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A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 13th May 2010

When Ivor and Sheila called on Sue today she was in a great deal of pain all over her body. She asked if they would please give her some healing right away.  They did and gradually the pain subsided and she was back to almost her old self again.

IVOR opened in prayer and thanked Lord Sananda for the healing for Sue which helped her to recover so quickly

LORD SANANDA:  You have seen this morning a different type of healing that was required.  I cannot say that this was something that I allowed to happen for it was not, but what I can tell you is that firstly the most positive thing is that my daughter, my sister, knew where to come for the healing, and she has seen and witnessed and felt with her own body and her own eyes how instantaneous that healing was.  It is serving as an example for you may tell others of healing like this, you may even use this illustration if you would like to for I would say to you in the coming days, those of you who are lightworkers, you may well experience other things happening around you.  It is not that we allow them to happen, it is simply that forces who are opposed to the light, see their chance, see their opportunity to gain ground, and they will take it.

The protection afforded around each of you is great indeed, but you are only human and there are times when - and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful sense when I say you are only human - you are human and there are weaknesses, and we try to strengthen those weaknesses, but when there is just one little chink in the armour, whether it is opened by compassion, or envy, or jealousy, or darkness being attracted to the light, sometimes these things can come in and you have seen what havoc they can create with one’s body.

No doubt you are thinking to yourselves, why was this allowed to happen?  but I would say to you she understands this, and once she is capable of understanding she will fight and be assured that this will never happen to her again, but she will be able to recognise - you will all be able to recognise this in others - so that those things which manifest themselves as illnesses, may not really be illnesses in the light of the day.

Does that make any logic to you.?   I know it is a sacrifice, and I know it can be a shock, but I know my sister; this was particularly an emotional thing for her to experience but truly at that moment she did feel lost, but it is necessary for her to understand this so that she may relate in detail to those who fall into the same difficulty, those who are only half experienced as yourselves here in the Amethyst Group, I am just trying to tell you that the gravity of the forces in work on your earthplane are so great and so cunning, and so forceful, that vigilance can never be afforded to be let down.

SHEILA:  So you are saying, dear Master, that we must ensure that we do not leave ourselves open at the moment.  Should we be closing ourselves down more often?

LORD SANANDA:  Your chakra centres are extremely sensitive and for those of you here on the earth branch of the Ametthyst Group they are very well honed.  You are all very adept and understand the meaning and the necessity of the chakra centres and how they work, but yes, as the days begin to lengthen and as the gravity of situations increase, you will need to be less detached, for there will be a lot of suffering, and in your human body you must learn to be more detached.  In your spirit form there is no problem whatsoever for you are well protected, you are free, you float well above the difficulties of the opposing forces on the earthplane, but when you are in your human body you must be aware and you must try to keep your chakra centres well under control. I know this will take a little practice but it will be a little practice only.  That does not mean that you should be less compassionate, less willing to help, it just means that you must be aware that there is a greater level of protection around you and you must do all you can to make that level of protection optimum.

SHEILA:  A lot of people are now saying that they are getting exhausted, very very tired.  Is this to do with the vibrations coming to the earth at this time?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  Vibrations are such – they are very subtle – but they are being raised little by little almost hourly, and those who are aware - their moods, and their bodily functions sometimes, their level of sleep, their level of rest - it is being disturbed by this vibrational level, but it is a good rise, it is a good vibrational level, but like all things when one is getting used to it - I think perhaps it would be like trying to explain like getting used to a new pair of shoes.  You wear them because you like them and they are comfortable, but perhaps sometimes your toes don’t agree with that, and they may get painful, and they may develop sores and abrasions.  This is similar to the vibration that is coming in at the moment.  Those who are super- sensitive – sensitive even – will become more tired because it is increasing the energy, and of course this is increasing the work of the spiritual body, and also there is more work in the sleeping hours than has ever been experienced before.

SHEILA:  And so we must take more care of our bodies and rest when it is necessary?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  I would ask you to - for those who are questioning and saying how much their tiredness has increased, or whatever, I would suggest that you tell them that they forget their daily routine, because pretty soon this routine is not going to matter – I mean when I say pretty soon I mean in your time it is, as you know, a year, or two years before things start to happen – 2011, but routine will be second place.  A lot of people have a set routine where they do this and do that, and what have you, but I would say to you, tell them, do what they can when they feel they can, and when it is necessary to rest they must rest.  Whether it be in the middle of the morning, the middle of the afternoon, whether they get up at 2.00 in the morning and do something, and then return to sleeping time at 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock the next morning, but it is necessary to do this because everything is being thrown  into flux, so yes, I think perhaps, to coin a very modern phrase,  you must go with the flow.

