Amethyst Revelations

A Message From Lord Sananda (Jesus) – 6th May 2010

IVOR opened with a prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  First of all, I thank you for coming this morning and gathering, so that we may talk and I may give you instruction and guidance for the days to come.

I freely offer this information to any of you, any of my beloved Brothers and Sisters who will listen, read and hear these things, and I offer it in love, and I offer it in simplicity, in ordinary language that you may understand, but most important, I offer it in love.

It has been a long time that I have walked with the Amethyst Group.  There have been times when they have been together, and times when they have been forced apart, through distance and other reasons, but the Amethyst Group here, now, in this beloved place of Devon, they are here to work alongside us and to help all those who would need that help and will ask for it to adjust to the changes that are coming that will inevitably change your world.

We have worked a long time together, I think in your years more than twenty years, if not more than that, but to us, in the outer and heavenly realms, it is but a twinkling of an eye, not even that perhaps, but it is a time that your world is struggling, and these are the signs that I ask you to take into consideration, and understand that the final phase of the plan of Ascension is well and truly underway.

First of all I would ask you to cast your minds back to two important events that have happened within the last three years of your life’s history.  Let us look first at the economic collapse.  This was forecast, or prophesised – whichever word you prefer to use - some ten years ago, that the beginning signs would be altered activity with sun spots, altered activity in the poles, particularly with the Aurora Borealis and the ice, and lastly there would be, in the material world, a huge collapse of finances.  I think none of you can deny that this has taken place.

You have also seen that, as the economy collapses, so does the very material heart of mankind, for mankind has become a material race, and it is a race that cares little for his brother, and it is absolutely true that while many parts of your world live in comfort and have enough to eat, enough to drink, and enough luxury, the other half of your world lives in dire poverty and starvation.  Famine and disease are rife.  This clearly has to stop.

This is why the final stage of Ascension is so important for you will see a beginning of the rise of the third nations, the third world as you call them, the underdeveloped world.  You will see a rise in their faith, you will see a rise in their strength and you will see a rise in their thinking.  Old leaders and regimes will be deposed and they will be disposed of within at least the next eighteen months of your calendar days.  They will be taken out of power and with them their Governments that are corrupt and their Governments which hand out torture instead of peace, and sand instead of food.  Those who organise crime that is beneath the realm of – how can one say it – decency, those who head those crime rings will also be taken out of power, they will be deposed by those they work with, they will be turned upon or they will die, and they will be taken to a realm kept for their very own use.  You will hear of this political shift again within the next eighteen months of your calendar days.

I would also like to tell you that as much as the economic recovery has been spouted about so much in this country of Great Britain over the last six weeks, the economy is not so healthy as anyone would have you believe.  This is a worldwide financial collapse, and it is designed that way because it will hit at the very heart of mankind.  Where there is no money there is no money to buy goods, where there are no goods there are no consumers.  Where there are no consumers there will be no need to put children to work for eighteen hours a day.  There will be no need for people to produce goods that are faulty and of no use.

There will be advances in technology still because the scientific minds that we have in place now will make it so, but science does not know everything, it is there mostly to prove that which you cannot understand, and once you have proved that which you cannot understand, the only thing you have left are the things that you can understand, things that make life possible.  These things too will come very quickly into being and we estimate, in your calendar days, it will begin somewhere about September or October of this year.

There will be scientific proof of a different type of life but it will not be a life that you will correlate with a human being but it will no less be the beginning of life itself.  It has taken a long time to become a human that you know today, and we seek to tell you, beyond doubt, that the life that you see here is not the final stage of mankind, and the scientific proof for this will come at the end of the year of 2011.  In this I am correct.

That has dealt with some of the past issues which you have known about, and I can well understand that you are saying “Yes, okay, we can accept this, but tell us of the future Sananda?”.  I will tell you of the future, I will tell you here and now that the volcano that has erupted, yet again, it is called Gaia  It has a very unpronounceable name and even I would not attempt nor put you through my dear friend (to Sheila) the writing of this name.  That is merely the name of the glacier, the icefield that the volcano is under, the volcano is called Gaia.  In Hindu Gaia means woman, Mother.  Do I need to make myself clearer?  This is the extent of the struggle of Mother Earth, and she is throwing her rebellious nature into the air.  Why is she doing this?  This is to tell you, to make a clear signal for all mankind, that high-powered, high-energy travel must stop.  The pollution of this planet is too great for you to comprehend, until the end, the final days of the end of this planet.  It is too much.  It must stop.  I cannot make this clearer to you.  High-powered travel with planes going long distances, polluting the air with fumes and so many other things – this must be stopped, and if you cannot understand – if mankind cannot understand and work this out for himself, even with the science that is presented to him, then what choice does Mother Earth have but to show you herself and to stop you, so I say to you, my friends, listen to the lesson that she is trying to tell you, and please, please reduce the pollution for the sake of yourselves for the last days you will spend on this planet.

