Farewell.


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  1. I have not read all of your posts, so perhaps this answer is already given. It seems like the new earth and life on the new earth is very similar to what I expect happens when you die (leave your human body). Could you tell me how those two experiences are different?

    Thank you for your love and knowledge,

  2. I am blessed an honored to be reading these Transcripts at this time. I very much appreciate the sincerity of Lord Sananda wanting learned scientists to read these and Christian Leaders wanting to spread this Truth. I am in awe and inspired to spread the Word of these Transcripts.

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