IVOR:  Can I please ask dear Master, this morning’s scenario, Sue’s experience - was it a thought form or a body form?

LORD SANANDA:  It is thought but it is also – what is the word I need - it is also produced in bodyform, so the thoughtform was there.  It manifests itself in the body,  yes, and because pain is the ultimate weapon of the opposition, pain in any sense - and we may talk freely because she is not here -  I have taken her and she is with Michael and Gabriel at the moment, but you may relay this to her.

Susan is correct in her assumption, she had attracted negative energy and this had transferred itself to her for she has evolved further since your coming together again and since she has been visiting the Source with your aid, and at night, so she has attracted the negative energy very easily, as a magnet does with iron, so this was a thought from someone.  So all of this manifested itself and Susan picked this up and now this has manifested itself in the one thing that she fears most – pain – but, the positive side is she took her healing and yes, you were right she could not see who was healing her, but she could see the Source through your eyes again, and the physical contact was important for her for she needed that through thought and body, so having seen that, she understood, and she understood the whole of what I have told you this morning, and it was an experience for her that she can and you should relay to others.

SHEILA:  Can I please say, dear Master, Ivor was here and allowed Sue to look into his eyes and to see the Source, and it helped her very much, but when treating others, will our spiritual healing help, my healing help, without involving the Source by eye contact?

LORD SANANDA  Yes it will because it is like – it is like this, it is like pouring hot water on to an ice cube.  Once the hot water comes into contact with the ice cube the  ice cube melts away, and as you so rightly have said, my Brother, that which was the contagion was dissolved away into the ether, it was taken away because it was nothing more than a bad thought manifesting itself into pain, and the informing of the brain, the brain understood that the body was in pain -  although it wasn’t really, if you can understand that analogy.  So yes, your healing will help, of course, it will, any healing will help because it is necessary that this contagion, this negative energy, is dissolved away, and you can do that with the healing, but, if the person being healed requests to find themselves again, to look for the Source, then you may employ that healing too, for it is a healing, and in Susan’s case particularly, she needed to feel the physical touch because it was thought and body too.

IVOR:  Is this intrusion contained in the etheric body or does it enter the physical?

LORD SANANDA:  It enters the etheric and then through the etheric it enters the physical.

IVOR:  And so we have to cleanse both?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, there is requirement for a deep cleansing, and you should warn others if they have a problem with this type of attachment, that there will probably follow some physical form of cleansing, either through the bowel movement or through the mouth, so there will be some form of reaction.- completion.

SHEILA:  I have a few questions  please.  The first one is, people are asking why is this now happening to our planet, dear Master?  Is our planet coming to an end, as other planets have in the past, or is it because of man’s abuse?  Will you give us your explanation please?

LORD SANANDA:  It is happening now simply because mankind has, yes, to a certain extent, abused the planet.  There are far too many of the human race to support – the planet cannot support the human race as it continues, there are not the resources.  Your present day Ministers and Scientists are telling you this, they are telling you that in a certain amount of time food will become more scarce than it is already.  It is becoming more scarce because the planet cannot support the race alone.

There are various parts of your world which have had no significant rainfall for many years.  Cast your mind back to what we said at the beginning of the prophecy - those lands which were wet will become dry, those that were dry will become wet.

Everything is being thrown into flux - the seasons, everything - as we have already mentioned.  It is happening now because this is the time and the point in the calendar, if you like, of the humanrace where either you evolve or you will simply fade away.

I asked you previously to look at the migratory plans of the animals of the planet.  I ask you now to look at the amount of species over the last twenty years that have become extinct, and to find out why they have become extinct.  Many of your scientists are doing a fantastic job, trying to breed these animals in cavity and releasing them in the wild, but it is to no end because they do not have the resources to support their lifestyle.  This is the same with the humanrace.  You do not have the resources on your planet to support your lifestyles any longer.  There is pollution, there is lack of food, there is lack of water.  There is lack of understanding between races, and tribes and people, and religions - it has to stop before you annihilate yourselves.  It is this time, this place in the period of mankind, that you must evolve to the next dimension, to light beings, or you must face the consequences here on the planet which cannot and will not replenish and support you for the time into eternity..

This has happened to other planets many, many times in the universe, now is the time for this to happen to your world.

SHEILA:  So many people also are asking why people have to endure Alzheimer’s Disease and other terrible diseases.  So many people seem to be experiencing these now.  These poor people lose all their faculties and it would seem to all intents and purposes that their minds are separated from their bodies.  What reason is there for keeping them here on the earthplane at this time in such a sorry condition?

LORD SANANDA:  There is no reason to keep them here, we do not keep them here because we choose to.

SHEILA:  Are they using their own free-will to do this?