We cannot do it for you.  We have built a new world for you, it is parallel to this one, it is seeable, it has several names.  In the world of astronomy it has a planet name H142B.  In history it has a name – Geddis.  In spiritual terms it is heaven, it is nirvana, it is paradise, but in simplistic terms it is the new beginning, it is the new earth, it is the new age.

This is the dawning of your Ascension, make no mistake about it my friends.  All of you who hear this and read this, this is the dawning of your Ascension, you only have two choices to make, either go or stay.  Either give yourself to the Ascension or stay, and I am not saying make that choice now, I am saying listen to your heart, increase the awareness of yourself, increase the dimensions in which you live.  This world is not the only place that you can live.  You can live in many places, you can travel to many places, ask many of my friends who work with us, who work with spirit realm.  Ask those who have been fortunate to see.  What have they seen?  Where have they been?  It has nothing to do with people coming back from the dead, explaining there is a paradise there.  They have seen it yes, or if your Great Aunt, or your Sister, or your Mother were to come before you and say “I have seen this land, I live there, I do this, I do that”.  How many of you, in your heart of hearts would accept that without question? and this is what I am asking you to do.  I am asking you to accept, without question, that we have built a new land, a new world - a new planet for you - a new beginning, a new human race, but not as you know it, a human race where you will be free – truly free.

Forget the teachings of the Church of sin, of sorrow, of hell and all of these things.  It is about you, yes it is about you, finding your true self, yes it is you finding that true divinity within you, that spark, that piece of God that is within you.  Wouldn’t you like to return to the Source?  Wouldn’t you like to be free?  Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where you can have peace and harmony, understanding, advancement of knowledge, the ability to help others?  Wouldn’t you like that?  That is the question you must ask and answer for yourself.

I come from the Source, I have seen it.  I have also been here.  I have dwelt amongst you as a man.  Just as my other Brothers came to teach you - Mohammed, Moses, Noah, Abraham - all of us came to teach you in our different ways, how you can behave, and oh my beloved, beloved Brothers and Sisters, it need not have taken this long, but, as I have always said, your will is your own and it could never be any other way, but now let me talk to you of the signs to come;-

We have spoken before of adverse weather and climate change and the earth heating up, but now I would ask you to draw your attention to the time here and now where your seasons are beginning to change very rapidly, where they are beginning to roll into one another.  There is no distinct difference now between the four seasons you call Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - there is no distinct difference.  This is because the earth is beginning to turn on a different axis, it is beginning to turn to a warmer way of producing life for you.

You will find that all of the rivers and all of the great seas will have heated just a fraction, not enough for the scientists to tell you here and now the Pacific Ocean has heated by 2 degrees – no, no  - look at the migratory routes of the animals and the birds, look at how they delay their flight, their stampede, their moving from one part of the desert to another, look at these things, compare them with the same things over four or five years ago, and I promise you, you will notice the difference.

You will see that swallows have delayed their flight back to Great Britain by at least three weeks.  You will have seen that the season this year, which is called Spring, is at least six weeks later.  Everything is moving later and later and later, and to what end?  Is it because when things move later, and later and later that finally they never get to where they are going?  Not at all, not at all.

Animals, the four-legged type, mammals that live in the sea - fish that live in the sea - they have an inbuilt survival instinct and they will go where the conditions are best for them, so I would say to you my Brothers and Sisters, look to where they go, maybe they do go back to the same habitat year after year after year, but you will find that there are others that have changed their habitat, not because of the influence of mankind – yes, surely, there are many parts of the rainforests which have been cut down which have decreased the habitat - but the survival of many of the animals that lived in the habitat that is now being destroyed is still there for all to see, and the reason why is because they are able to fit their conditions to their own survival, and this is what you must do in the next coming days.  You must adapt your own survival to the conditions that come your way.

It will not be a question of wiping out the human race with one great fantastic plague or a flood or anything such, it will be more a question - in the western world particularly - it will be more a question of moving where consumer goods are easier to get hold of and cheaper, because, as I said to you, the economy will play a large part in the last days of this world.

People will move away from the countrysides, the distances that they have to travel because fuel will become too expensive and so people will gravitate more and more to the towns, the suburbs, and the villages.  They will come together as one and in this coming together they will create a greater community spirit.  We will have more lightworkers in a different place, in a greater area - more lightworkers who can wake up those who are still sleeping - so you see the positive angle to this.

As plants and animals adapt to the conditions that are given to them, by Mother Nature, so will mankind adapt to the conditions that will be dictated to you.  The big world of industry and commerce and finance will become replaced in your world by that which the human race should be striving for which is peace, love, harmony, healing disease, caring for people, looking after one another, helping each other - they have been replaced - but those things will be swept away, and in their place will become the beginning of the new race.

To recap, look again at the economy, compare these things.  You may do this for yourselves, you may do this as a group.  Look at the economy, compare it for yourselves.  Look at the global economy, look far into the East, look far into Asia, look to the places such as China, Japan, the Middle-East, look there, look at what their economy is doing, and you will see that my words ring true.  It is collapsing everywhere.  Then, look at the migratory plans for the animals, the mammals and fish that live in the sea.  Check them out, it is research - I understand this - but check them out and see where the differences occur.

Lastly, to your own kind, look at the difference, look at the trend – that is a good modern word but then, I am in a modern time, and I must speak in modern language – look at the trend, look at how many people have moved from places in the countryside, into places where life – what they consider life – is more accessible, and you will see that the countryside will recover, it will be beautiful, and it will be quieter for one thing.  Now, do you have any questions?

SHEILA: I would like to ask please, dear Master - 2012 is the year on everybody’s lips, that the world is coming to an end.  Can you give us any information on this?

LORD SANANDA:  2012 will be a very difficult year for the human race, particularly towards the latter twelfth month.  There will be much poverty, there will be illness such as you have not known, but it is not the end; can I say it is the beginning of the end, and at the risk of being elusive and vague, the end is the beginning, and, after that time, after – if you want the correct date – after the 21st December (many people believe it is the twelfth) but after the 21st December 2012, things will begin to settle but they will settle only for a short time, and then the great end will begin.

SHEILA:  How long is that likely to last, dear Master, is it possible to tell us?

LORD SANADA:  Do you mean the beginning of the end?


LORD SANANDA:  It will last at least two years.  Your work as the Amethyst Group will then begin in earnest.  Next year, 2011, it will be a time of preparation and it will be a time for as many people as possible to be aware that things are really going to begin to start.  September this year ushers in the beginning of the final phase as you are well aware, and there will be an increase of many of the disasters that already occur.  There will be an increase in tidal waves, volcanic activity, storm forces, drought – do you remember in the very early days you were told that what was dry would be wet and vice versa - this is happening now.  Societies will not be able to reform in their old way, which is good.  There will be loss, there will be loss of life, but these are people who will be taken to safety such as your goodselves, and others, but yes, it will begin this way.  In 2012 it will reach a height, there will have been far more, how can we say, adverse weather, cold winter, very cold winter - mild, then cold - the weather will be impossible to forecast and then disease and illness will be rife, particularly that of the infectious kind – you have had a taste of it this past year when I believe it was called a pandemic, it is coming again, it is coming again.

Mankind must be enlightened as to what is going on.  Self-awareness is one thing but spiritual awareness is the greater part this time around.  The human race have had many, many centuries, thousands of centuries – a millennium – to look at the self-awareness of yourself, to look towards the better things, the greater good, and in some places this has been so, but in many places it has been replaced with greed, with money, with corruption, and all those horrid things that follow in the path of those things.

There is no doubt that, what is so modernly called in your lifetime “a near-death experience”, captures peoples’ imagination and attention very quickly, and more of it is being broadcast and put before the millions, and it does explain to people that there is an afterlife if you like, that there is a different world where you may live, and all we show those who come to us is really what your new world is like.

SHEILA:  May we also ask dear Lord if you will tell us what happens to people caught up in the disasters?

LORD SANANDA:  You will have heard of late of many disasters, of tidal waves, tsunami etc, and I would seek to assure those who are stirred to compassion - as rightly they should be, for compassion is the greatest thing that mankind has, but  rarely uses - but compassion is beautiful, and those who are stirred to compassion, to pray for the souls that are lost, I would say to you, they are not lost.  If they choose not to go through the whole plan of the disaster, i.e. to be immersed or drowned in the mud, which very few of them do, their souls are taken to a place of safety to await rescue, for they must undergo rescue by those who would take them home at last.

For those who do choose to go through the whole plan, and maybe to come out the other side as a survivor and to tell the tale, thus increasing the faith in God, or the Source, or their particular belief system they have in place, they are the bravest of all, but for those who go through the disasters, they are taken from their souls - their souls are taken from their body a nano second before impact, so they often see their bodies – their mortal coil - swept away, and so it should be, and they are not left for years to languish, they are left momentarily until such soul rescue people, groups such as the Amethyst Groups and other groups around the world, come to their aid, and lead them up the path of light to the reward that they have so richly earned, to home, to where you will all be, should you choose that pathway to take.  If you choose that pathway to come home, to the new world that we have created for you, then you can come at any time and we will lead you.