LORD SANANDA: No, it is not their own free-will, it is an agreement that they entered into before they returned to the earthplane.  Those with Alzheimer’s – diseases of the brain, of the nervous system - they have chosen to show an example of how the humanrace may become.  After Ascension, when the planet has been cleared of those who wish to go on to the new world, and have in time evolved through greater inner self-awareness  (you remember we talked of this last time, how it is important for everyone as lightworkers - and you yourselves as the Amethyst Group) how important it is to create a new self-awareness with people, bringing them up to speed very quickly.

After the Ascension, when that has happened, there will be people who will choose to stay behind, but they will have witnessed something which will have - how can I say in colloquial terms - will have blown their minds.  They will not have the memory capacity, they will not have the vocabulary to understand, they will not even know who they are, and the earth will not support them in their physical quest to live, so they will wander aimlessly, but, as you see with Alzheimer’s and other diseases, there is, from time to time, a spark of what is called lucidity.  When the full faculties return, they understand where they are, what they are doing, who they are – it is at these times that their voices will rise up and they will say “Release me, bring me home”, and this is what happens now to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and other diseases , here on the earthplane now.  They come to a point of lucidity, which they may not share with those loved ones around them, and they will send up their voices and they will say “Release me, bring me home”.

SHEILA:  But they have to do it themselves.

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, because it is part of the agreement, part of the plan, why they chose to come back, live their lives as they are, and carry it through.

IVOR:  Is this a process of cleansing the soul, dear Master?

LORD SANANDA:  Not so much cleansing the soul, it is a kind of acknowledgement of the soul because the true essence of the person is the soul, and once that essence has departed, or is wandering, then – you have heard the term “she has a wandering mind” she does not have a wandering mind, she has a wandering soul.

SHEILA:  I have another question if I may?   Some people are having their holidays in September and they are asking us if it is safe to go?

LORD SANANDA:  They should be fine to go on their holidays in September.  There will be an increase in the earth vibration yes, and there will be increase in the sun spots so you may find in September this time around is particularly hot, and the Aurora Borealis will be extremely active so if any of you are going to the furthest regions of your earth – I think it is called Northway – no Norway – Sweden and Denmark – you will be treated to a spectacular show, and it will, hopefully, make the national news so that people can see a wonderful display.  You know what the Aurora Borealis is?  It is the earth’s magnetic field, and the increased energy that is coming into the earth, it will put on a fantastic display, it will be beautiful.

SHEILA:  Thank you very much.  I have one more thing I would like to mention.  I have a dear friend who is a very spiritual lady.  She spoke to me yesterday.  She had an experience in the early hours, about 1.30 a.m., when she thought she had her radio on and she heard some messages – she thought - from outer space.  She also heard some wonderful music and she thinks this kind of music is going to play a big part in the Ascension.   She was absolutely thrilled to receive this but when she looked at her radio it was switched off.  She has since received some transcripts, she doesn’t know from whom, which confirmed all that she had received in the night.  Can you give her any information on this please dear Lord?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, there are those upon your planet who are extremely sensitive to Ascended Masters and Masters working with them, and their spirit guides, (as  your dear friend is) just the same as there are people on your planet in various places at the moment, who are extremely sensitive to transmissions from those who are circling from another world.  It may surprise her to know that these beings are far off in another galaxy, they would not travel here in time – these particular people – to see the birth of your new world, but, I would say to you that there are those who are – how can we say – cloaked from normal vision and from those of the telescopes who are around your earth at the moment -  primarily to see and witness the birth of a new planet, of a new race, and to help in certain cases.  Yes.  You yourselves know and have seen various stations and ships all over the place, so the transmissions that your friend and others have received, yes they are snippets of transmissions between one and the other races that are gathering.

The music itself, here on the earthplane, will play an extremely important part in self-awareness, and we are channelling music all the time, through many, many helpers (similar to Susan’s daughter Ellie) many who are not even aware of what we are channelling, but music that really touches the soul, and the music which she heard was but a prelude to the message.

SHEILA:  She did say that Gabriel was mentioned and the speaker was someone I think called Su Lousa.  She was absolutely thrilled to receive this and is so grateful..

LORD SANANDA:  I am glad that she did not think she was going crazy.

SHEILA:  She said that she wondered, when she woke up and heard the transmission, if it was the end of the world.

LORD SANANDA:  No, Tell her she will have more warning than that.

Well my friends, if you have no further questions I think I should return my beloved Sister to her body.   I leave you my blessings, I leave you my love and just a little note, I do not have any preference for Sunday, Monday, Friday or Wednesday – the days mean nothing to me, (a discussion had taken place before our meeting as to what day we should meet next week) it is the time that we spend together, and I thank you for that this morning.

My love and my blessings as always to you, and I look forward with pleasure, with love, and with great anticipation until we meet again.


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