I wish here to talk a little bit about the work of soul rescue.  I have heard in many other places around the world people who would scoff and scorn at soul rescue and say “Why does God need people here on the earthplane to take people home who are dead, it makes no sense?” therefore, I would like to make it very clear to those who perhaps do not understand the ethos of soul rescue, what happens when you die?  A question everybody wants to know.

What happens when you die is this, all your mortal functions shut down – your brain, your heart, your lungs – your feeling goes, your hearing is the very last thing that will close down.  Speech is often difficult, facial expression – although your brain may be working – it closes down.  So what is left?  It is the essence of the soul, the ka – there are many words for it – but for now we will use the soul because it is most universally recognised.  The soul is attached to the human body through many layers of ectoplasm, energy, etc. by a golden cord.  At the moment of death that cord is severed, very similar to a child in birthing.  When a child is coming through the birthing canal that child is given birth, it breathes air and the umbilical cord to the mother is cut, therefore the child is living on its own.  So it is with the soul.  The umbilical cord is cut and the soul is ready to be received, into the hands of love and light.

Now, sometimes, and in many centuries gone by, many poor people have been slaughtered, many people have died horrific deaths - think of the martyrs in the place where you live.  Think of the early martyrs, the crusaders – there are dozens and dozens of examples that I am sure that you can call to mind.

These souls are severed from their body very quickly and they do not realise that they are actually living apart from their body, and they wander for a while because they do not understand that they no longer live in the human realm, and they do not understand that they now inhabit a spiritual realm.  You can call it, if you like, a waiting room.

Some will stay in the place in which they have been slain, some will stay perhaps in the pyramids where perhaps they chose to give up their lives for their rulers or their masters or another cause, perhaps because of love for another being or place, or because of guilt or remorse, or lack of knowledge of life after death -  they will use their free-will to stay close to the earth.

Some will choose to stay where they are because they are too afraid to move, they do not know where to go.  These are the souls that soul rescuers find, and they are found because, in amongst the group where they have been slain, or where their life has been taken too quickly without acknowledgement where they are, there will always be one who will walk beside them, perhaps unknown, unseen, unheard.   They will be there to help and support them.   Sometimes it is extremely difficult for the lost soul to understand.  They will wonder “Where is all this light from?   Where am I?   What is happening?”  So those, who are in charge of soul rescue, have been trained and have brought knowledge with them here to the earthplane.  This is a task that they agreed to undertake before they came back to live this life in the earthly realm.  They will find some way which is familiar to the soul who is wandering, and in that way they will be taken out of their darkness and they will be brought into the same peace and the same light, and the same new world that you will experience very soon.

Of course, the enlightened ones are able, with the help of the loved ones that have gone on before them, to find their own way home

I should tell you that the reason we have people here on the earthplane is because, without any disrespect to those who work in spirit realm, many of them are Ascended Masters - their ascended selves are higher than any could imagine - but it is easier for those who live here on the earthplane to reach those who need rescuing rather than it is for those in the spiritual plane to keep descending down through the levels until they reach those who are wandering.  That I feel is an answer to a fundamental question.

We have spoken much about the ascension, for that is what we are about, taking people out and taking them to the new world, helping them with self-awareness and enlightenment, working through different realms, etc., we have spoken about that. What we have not spoken about is what about those that are left behind?  Maybe this is the time that we should talk about it.

For those who are left behind, what can they expect.  Will they be left, will they be abandoned, will the earth be so bad they will not be able to live on it.  The answer to this question is they will not be abandoned.  Yes, the earth, in time will be so bad that they will not be able to live upon it.  There will be no water, it will be too hot, the planet will become dust.  There will be no infrastructure, no community, none of the things that are taken for granted in this life, so, although it is painful, that is a lesson they will have learned, and by the time that five years have passed, and the earth begins to crumble, and explosions are frequent and the sun’s heat becomes searing, they will ask again for help, they will ask again for enlightened ones to come and help them, they will remember what they have seen, and they will wish themselves in that place.

Now I must say my farewells. To the Amethyst Group, may I take this opportunity to thank you for being here together, for being so loyal and so committed to this cause, and despite the hardship that you have all experienced, I thank you, and I thank you with great love and great compassion, and together I look forward to working with you all again very soon.

To our readers, my love to you all, my Brothers and Sisters.  Wherever you are, in whatever situation you find yourselves.  Be not afraid.  You are not alone, we are watching, we are guiding, and we draw nearer every day.  May you be kept in the light of love, in the arms of peace and in the cradle of harmony.  My blessings to you all.


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